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Blocked Jesse Ventura TruTV Conspiracy Theory Content?

The picture of an antique ray gun was found here.

You know content strikes to the core of our international corporate and bankster owned US government when content is blocked, removed, or there are efforts to prevent it even being shot. Do any of your remember the text eating virus here on If you would type a comment, the result would be truncated and look like some crazy comment with the content altered.

A TruTv "Conspiracy Theory" episode about the US Police State and FEMA Camps was a target of someone, some group, or some entity to not be allowed to be aired, to stay on YouTube, or to be available to the general public. Why is that?

The below episode has been pulled off the "On Demand" list and there are older episodes still available. Why is that?

I tried to get that episode on the TruTv youtube channel and that video did not work. Why is that? Watch the below video from another source while you still can.

There is mounting evidence that someone is using ray gun type weapons using microwave, gamma, x-ray, or other type beams or particles to kill and harm humans and destroy property. If power stations can be fried from space, no one in a house anywhere is safe from these space weapons.

Computers, televisions, microwave ovens, heating and air conditioning units, and the entire electrical and electronics could fry in a house from a "power surge" and then it would not happen to the next door neighbor. I have lost 10's of thousands of dollars laptop and desk top computers. Emailing elected officials about Connecticut State Police misconduct and brutality was allegedly why my $2000 plus desktop fried around the year 2000 and I borrowed my tenant's new Dell to email legislators and then her computer fried. It happened over and over. I can name addresses all over that simultaneously had "power surges" where nothing worked at their homes.

In New Brunswick, Canada, farmer would see cows mysteriously cooked out in their fields. Eyes, brains, other organs, and joints would be precisely or surgically removed. Some cows and bulls were precisely hit in one joint, or a scull would have all fur fried off it with no other damage to the animal.

Was the famous "Highway of Death" in Iraq a test of a beam set on wide angle where an air and missile strike was ordered to cover up the evidence of the real type of strike? Can any plane be taken out of the air on the globe using these beams. Can anyone be a target?

I was in contact with a farmer in New Brunswick back in 2006. Werner has a heavy German accent and emigrated to Canada sometime after World War II. I was in Kathleen Dickson's house in the Stonington, Connecticut area, alone when I got a severe burning sensation that was intense and lasted in two very intense about 30 second bursts. I received burning sensations all over my body. All computers had fried the day before back in 2006. After being burned I left Connecticut to recover up North. I was left alone in the State of Maine.

A horse farm I had stayed in 2005 in Wales Massachusetts had a power surge as did my buddy Chris Kennedy in Ellington, Connecticut, as did the owner of in the Atlanta area of Georgia. After receiving first degree burns in Connecticut back in 2006, I then went into limited hiding in Vermont and New Hampshire afraid whenever I cross into Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Palestinians are also allegedly test subjects of such weapons and the resulting covert autopsies. My possible exposure obviously was not lethal, at least in the short run.

[Here] is a list of my former diaries here on

Was one of those interviewed in the video below killed by the puppeteers of the US Government for exposing the truth?

Conspiracy Theory S03E02 Death Ray

Text with video:

Published on Nov 15, 2012 by

Murder By Death
The death ray -- what we know and what we really don't want to believe about the world's most dangerous weapon. It's all here.

The man in this photo is believed to have been killed by a death ray... but does that prove a murderous, nearly-invisible laser beam really exists?

[Steven G. Erickson video and contact info]

* * * *

[Is Obama a Secret Puppet Dictator dismantling the Internet?]

Does Barack Obama get his authority from the UN? Who are the real operators of the UN?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been subjected to psychotronic torture everynight since May 2010. Tinnitus 24/7 since March 2011. I have been very vocal on several blogs about 9/11 truth and the zionist component since March 2007.

Glenn Dormer aka Mouser

Sunday, November 25, 2012 6:07:00 PM  

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