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The Biggest Lie, Then ... and Now?

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If a President can order that the biggest lie can be told with manufactured evidence about one of the biggest supposed events in history, what won't they lie about?

What am I talking about?

Well, President Nixon ordered that a fake film of a moon landing be produced in advance of the supposed actual event. I thought it too crazy to even listen to anyone who claimed that the moon landing footage was faked. It wasn't until I heard the actual players in the event like Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, and douchebag Donald Rumsfeld in video claiming their parts in seeing that fake footage was produced. That is what caught my attention. It is not whether, or not, the footage was faked, it is that in advance from the highest office it was to tell lies first, regardless of what is the real truth.

The events of 9/11 would be an easy lie if such huge, purple, and swollen lies had been gotten away with in the not so distant past. 

Let the Historical figures speak for themselves. Scroll in about 22 minutes.

CIA crews involved in the making of the bogus moon landing footage, whether it was used to fool the world, or not, knew they would be murdered and their families put at risk if they ever dared speak, even now. 

I post on this on [ with more information].

Are there bodies piling up as the Bill and Hilliary cover their tracks, obstructing justice, and are beacons for darkness in the corporate banking international organized crime syndicate world. [More on this story posted here]

[Are Bill and Hilliary merely international drug lords?]

So, why does Steven G. Erickson blog here? Well I expound ...

In the mid to late 1990's "gun shot sensors" were being strung from telephone poles in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I was owned property and was running a contracting business. I found out that microphones and surveillance cameras were being covertly placed to spy on citizens. I was threatened with very bad things, or worse things, after a police informant threatened my life, stalked me for weeks, and then attacked me on my property. I merely wanted proof of crimes being committed.

So, the cameras and microphones are not to protect the innocent, they are for protecting the guilty, official organized crime. It is for taking from us all that can be taken. It is for inventory control.

I asked for footage of the attack for defense in court. This would also have proved the [perjury of Connecticut State Police officers] if footage was later obtained.

Police were not after thieves breaking into homes, [The Diaper Gang] thugs beating citizens with baseball bats and robbing them, with armed drug dealers, prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals and scum of the earth. The police were out with other officials and police informants to tell lies so parent lost their children, homeowners lost their homes, and small business owners who were not affiliated with CIA, [FBI, and organized crime] would fail. This is all pre-9/11.

I paid taxes so police come to my house assault me, tell me I was not good enough for my wife, threaten to break up my family, make me lose my property, lose my business, and go to prison if I talked at Crime Watch meetings or proposed legislation to elected officials that would help youth go good interrupting the revenue collection system of town hall, the police, lawyers, the courts, and the state. So, I paid taxes so police could use criminals to take me offline as a taxpayer. Make economic sense, doesn't it?

This post is my trying to understand why we the people allow the craziest, most dishonest, psychopaths are the ones who have their hands in our pockets, on our children, and want us in prison, sick, and even dead. Why do we hand over everything to them without asking why, for an accounting, and ask for their crimes to be punished?

My links:

If a person proposes laws that will reform courts, make lawyers actually serve their clients for fees charged, and for police to protect the public, not act as armed revenue collectors, a police legislative liaison can send a citizen's name and address to the State Police Commissioner so the citizen can be put on the secret police arrest on sight target list. [more]

[My picture, phone number, and video]

Former CIA man and former Connecticut US Congressman Rob Simmons hangs out with Stafford Springs Connecticut State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo. An alleged former Mossad agent married to a retired FBI agent owned a bar in town. No wonder citizens who get in the way of heroin and cocaine dealing, prostitution, and government/international organized corporate and banking crime are targets put on lists.


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This may be a bit woo, but there's all kinds of conspiracy literature out there about secret bases on the moon. If they were trying to cover up a breakaway society with higher tech than the rest of us plebes, it would follow that they wouldn't let there be many ri-res photos available of the moon, Mars etc. and that they would want to control what people saw when they landed there by faking it. Or it could just be that they wanted to fake it in case they failed, so they could fool the Russians or something.

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