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DHS Homeland Security to take Possession of Children Nationwide?

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I had a friend, now deceased, who was on some of the planning committees for the roles of DHS, Department of Homeland Security and using the US Coast Guard and other entities to police the US citizenry in a stranglehold where it will be a gradual descent into total military occupation. He laid out for me what to look for as the plan evolved into each stage. We are in the final stage based on what he told me.

One of the signs in the prepping of parents to not to call, or show up, at schools when children are taken into custody during some sort of real natural disaster, or something made up, is pure international corporate bankster organized crime propaganda. A mass kidnapping is not something a caring, or real representative government, would be preparing to implement.

Taking possession of children and breaking up families during civil unrest will be just one tool to reduce resistance. A starving and thirsty enemy will willingly come in, be put in camps, just to eat and receive water. Obama supporters are being given food stamps in massive numbers. The $3 extra charge on cell phones that we are all paying is being used to give the poorest voters cell phones, called "Obama Phones" [Elmo gone bad virile video] that they could not afford to have. Romney is no better, just other tactics are being used. We are supposed to be dependent, terrorized, and compliant. Does in really matter which international corporate bankster organized crime puppet sits on a seat and tells lies in front of cameras?

There is allegedly a point where the US Dollar will collapse, meaning without any raising of real cost of a commodity, the price of gasoline, food etc can raise in cost based on a failing US Dollar. If the value of the dollar falls or fails, food and the price of gas could quadruple in price, or go beyond the ability for average people to afford at all. Beta testing populations to have government tell you what you are allowed to eat, and when is being instituted in US Schools and in cities like New York City.

Citizens who have been hoarding food, gold, weapons, water, or anything to survive are at the top of the lists to be detained, for family destruction, and for their supplies to be confiscated.  Self-sufficient farm will have equipment, seed, and other stores confiscated.

During civil unrest, all modes of transportation will be shut down and there will be roadblocks everywhere. Travel, in a matter of hours, can be shut down. 

Anyone who is talking about militias is probably a government mole. It is one of the quickest ways to die, where you look like you died of a heart attack or died of the flu. Two of my friends that I was to do a public access television show with and/or a documentary to expose the system with actual documents died within days of each other. [One died of a heart attack, the other died of the flu]. They had documents and other proof, I have nothing. Rich Murzin had talked about he, and AJ's, interest in joining a Militia. Rich said I should stay clear for my own safety. They are now both dead within day of each other. [Rich Murzin family sage post]

All communications are monitored and there is a record of everything you do electronically. Smart meters can be used to spy on you and another feature is that your electric service can just be shut off remotely. Microwave weapons can be used on wide angle to make people sick, disorientated, agitated, with the inability to concentrate. Ground penetrating radar shot out from satellites can find artifacts and ruins even a hundred feet or so below the surface. When flocks of birds fall out of the sky, dead, at the same instance, there is some sort of real cause. A couple of key strokes and a particular address could be given a lethal dose of radiation. You can sizzle and pop inside your own house, your eyeballs sizzled to a crisp in microseconds.

Any house can have its electronics fried as can any power grid. Concentrating electronic pulse weapons on nuclear plants that are in operation at the time of an electronic attack can be made unable to cool themselves for a Japan like meltdown.

Using GPS or having a license plate on your car means your vehicle can be individually targeted to be shut off permanently, electronics fried, or that you get a small, or greater dose, of radiation. Drones need not use conventional weapons to harm or kill you. These drones can be set on automatic to kill any human that is identified. You can't hear or see these drones when they have targeted you from far away.

The ability for Americans to be independent and self-sufficient has been turned off my our corporate and banker owners outside the US. Obama and Romney are mere puppets offered up at the international corporate Auction 2012, it is not a real election. You are not supposed to have transactions with your neighbors, paper money and gold are supposed to be done away with, your are not supposed to have a small business or be self-employed, and our offshore owners will hold the paper on anything you think you own. You just rent anything you now have. Your family can be broken up at any time. You can be beaten up, raped, robbed, tortured, and even murdered by officials or their agents and there is no court, lawyer, judge, or cop that can do anything for you.

Quit supporting those who are enslaving, raping, robbing, torturing, and murdering us wholesale. Don't be a willing victim. If it takes a worldwide sit on your ass and refuse to move day to wake up the less than 1%, so be it. Our number is currently very large, their number very small.

Owners of corporations and bankers don't care about you. A century ago monopolies were broken up because there was an obvious need to protect the public. We need to break up these monopolies into manageable pieces if we are to survive right now, period.

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[Steven G. Erickson raw footage in movie "Lawless America" produced by Bill Windsor]

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How the elites really think might be revealed in the below video.

Text with below video:
Published on Sep 27, 2012 by
Alex welcomes British Author and renowned New World Order investigator David Icke to expose the large strides towards bringing about total financial collapse and public enslavement.


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