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If Corporations are people, Deport Monsanto!

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In the face of yet more scientific evidence of the adverse health effects of genetically modified foods, country after country is working to ban, limit or restrict the cultivation and testing of GM crops. But as the biotech giants gear up the PR war against their opponents, the question of what people can do to avoid GMO foods is becoming more important than ever. Find out more about this topic in this week's GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.

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What do US elected officials do when citizens pour out their guts and ask for help in combating the international corporate and banker tyranny, the US Police State? [Answer]

Is Batman on the TSA, Terrorist Security Administration No-Fly List? [Answer]

Does the UN own the Statue of Liberty, The Grand Canyon, Independence Hall in Pennsylvania, and most of the US? [Answer]

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Shredding the Constitution with Peter B. Collins

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Published on Oct 24, 2012 by
SHOW NOTES AND MP3: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=5990

Corbett Report Radio #244

Peter B. Collins, co-host of the Boiling Frogs Post podcast, joins us to discuss his work detailing the evisceration of the constitution and the bill of rights in the encroaching American police state. We cover the NDAA, drone strikes, illegal wiretapping, and other fixtures of the modern American dictatorship.

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Are US police troops on the ground for revenue collection, property confiscation, and guards protect the state, not us? Are police in American armed revenue collectors, not law enforcement? Are police in the US part of the international banker, corporation, and United Nations occupation of Homeland America? Should police in the US carry around department issue ski masks for the US Police State reign of terror? [Click here] for post on police wearing ski masks to torture, beat, rape, rob, illegally detain, and even murder citizens.

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My correspondence to Romney and Obama

Image of face halves of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama [found here].

I faxed then Governor of Massachusetts, [this text], back in 2006.

[My letter text] to Barack Obama, July 2009.

[My open letter to elected officials]

Steven G. Erickson, [Target on Secret Police Arrest on Sight Enemies List]

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From Sept 11, 2011:

Happy 9/11 Anniversary Police State!

Falling Man, 9/11, 2001 AP/Richard Drew

The below was posted in an Opednews.com article, "A Decade After 9/11: We Are What We Loathe," written by Chris Hedges [found here]

Police State wrote themselves blank check on 9/11

What stands out for me ten years later, is the domestic terrorism I was suffering at the hands of the Connecticut State Police. I really felt they would make good on their threat to kick my teeth out and take me for my last ride in a cruiser trunk in handcuffs. I was a landlord who had been tipped off that officers were going to use their informant drug dealers, vandals, and prostitutes to make 3 arrests on my properties I had fixed up from a boarded up condition to take them under the nuisance statute.

I had also been tipped that they were going to use a large breasted blond informant to get me to drive her home after I had drinks at the local bar where I could be beaten up by officers, maybe have drugs planted on me, where I could face 5 to 15 years in prison. My real crime in their eyes was getting in the way of their prostitution, drug running, and property/asset confiscation business. I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and wrote letters to the editor. I was being tailed 24/7, sometimes by 2 cruisers wherever I went.

There was an alleged retired Mossad Colonel who owned a downtown bar in Stafford Springs, CT, married to a retired FBI agent. State Senator Tony Guglielmo had his picture with CIA drug king pin George H. W. Bush hanging in his insurance company office and hung out with CIA man, now former Congressman Rob Simmons. Tony is aware that I got prison and lost my property for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to him and for writing letters to the editor published in local newspapers. Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police around the same time period and was terrorized into fleeing the US to seek political asylum in Sweden.

Before 9/11 State Police offered me a choice to be on their organized crime side helping illegally seize legal guns, non-organized crime businesses and property, and to set up citizens for false arrests and imprisonment. I was railroaded to prison after being falsely arrested 10-11-01 for resisting being mugged on my own property. Police told me, "We can now do whatever we want." My daughter hasn't called me "Daddy" or returned my calls since my release from prison. Happy 9/11 Police State!

-stevengerickson AT yahoo.com


Text of letter written by Steven G. Erickson to Barack Obama and to George W. Bush 9/15/2001, with indication Bush read the letter [found here]. Click on those images to make bigger. Tex to letter written to former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland meant to arrive for his first day of federal prison in Pennsylvania [found here]

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The below comment was placed in [this Opednews.com article], "War--The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort," by Ellen Brown

Target List for Activists

I was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulfport area of Mississippi and New Orleans Louisiana [scroll down here for photos]. I went to Bourbon St. one night and drove a bunch of "corporation police officers", private police, maybe Blackwater. Blackwater wasn't on my radar in 2005. I was told by them after heavy drinking that some of them were snipers on rooftops along with various White male state police officers and SWAT snipers to shoot Blacks during the news black out. Half size diesel motor refrigerated cargo ship containers were used to store victims of police shootings hauled out over deep water by double rotor helicopters, dumped at sea. These "police" told me about a better method of getting rid of unwanted citizens is needed using Katrina as a testbed. I was also told there was a detain list of politically active citizens in disaster and Martial Law areas. I was given the impression that those who topped the list could be murdered on sight.

I talked to a man with Canadian Parliament ties back in 2004. He talked about the FBI in Boston doing illegal wiretaps to cover-up organized crime murder-for-hire operations conducted for FBI going back decades, alleged child abduction by State Police for flights out of New Brunswick for White Sexual Slavery, and how his life went down the tubes when he tried to return cassette tapes of illegal FBI wiretaps he dumpster dived for behind a federal building. He broke down the Whitey Bulger Winter Hill Gang FBI Massachusetts State Police organized crime operation. The Canadian even went off the deep end, seemingly, claiming the US Military was using satellite weapons to microwave cows in New Brunswick farm fields. We may have the same type of organized crime operation running the US offshore disguised as mild mannered banks and corporations. God save us all.
I recall Connecticut State Police Sargeant Samuel Izzarelli telling me about how big mouths could get "hot shots" in prison to kill them slowly or give them horrible diseases. Izzarelli later became head of Troop C, Connecticut State Police, Tolland. He took my Connecticut State Police misconduct complaint. While I still owned the properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut that police had terrorized me out of, Izzarelli told me that I would not have been a target of police had I not been a landlord, as all landlords are slumlords, AND a contractor, as all contractors are drunks. I figured Izzarelli told me that I would get a "hot shot" to get me to freak out when I was railroaded to prison. I figured that Izzarelli knew I was to be arrested and then endure a fixed trial where I'd get prison, beforehand. If you freak out in prison, you can be held indefinitely as a mental patient. More:

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Crime Watch Citizens, Enemies of the State, Terrorists?

I found the above image [here].

I co-founded the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Crime Watch back in the mid 1990's. I had also considered becoming a Stafford Springs or State of Connecticut police officer due to my background and the way I thought back then. I was married, owned a home, had built up a contracting business, and had a young daughter. So, my kind is the enemy of the state, not actual criminals who are aids in revenue collection and property confiscation.

I found out that the way to become a police officer was to help authorities take inventory of what people owned, who has guns, and who are the leaders in case their is some sort of state of emergency. [This is the real story]

[This man], was also a landlord who got in the way of the prosecutor and police racket of having others pay for their prostitutes, got in the way of a 14 year old police officer's prostitute, by trying to evict the underage teen prostitute and her prostitute mother. Donny had his family broken up with official policies of police, police got him fired from various jobs, there was taxpayer paid for efforts for him to lose his property and to be railroaded to prison.

Anyone who is active in a Crime Watch is an [Enemy of the State].

Gun shot microphones and video cameras were being strung up all over town, pre-9/11. The gunshot microphones were actually for listening in on conversations. Illegal domestic spying was set up pre-9/11!

Anyone who was not affiliated with Town Hall, lawyers, judges, the police, international corporate/banking organized crime is an Enemy of the State. Police Informants were encouraged to make false statements and to attack citizens who are on the secret Police Arrest on Sight Enemies List. Lies were told to take citizens' guns, homes, small businesses, and to break up families.

I was told by Stafford Springs Constable "Fat Frank" Prochaska and Connecticut State Trooper Mulcahey that I was not allowed to write letters to the editor, to speak at Town Hall public forum meetings, at Crime Watch meetings, and that I was not allowed to talk to elected officials and suggest laws that would improve courts and policing, interfering with the revenue collection system of lawyers, the courts, police, the town, and the State. [my message to elected officials]

I was told by Fat Frank that I was kicked out of Connecticut, but my wife could stay. Other officers told me that I was kicked out of Connecticut. So, police in Connecticut, and probably your town too, prefer prostitutes, vandals, thieves, drug dealers, to those raising families, who pay taxes, who own homes, who have small businesses, and who care and are active in their communities and religious institutions. Their actions speak louder than words.

So, police would use tax dollars and align themselves with prostitutes, heroin an crack cocaine dealers, armed criminals, vandals, thieves, and other scum of earth, parasites on humanity, to break up families, take taxpayers offline, to confiscate property, make false police reports, commit perjury along with police officers, to attack and terrorize law abiding citizens, to railroad the innocent to prison, and to even kill "Big Mouths". [story]

Ritt Goldstein fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after being so terrorized by police after his releasing this video on the need for Civilian Oversight of Police at a Special Legislative Hearing in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee. [video]

Before 9/11 police were illegally listening to your phone calls, reading your emails, and taking inventory if you had gold, other valuables, etc. If you have an attractive daughter, mother, significant other, or if you are attractive and of use to police for sex or other purposes, you are of interest to police. Husbands, boyfriends, and fathers who got in the way were terrorized, beaten, jailed, turned out of their jobs, out of their homes, out of their families, and/or possibly murdered on orders of police with tax dollars. Would you like examples?

Is this what you pay taxes for?

You can have your citizenship stripped, you can be beaten up, raped, robbed, jailed indefinitely, and even murdered with no hearing by government, because the TSA, DHS, or some unknown international bankster or corporate pirate who puts you on their list. Does any of the US Constitution actually apply? Do foreign bankers and corporation owners actually have us under armed occupation using their paid for with our money, US troops?

Is this what you agree America should be? 

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Army Told Preppers Are Terrorists

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Text with video:
Published on Jul 12, 2012 by
More information: http://starkravingviking.blogspot.com/2012/07/steven-g-erickson-in-lawless-am...

William "Bill" Windsor, producer of "Lawless America" meets up with Steven G. Erickson at the Marriott Hotel in Danvers, Massachusetts, near Boston.

Going to the State of Connecticut, ground zero for police brutality, judicial misconduct, and public corruption was not an option for me. The Connecticut State Police and the Department of Administrative Services are like vandals. They allegedly order, and use tax dollars, to ruin politically active citizens' computers, spy on them, and use operatives to terrorize citizens out of contacting elected officials on issues and exercising Free Speech.


[Steven G. Erickson's LiveLeak.com videos, click here]

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International Banker/Corporation Security Costs You

The below photo does not really fit the subject of this post, but I like it and found it [here]

Really have been searching for a video that just might explain it all. Have you heard of the missing 13th Amendment? Well, maybe lawyers and judges aren't legally allowed to hold elected office. [That argument]

Francis C. P. Knize interviews Les Winston and Bob Bertrand, Miami, Florida, December 2011:

Given that, and if it was ratified, should Barack Obama and Mitt Romney be disqualified from running for US President and their citizenship stripped?

Check out the documentary excerpts below that explain how the Federal Reserve System is enslavement and is an international banking and corporate organized crime scam.

Do police officers and soldiers have dibbs on all women and girls? Is rape a spoil of war inside of America? [post]

Alex Remembers American Icon Russell Means

Text with video:
Published on Oct 22, 2012 by
American icon and patriot Russell Means passed away on October 22, several weeks after a delegation of Lakota leaders told the State Department they were unilaterally withdrawing from treaties they signed with the federal government of the United States. Lakota country includes parts of the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

Means, 72, died earlier today at his ranch in Porcupine, South Dakota, Oglala Sioux Tribe spokeswoman Donna Solomon said. In August 2011, Means announced he had inoperable throat cancer. He eschewed big pharma and medical establishment treatments in favor of traditional American Indian remedies and alternative treatments.

He joined the American Indian Movement in 1968 and staged a number of protests, including occupying the Mayflower II, a replica ship of the Mayflower, and staged a takeover of Mount Rushmore, a federal monument.

In 1973, Means and other AIM activists engaged the FBI in a standoff at Wounded Knee. More than 300 AIM members resisted the government for 71 days.

Unlike other AIM activists, Means held a libertarian political philosophy. He ran for the nomination of President under the banner of the Libertarian Party and came in second in the 1987 Libertarian National Convention, but lost the nomination to Ron Paul. In January 2012, Means backed Ron Paul's presidential campaign.

In 2007, Means and other American Indian activists backed the non-binding United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and sent a letter to the State Department indicating they would withdraw from all treaties with the United States, some of them more than 150 years old.

Also in 2007, Means and a delegation of activists declared the Republic of Lakota a sovereign nation, with property rights over thousands of square miles in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana.

Do you have any money? Well, the government is going to take it from you and you won't be allowed to travel outside the US. At least that is the message of this video:

The Hidden Power Behind Central Gov't

Text with video:
Published on Oct 22, 2012 by
Alex talks with investigative journalist and author Pat Shannan about false flags and the trial James Holmes, the suspect in the July 20 shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Shannan's book, Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie: Volume One, is available at the Infowars Store.

[[[Everything They* Ever Told Me Was A Lie: Volume One]]]

Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie explains from the outset exactly who "They" are and how a cooperative news media, by ignoring facts and refusing to address pertinent questions, allow outrageous lies to meld into definite, indisputable truths. It shows that government plots survive because of little or no investigation and only through the aid of a cooperative and controlled mainstream media. This book is a tour de force destroying the government lies and exposing the cover-ups of the past 50 years.

Russell Means: Americans Are The New Indian

Text with video:
Published on Oct 23, 2012 by
American Indian Russell Means gives an eye-opening 90 minute interview in which he explains how Native Americans and Americans in general are all imprisoned within one huge reservation. "The history of the American and the history of the Indian have now come full circle and are intertwined in the dictatorial policies of those that control the monetary system of America," remarks Means. This is a special re-broadcast of an earlier interview in remembrance of Russell Means, who passed away
Monday Morning at his home in Porcupine, South Dakota.
We will greatly miss this true american icon who showed us the way.

* * * *

[click here] for Steven G. Erickson uploaded videos on liveleak.com

[click here] for Steven G. Erickson's phone number

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Agenda 21 is Treason

Close up of a wart on a dog [found here]

International Corporation Owners and Bankers are out to shut down small businesses and outspoken individuals. They are out to put competition out of business, take control, and make more money. Corporations are not people, as some people, not all, have ethics and morals. 

In South America, in the 1950's the CIA, helped international corporations and bankers take land, farms, food processing plants, and businesses from the rightful owners. People were slaves on their own land. The US population are the new Native Americans brought Small Pox on blankets as gifts from the elite who arrive to take, enslave, rob, rape, and murder.

Breaking up the American family, destroying small businesses, the self-employed, and small farmers has long been the plan of international organized crime. Both whores who are running for US President have already sold their souls to the other side. We the people do not have representation for our taxation. Bankers and corporation owners have representation using money they have stolen from us. Federal Reserve Notes are printed by an international corporation out of thin air, it is fiat money. Our troops are paid in international phoney money and are under control of the UN. [Does the UN own the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Independence Hall in Pennsylvania, etc.?]



[click here] for:

2 Whores Race


Text with video: 
Uploaded by on Oct 8, 2007

Politicians and their connected, rich developer friends are scamming taxpayers nationwide. This man's story tells it all. Casey Onaitis of 4 Merwin St., Norwalk, CT 06850, doesn't deserve to be put out of his business. Such businesses should be passed on to family or others willing to honor traditions and honestly serving the public.

Casey's Sheet Metal Service, Inc., provides necessary custom sheet metal fabrication and other services Home Depot and other chains do not.

It is a plain shame that working people are being put out of business, put out of their homes, for a scam, a shell game.

Our heritage and history in the US is being torn down and average citizens are being ruined to make the rich richer at everyone's else's expense.

More information here:


The UN wants to Takeover Your Town

Text with video: 
Published on Oct 18, 2012 by
Tea Party versus Agenda 21: Saving the U.S. or just irking it?


* * * *

Videos below are clips from the documentary, "Magic Trip", Ken Kesey takes a bus trip, meets some of the most influential writers of the last century, and hangs out with the Grateful Dead as his soundtrack. 

The CIA, LSD, and the Drug Culture 1960's. Where were we? Where are we now? Who is killing, robbing, raping, and taking control now because they can? International bankers and corporate pirates fund the CIA with our money. The Federal Reserve "Bank" is an international corporate bank. If US Troops are paid with their fiat money, they are owned by the UN's operators, international organized crime. There goal is to break down the family, ruin small businesses and enslave to eliminate competition.

Text with video:

CIA, LSD, leading to Crazy International Masters Today?
This is a clip from "Magic Trip" a documentary currently available on Netflix. This clip is great for educational purposes. Have you ever wondered how the 60's came about? The film is about "The Kool-Aid Acid Tests" the 1960's drug culture. I will post more links for this video at [the bottom of this post], scroll down.

LSD, NYC, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Beatniks, Hippies, 60s

Text with video:
Excerpt from the documentary, "Magic Trip", [more info and clips], scroll down in post.

The author of "One flew over the Cukoo's Nest", Ken Kesey takes a bus from the West Coast USA dipping down to Louisiana, to NYC to Canada and back. Tie-dye tee-shirts, the Grateful Dead, and a the beat of a whole generation can be summed up in that bus ride ... almost. Some interesting stuff.

Grateful Dead, LSD, Acid Test, Society, Changes, 1960's

Text with video:
Do you know who Ken Kesey is? Have you seen the movie, "One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"? Did you know that the CIA was experimenting using anyone they could find to test the effects of LSD, willingly and unwillingly? Let the genie out of the bottle and bust the people who take a sip ... If you want to see what is was to walk out in public, hang out in groups, and have a good time, watch this clip. See what is missing today? I am not glorifying the drugs, just look at how far the Police State has advanced.

Mind control, and messing with the fabric of society, the CIA was caught, and it was proven in court that they are responsible for the drug problem, not society. Check out the video below.

CIA responsible for Drug Scourge, International Corporate Take-Over

Text with video:
Have you heard of the United Fruit Company? Do some research. The CIA took land, farms, factories, and businesses from the rightful owners in South America. The people were enslaved on their own land.

The "new" Native Americans living on the land in the US are being given the equivelent of Small Pox on blankets as did the first elite version of corporate banking pirates who first landed in the Americas.

There is no family farm to retreat to. International corporations and the UN own the Statue of Liberty, Independent Hall, the Grand Canyon, most of the US and you and me.

This is a clip from the documentary "Magic Trip", don't be a slave and understand Agenda 21. More and more clips [found here], scroll down in post. Ken Kesey was an interesting man. Know history, it will help you, it will help ensure a future for all of us.

Allen Ginsberg serves papers in court and proves the CIA culpable. Courts are rigged today beyond belief. There is not justice in courts now and there is no representation for our taxation. Let's remedy the situation. I suggest you buy a copy of the documentary and share it with others for the educational benefit.

* * * *

Both Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney are beholden to international bankers. Both have sold us out, we are occupied by foreign forces and they decide our elections using our money.

Greg Palast: The Romney's Extorted Millions from Auto Bailout

Text with video:
Published on Oct 18, 2012 by
Ace investigative journalist Greg Palast talks with alex about the romney's extorting millions through auto bailout.

Mitt Romney's opposition to the auto bailout has haunted him on the campaign trail, especially in Rust Belt states like Ohio. There, in September, the Obama campaign launched television ads blasting Romney's November 2008 New York Times op-ed,"Let Detroit Go Bankrupt."
But Romney has done a good job of concealing, until now, the fact that he and his wife, Ann, personally gained at least $15.3 million from the bailout—and a few of Romney's most important Wall Street donors made more than $4 billion. Their gains, and the Romneys', were astronomical—more than 3,000 percent on their investment.


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The Biggest Lie, Then ... and Now?

Image was [found here]

If a President can order that the biggest lie can be told with manufactured evidence about one of the biggest supposed events in history, what won't they lie about?

What am I talking about?

Well, President Nixon ordered that a fake film of a moon landing be produced in advance of the supposed actual event. I thought it too crazy to even listen to anyone who claimed that the moon landing footage was faked. It wasn't until I heard the actual players in the event like Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, and douchebag Donald Rumsfeld in video claiming their parts in seeing that fake footage was produced. That is what caught my attention. It is not whether, or not, the footage was faked, it is that in advance from the highest office it was to tell lies first, regardless of what is the real truth.

The events of 9/11 would be an easy lie if such huge, purple, and swollen lies had been gotten away with in the not so distant past. 

Let the Historical figures speak for themselves. Scroll in about 22 minutes.

CIA crews involved in the making of the bogus moon landing footage, whether it was used to fool the world, or not, knew they would be murdered and their families put at risk if they ever dared speak, even now. 

I post on this on [Opednews.com with more information].

Are there bodies piling up as the Bill and Hilliary cover their tracks, obstructing justice, and are beacons for darkness in the corporate banking international organized crime syndicate world. [More on this story posted here]

[Are Bill and Hilliary merely international drug lords?]

So, why does Steven G. Erickson blog here? Well I expound ...

In the mid to late 1990's "gun shot sensors" were being strung from telephone poles in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I was owned property and was running a contracting business. I found out that microphones and surveillance cameras were being covertly placed to spy on citizens. I was threatened with very bad things, or worse things, after a police informant threatened my life, stalked me for weeks, and then attacked me on my property. I merely wanted proof of crimes being committed.

So, the cameras and microphones are not to protect the innocent, they are for protecting the guilty, official organized crime. It is for taking from us all that can be taken. It is for inventory control.

I asked for footage of the attack for defense in court. This would also have proved the [perjury of Connecticut State Police officers] if footage was later obtained.

Police were not after thieves breaking into homes, [The Diaper Gang] thugs beating citizens with baseball bats and robbing them, with armed drug dealers, prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals and scum of the earth. The police were out with other officials and police informants to tell lies so parent lost their children, homeowners lost their homes, and small business owners who were not affiliated with CIA, [FBI, and organized crime] would fail. This is all pre-9/11.

I paid taxes so police come to my house assault me, tell me I was not good enough for my wife, threaten to break up my family, make me lose my property, lose my business, and go to prison if I talked at Crime Watch meetings or proposed legislation to elected officials that would help youth go good interrupting the revenue collection system of town hall, the police, lawyers, the courts, and the state. So, I paid taxes so police could use criminals to take me offline as a taxpayer. Make economic sense, doesn't it?

This post is my trying to understand why we the people allow the craziest, most dishonest, psychopaths are the ones who have their hands in our pockets, on our children, and want us in prison, sick, and even dead. Why do we hand over everything to them without asking why, for an accounting, and ask for their crimes to be punished?

My links:



If a person proposes laws that will reform courts, make lawyers actually serve their clients for fees charged, and for police to protect the public, not act as armed revenue collectors, a police legislative liaison can send a citizen's name and address to the State Police Commissioner so the citizen can be put on the secret police arrest on sight target list. [more]

[My picture, phone number, and video]

Former CIA man and former Connecticut US Congressman Rob Simmons hangs out with Stafford Springs Connecticut State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo. An alleged former Mossad agent married to a retired FBI agent owned a bar in town. No wonder citizens who get in the way of heroin and cocaine dealing, prostitution, and government/international organized corporate and banking crime are targets put on lists.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Americans too weak/dependent to Fight Corporate/Banker Occupation?

Image [found here]

Officials can come to the American Family home and with lies take children, the house, and take the homeowner's job and Americans just fall into line to become beggars. Our international banker and corporate owners keep pushing us to revolt and we are just too passive and dependent to not turn the other cheek for the next slap in the face.

Bankers make up the value of money out of thin air to then take your house and will sell it to someone else and charge interest on money they stole.

Does the UN own the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA, the Grand Canyon, State and Federal Land, and you? [Post]

[This is my message to US elected officials]

As much as I hate listening to preaching, "God Talk", and shameless advertising as Alex Jones detractors accuse him of, all the ingredients to what I talk about are in the below video:

Lindsey Williams: Master Plan to Bring Down America Revealed

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

"Hey Government! Please Kill Me! I am Alex Jones!"

The above photo was [found here]. Rolling Stone Magazine really let Alex Jones have it. 

I, Steven G. Erickson, would work for, and believe in the main Alex Jones mission exposing tyranny. I don't want a preaching from anyone else about religion. I do not agree with Alex Jones on so many issues. I agree that such a source should be supported. I do not agree with what seems to be now dubbed "Infomercial Wars". Alex, please put the advertizements at the end of your videos.  

I have been listening to Alex Jones since [Rich Murzin] turned me on to him.

Has Alex Jone gone too far in the below videos? Is Alex Jones, finally, really putting his life at risk?

Text with video:
Published on Oct 7, 2012 by
On the Sunday, October 7 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks about a federal bill mandating FEMA respond to "funeral homes, cemeteries, and mortuaries" being "overwhelmed (see Paul Watson's FEMA To Mobilize For "Mass Fatality Planning"). He also covers the economic crisis now coming to a head as gasoline prices shoot through the ceiling in California and Obama's phony jobs report is debunked as a cynical election season hoax and talks about new developments in the Middle East as Turkey and Syria prepare for conflict after a false flag on the border between the two countries threatens to spark a wider and more ominous regional war. Alex also takes your calls on today's broadcast.

The United States Congress has passed a bill which mandates the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to prepare for "mass fatality planning" and funeral homes, cemeteries and mortuaries being "overwhelmed" in the aftermath of a mass terror attack, natural disaster or other crisis.

The bill, H. R. 6566 or the Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act, was posted on the govtrack.us website this morning having been approved by the House on September 28. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/hr6566/text

The legislation amends the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to direct FEMA to "provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes."


Police/FBI Taskforces to Promote Racism, Drugs, Crime?

Organized Crime, Police, The Courts, Lawyers, and "Important Business People" have always been in cahoots. [This post] is just more proof.

It takes a pretty corrupt state where an Officer Smith can stand on the back of a Black Suspect and executes him. That "trial" was purposely botched so the officer could skate on appeal. Hartford Detective Robert Lawlor shot 3 Black suspects in 2 incidents. His picture was posted on a website with a caption, "Great American Patriot" needs your help. Lawlor might make money hands over fist suing in civil court for being a racist/executioner.

It is the same old shit, different day. Private Investigators not need keep their licenses based on State Police saying so. State Police should not be able to go into Private Investigator's private files at will. What if Private Invenstigators are investigating State Police brutality or Judicial Misconduct? In the State of Connecticut, police and the FBI allegedly block any real investigations and then retaliate against those who have "Big Mouths".

Racism is institutionalized. Drug dealing is government and banking 101. 


Thursday, October 04, 2012

DHS Homeland Security to take Possession of Children Nationwide?

Above photo originally posted by this blogger [here]

I had a friend, now deceased, who was on some of the planning committees for the roles of DHS, Department of Homeland Security and using the US Coast Guard and other entities to police the US citizenry in a stranglehold where it will be a gradual descent into total military occupation. He laid out for me what to look for as the plan evolved into each stage. We are in the final stage based on what he told me.

One of the signs in the prepping of parents to not to call, or show up, at schools when children are taken into custody during some sort of real natural disaster, or something made up, is pure international corporate bankster organized crime propaganda. A mass kidnapping is not something a caring, or real representative government, would be preparing to implement.

Taking possession of children and breaking up families during civil unrest will be just one tool to reduce resistance. A starving and thirsty enemy will willingly come in, be put in camps, just to eat and receive water. Obama supporters are being given food stamps in massive numbers. The $3 extra charge on cell phones that we are all paying is being used to give the poorest voters cell phones, called "Obama Phones" [Elmo gone bad virile youtube.com video] that they could not afford to have. Romney is no better, just other tactics are being used. We are supposed to be dependent, terrorized, and compliant. Does in really matter which international corporate bankster organized crime puppet sits on a seat and tells lies in front of cameras?

There is allegedly a point where the US Dollar will collapse, meaning without any raising of real cost of a commodity, the price of gasoline, food etc can raise in cost based on a failing US Dollar. If the value of the dollar falls or fails, food and the price of gas could quadruple in price, or go beyond the ability for average people to afford at all. Beta testing populations to have government tell you what you are allowed to eat, and when is being instituted in US Schools and in cities like New York City.

Citizens who have been hoarding food, gold, weapons, water, or anything to survive are at the top of the lists to be detained, for family destruction, and for their supplies to be confiscated.  Self-sufficient farm will have equipment, seed, and other stores confiscated.

During civil unrest, all modes of transportation will be shut down and there will be roadblocks everywhere. Travel, in a matter of hours, can be shut down. 

Anyone who is talking about militias is probably a government mole. It is one of the quickest ways to die, where you look like you died of a heart attack or died of the flu. Two of my friends that I was to do a public access television show with and/or a documentary to expose the system with actual documents died within days of each other. [One died of a heart attack, the other died of the flu]. They had documents and other proof, I have nothing. Rich Murzin had talked about he, and AJ's, interest in joining a Militia. Rich said I should stay clear for my own safety. They are now both dead within day of each other. [Rich Murzin family sage post]

All communications are monitored and there is a record of everything you do electronically. Smart meters can be used to spy on you and another feature is that your electric service can just be shut off remotely. Microwave weapons can be used on wide angle to make people sick, disorientated, agitated, with the inability to concentrate. Ground penetrating radar shot out from satellites can find artifacts and ruins even a hundred feet or so below the surface. When flocks of birds fall out of the sky, dead, at the same instance, there is some sort of real cause. A couple of key strokes and a particular address could be given a lethal dose of radiation. You can sizzle and pop inside your own house, your eyeballs sizzled to a crisp in microseconds.

Any house can have its electronics fried as can any power grid. Concentrating electronic pulse weapons on nuclear plants that are in operation at the time of an electronic attack can be made unable to cool themselves for a Japan like meltdown.

Using GPS or having a license plate on your car means your vehicle can be individually targeted to be shut off permanently, electronics fried, or that you get a small, or greater dose, of radiation. Drones need not use conventional weapons to harm or kill you. These drones can be set on automatic to kill any human that is identified. You can't hear or see these drones when they have targeted you from far away.

The ability for Americans to be independent and self-sufficient has been turned off my our corporate and banker owners outside the US. Obama and Romney are mere puppets offered up at the international corporate Auction 2012, it is not a real election. You are not supposed to have transactions with your neighbors, paper money and gold are supposed to be done away with, your are not supposed to have a small business or be self-employed, and our offshore owners will hold the paper on anything you think you own. You just rent anything you now have. Your family can be broken up at any time. You can be beaten up, raped, robbed, tortured, and even murdered by officials or their agents and there is no court, lawyer, judge, or cop that can do anything for you.

Quit supporting those who are enslaving, raping, robbing, torturing, and murdering us wholesale. Don't be a willing victim. If it takes a worldwide sit on your ass and refuse to move day to wake up the less than 1%, so be it. Our number is currently very large, their number very small.

Owners of corporations and bankers don't care about you. A century ago monopolies were broken up because there was an obvious need to protect the public. We need to break up these monopolies into manageable pieces if we are to survive right now, period.

[This should wake you up] and also check links for previous posts in the right blog panel.

[Steven G. Erickson raw footage in movie "Lawless America" produced by Bill Windsor]

* * * *

How the elites really think might be revealed in the below video.

Text with below video:
Published on Sep 27, 2012 by
Alex welcomes British Author and renowned New World Order investigator David Icke to expose the large strides towards bringing about total financial collapse and public enslavement.


Monday, October 01, 2012

Corporations Pouring Millions into Government to Poison Your Food?

Picture was [found here] with annoying music on a Satanic Art website

If you have a small farm and don't want to buy anything from the Seed Nazi, Monsanto, this corporation will find a way to punish you, bankrupt you, and might even be sending out lawyers and actual thugs to possibly terrorize you, beat you, or maybe even eliminate you. The stakes are that high.

"Food", both animal and plant, is being genetically altered to grow faster and produce corporation desired results. It is about profit, not about your health. "Food" that grows its own poison to kill bugs can't be good for you. Should growth and other genes be spliced from bugs and added to your food without your knowledge? Should "farm raised" Salmon which has been altered to grow faster and larger be introduced into the wild to replace the natural version? Well, maybe it is too late not to have a "Frankenstein Fish" in the wild genetically altered with bug, and other genes.

Monsanto is not the only international organized criminal entity that owns our government, our US Troops, had lawyers, and will not stop until we are all suffering, broke, sick, and/or dead. Should these corporation buy your government from you using your money? Should you be taxed and not have any real representation? Should lawyers, judges, and organized crime drain your last dime?

Would you trust a crack cocaine and heroin addicted prostitute with your credit cards, children, deed to your home, retirement, and nutritional requirements? Well, having Momma Monsanto feed you is worse.

It is time to break up these Satanic Monopolies and take away what is not their voting rights.

[click here] for my previous post on this subject. [Link] has more links and video.
Steven G. Erickson [contact information, scroll down]

Alex Jones and his Infowars website have been called "Infomercial Wars" because of the imbedded advertising for health food and other products. Everyone needs to support themselves somehow. He, and his people, do have an important message. They might be better served by putting their advertisements and fund raising at the end of videos as not to turn off new viewers, and piss off fans who have been listening for years.

Text with below video:

Published on Oct 1, 2012 by
California's proposition 37 mandatory GMO labeling measure gaining speed and more.
Dr. glidden breaks down the dangerous effects of eating gmo food and tells alex's listeners a better, alternative choice the government hopes you never find out about.


The Dangerous Health Effects of Eating GMO Foods

The World Bank, other international banksters, and the elite owners of corporations want to kill off and sterilize as many of the 3rd World "Mud People" as is possible. They want them to die of cancer, HIV/AIDS, get radiation sickness from depleted Uranium munitions, or in these endless wars of occupation. 

Since these elites keep getting away with their evil, they will not stop until forcefully stopped.

The Jewish Mafia is now a member of the elites out to profit and kill us along with offspring of Orangemen, Klu Klux Klan, Irish and Italian Mafia, Free Masons, the Royal Family, and so many other for profit, evil secretive organizations.

These elites are not better that us. These elites should not steal all of our land and cash and then charge us interest on money they stole and rent for the prison cells they graciously provide. These elites should not be able to sterilize, harm, make sick, beat, rape, rob, illegally confine, torture, and even murder us with immunity.

We need real investigations, independent, private investigators. We need a People's Grand Jury to replace, and rid ourselves of, the Black Cloak Mafia of Judges who swear a secret oath that makes the US Constitution null and void in the international organized crime corrupted US Courts.

The World Bank, HIV/AIDS, & Fraud?

Text with video:
Uploaded by on May 16, 2008
In Washington, DC, we had a national whistleblowers meeting on judicial misconduct, Stewart Mott House, Capitol Hill, 122 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002, May 15, 2008.

This is footage of the International portion involving banks, corporate executives, judges, law enforcement, and others claiming that they have judicial or sovereign immunity to be able to break laws, harm, and cause the death of people with no financial or criminal liability.

More information and video here:


Part 2 of video:

* * * *

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Press release text from

World Bank Action "Too Little, Too Late" to Correct HIV Corruption; Bank Uses CDC in Cover-Up
After nearly one year's delay, the World Bank announced last Thursday that it will further investigate disclosures involving the distribution of defective HIV/AIDS test kits, mass purchased as part of a health care project in India. GAP client Dr. Kunal Saha first informed the Bank's Department of Institutional Integrity (INT) of the use of the faulty kits in a draft report in May 2007. In the ensuing months, various World Bank officials have attempted to conceal the facts about the case, discredit Dr. Saha in both the US and India, and use the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) to cover-up fraud. Statements made by World Bank officials to the media last week about this issue were grossly misleading.


"Whistle blower DC conference"
1% to treat us all like we are Black

Text with below video:
A 2011 Documentary called, "The Pruitt-Igoe Myth" breaks it down.

Powerful Organized Crime, Police, Lawyer, Business Owner, Judge, and Town Hall Whites wanted to keep Blacks separate, down and out, powerless, and wanted to make them homicidal, suicidal, and ripe for prison. They wanted to break up families and ruin Black small businesses. Neighborhood leaders were beaten up, jailed, or even murdered.

The 1% now consider us all Black. [my blog]

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