Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks, Police State

I recently saw a documentary on the US invasion of Panama, 1989. It was on Netflix. US Troops invaded Panama at night and killed men, women, and children. The invasion was an act of terrorists paid for with US tax dollars. Possibly more civilians died during that invasion then died in 9/11 and the organized corporate pirate and bankster attack on US sovereignty. When aren't these people lying?

Iraq was about weapons of mass destruction. There weren't any.

Afghanistan was about Bin Laden. He wasn't there.

There was talk how the former dictator kicked out the banks and corporate organized crime out of Libya. Then the dictator of Libya allegedly proposed having a currency based on the real value of oil and gold to have an independent African Continent Currency. I would rather hold money with real value than Federal Reserve System International Organized Criminal fiat currency. Libya was probably about criminal domination of Africa by bankers and corporate pirates, nothing about liberating an oppressed people.

US Troops should be labeled "UN".

You will never hear "UN Sanctions Israel, proposes Economic Blockade," will not be a headline you will ever see. The criminal banksters and international corporate pirates who run the US will never be sanctioned or face being blockaded by the UN. So the UN is a scam.

Being self-employed, owning a small business, being independent, growing your own food, and being outspoken is illegal. Citizens anywhere can be officially raped, robbed, beaten, tortured, indefinitely detained, and even murdered, no hearing needed. Why are we funding this?

It is time to not fund international organized crime. It is time to get representation for our taxation. 

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UN/Corporate Peon, not US Veteran?

Text with video shot Nov. 14, 2012:

I. Steven G. Erickson, got asked today if I have thanked a US Veteran for my freedom. I was so angry I could crap my pants, but I decided to let go here on a Your Say. [Click here for links to more of what I am talking about, scroll down in post]

Are soldiers and US veterans just being used as slaves and medical experiments by international organized crime, bankers and corporate pirates?

Why not word search the NDAA, Smedley Butler, forgotten founding father James Wilson, the Patriot Act,, Martial Law, Aaron Russon, the US Police State, SOPA, PIPA, and if you are in New York, New Jersey, parts of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and other states hit by Hurricane Sandy, you know first hand about the lying puppets of international organized crime called "The US Government".

Is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA something that lawyers and judges use in their paperwork which really is a foreign corporation because it is capitalized and considered another entity by them? [more]

Would you like to know where DHS Homeland Security Fusion Centers are so you know after you are sent to FEMA Camp? [US locations, click here]

The UN can set up check points in the US, called "Choke Points" as they may own the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Independence Hall in Pennsylvania, and about 98% of "public land" and probably you too. [post]

And yes, the TSA molests children ...

Do you as a UN Slave called a US Citizen want to sign a petition to secede from the Union? It is probably an issue in 34 States with the possibility of Texas and Maine getting the highest percentages of signatures. has an annoying pop up. It is where great minds go to write and read. Rob Kall has a wonderful website, too bad he turns off first time visitors with an annoying pop up you can click out of once for the day. [ piece on 34 States and the petition to secede] from UN International Corporate Bankster Organized Crime

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The state of Connecticut has to be one of the most corrupt & also dangerous states in the Nation, especially for women.
Women have had their civil rights violated hundreds of times in Connecticut.
Too many men, including the police themselves, have NO regard
for women's safety, especially in East Hartford.
Police are allowing a man who lives in East Hartford, but has out of State Vermont plates on his light blue station wagon, to continually stalk an innocent woman with a huge Rottweiler male dog, he deliberately allows the huge dog to run RIGHT UP TO THE WOMAN ON THE dog's 20 foot retractable leash, & yells & screams at her too when she protests it!
This is happening on a very busy thoroughfare too, so basically that man walking the Rottweiler is endangering her life & her pet's life too.
Isn't Freedom of

Sunday, November 25, 2012 2:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typo...don't women have the right to Freedom of Speech, or the right to stay alive anymore??
Meanwhile a very corrupt male Police Officer named 0fficer Fox, was sticking up for the dangerous male Rottweiler owner, and threatened & harassing the poor woman who's been terrorized & stalked by this deceiptful, abusive dangerous Rottweiler owner who's a man in his mid 30s, at least 4 seperate times now.
But Officer Fox, of East Hartford, just stook up for this abusive Rottweiler owner to the hilt, & and kept interrogating this woman who'd been terrorizing by this Rottweiler repeatedly, for over an hour, demanding to know ALL her personal info, so he could easily tell the abusive Rottweiler owner!

Mayor LeClerc needs to fire that cop, Officer Fox, on the spot, or her town's going to sued again!

Men have no right to terrorize women, nor put their lives in danger either Mayor LeClerc, & that's what your corrupt cop, Officer Fox, is letting him get away with.
Why don't you arrest that evil Rottweiler owner instead for terrorizing women & keeping out of State VT plates when he's lived in East Hartford, for more than 6 months?

Ladies watch out for this guy, especially if you are walking a small or friendly dog!
That Rottweiler owner's dangerous & verbally abusive.
He likes to violate your basic civil rights too, & put your life in danger also.

Sunday, November 25, 2012 3:06:00 AM  

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