Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Police/FBI Taskforces to Promote Racism, Drugs, Crime?

Organized Crime, Police, The Courts, Lawyers, and "Important Business People" have always been in cahoots. [This post] is just more proof.

It takes a pretty corrupt state where an Officer Smith can stand on the back of a Black Suspect and executes him. That "trial" was purposely botched so the officer could skate on appeal. Hartford Detective Robert Lawlor shot 3 Black suspects in 2 incidents. His picture was posted on a website with a caption, "Great American Patriot" needs your help. Lawlor might make money hands over fist suing in civil court for being a racist/executioner.

It is the same old shit, different day. Private Investigators not need keep their licenses based on State Police saying so. State Police should not be able to go into Private Investigator's private files at will. What if Private Invenstigators are investigating State Police brutality or Judicial Misconduct? In the State of Connecticut, police and the FBI allegedly block any real investigations and then retaliate against those who have "Big Mouths".

Racism is institutionalized. Drug dealing is government and banking 101. 



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