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Naked Corporate Aggression

Can the average American do simple math? If so, can the international corporate pirate and bankster armed occupation of America be explained? Do we owe international organized crime money? Are we paying taxes to international organized criminals?

Gallon of milk image found here.

In New York and New Jersey Bodega owners are under assault. International corporate media is against corporate competition, the individual. Corporations can offer "free" water and milk if it is going to put their competition out of business. Many corporation stores sell items at cost, below cost, or at near cost to get you in the store. It is called a "loss-leader". It is an unfair business practice that favors large, punishes and puts out of business smaller operations.

If larger markets are selling a gallon of milk for almost $6. If it cost you an hour, and $2.50 each way on the subway when it is running, then you just paid $11 for that gallon of milk. If during a state of emergency, you paid $10 for a gallon of milk a minute from where you live, were you ripped off? What if you could not get supplies anywhere else? What if the shop owner had to pay $8 to get that gallon a milk during this recent weather emergency. Should he, or she be fined out of business for not charging you the market price of $6? Should the state tell small business to lose money or be fined out of business?

Those who are in charge of government want to charge small shop owners, including Bodega owners, $10,000 and larger fines. The big boys pay fines and it is mere pennies to them, but puts small business out of business. The corporate store will carry only items that they have made big corporate deals which hurts any suppliers who do not have large warehouses. America will be one big shell of small farm barns and small businesses rotting into the ground. The shell will be supplied offshore. We are then just dependent slaves living on the public dole.

Citizens who prepared for a state emergency by having more than 3 days of food could be put on a terrorist watch list and could be labeled a terrorist. In a state of emergency your stored food, any weapons, and any gold or valuables can be confiscated for your safety.

Police can refuse to come when called and there are no consequences for them. Police can refuse to take a complaint and can refuse to enforce laws. It is illegal to defend yourself in a lot of areas. So police can refuse to protect and serve, and if you do, you can lose everything and be put in prison.

I was wondering why the IRS was targeting babysitters. Any daycare centers have, or any site where children are watched in any numbers, certain corporate rules now have to be obeyed, or huge fines or jail. So, corporations are involved in regulating how you watch your children and you are competition for their dollars watching your own children. We are all under a form of corporate day care. 

In the 1970's corporations artificially did not pay farmers market value for their crops. So, the corporations who owned large tracks of land could sustain losses, a family or small farmer could not. Taxes on land went up for individuals, corporations who own and run government can get out of paying fines, fees, and taxes which will put them out of business. Monsanto and other Big Pharma and chemical companies can sell Genetically Modified Seeds to the remaining farmers in the US and other countries. If some of the seeds blow onto another farmer's property and he, or she, did not pay Monsanto, or other big company, the farmer will be gone after for his profits, his land. Thugs and/or lawyers are sent out to put the smaller guy out of business. Farmers in India and elsewhere are committing suicide due to the corporate tyranny and abuse. [GMO, Big Pharma, Citizen Abuse]

Corporations want you put in jail for buying a lawnmower for cash at a neighbor's tag sale. [story]

Does the UN own the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Independence Hall in Pennsylvania, and most of the land in the US? [story]

Rental property owners who do not have organized crime, corporate, lawyer, police, town hall, or government connections are targets for arrest, being assaulted, jailed, and even being murdered. I know, because police tried to recruit me to aid in their lawyer/court/town hall/police revenue collection and property confiscation scam. I refused so I was arrested and imprisoned, losing everything. [That story]

Our international corporate and banking occupiers care about us. They want us to pay less for milk, or is it something more sinister? Our occupiers want to be in every transaction, medical check up, and to have us under surveillance 24/7.

An outside power says you cannot assemble without permits, free speech is terrorism, neighbor to neighbor transactions for cash are illegal, self-employment and small businesses and small farmers are terrorism, feeding yourself and preparing for sparser times is terrorism, and questioning tyranny is terrorism.

Small businesses and average homes can be taken using Eminent Domain, see video at bottom of post. It is about eradicating small business and self-employment in the US.

Your rights can now be stripped for being put on a list, no hearing. Citizens can be tortured, indefinitely detained, and even murdered without a legal hearing. The NDAA, signed by Barack Obama makes the US Constitution null and void.

Are Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder guilty of crimes, and even murder, if they knew about, let continue, or initiated the program called "Fast and Furious" where tax dollars were used to buy guns from legal gun dealers to be transferred to Mexican Drug Gangs to attack the 2nd Amendment? 

The UN has successfully banned Free Speech out on the on the street and is out to end the 2nd Amendment. If a foreign governing body, or if a world government is calling the shots, are we under armed occupation? Are any of their agendas and rules, our rules? Are any of their leaders here claiming to be our leaders in the US, traitors? If so, should these traitors be turned out of office, arrested, and face prosecution?

Proof: Obama Is Coming for Your Guns

Text with video:

Published on Nov 9, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel
While ignorant Obamanoids can't get past the celebrity image of "their" president, our Constitutional republic is quickly crumbling. The Obama Administration has openly announced their intent to bring back the Assault Weapons Ban that was "law" for ten years, but this time Dianne Feinstein and the gun-grabbing liberals aren't just restricting new weapons & ammo purchases, but seeking legislation to require arms be turned in and private sales be barred. Simultaneously, the Obama Administration is helping to revive the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which will undermine the sovereignty of the 2nd Amendment by putting international control over the flow of weapons, inevitably inside the U.S. border as well as nation wide. This is not speculation, this is not hyperbole, this is not myth-- but the admitted plan now underway. We must awaken to this authoritarian control measure and stop it through political pressure before it is too late. Get this special report, featuring research by Alex Jones and Infowars reporters David Knight and Aaron Dykes, out to everyone you know!

Obama Calls for Renewal of Assault Weapons Ban
Globalists Pull Out All Stops to Grab Guns After Obama Victory
Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips
After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks
Senator Feinstein looking to introduce new assault weapons ban
U.N. Celebrates Obama Re-election by Pushing Global Gun Control, says Second Amendment Foundation
Hours After Reelection, Obama Green Lights UN Gun Grab

Eminent Domain Citizen Abuse, Norwalk, CT

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Oct 8, 2007

Politicians and their connected, rich developer friends are scamming taxpayers nationwide. This man's story tells it all. Casey Onaitis of 4 Merwin St., Norwalk, CT 06850, doesn't deserve to be put out of his business. Such businesses should be passed on to family or others willing to honor traditions and honestly serving the public.

Casey's Sheet Metal Service, Inc., provides necessary custom sheet metal fabrication and other services Home Depot and other chains do not.

It is a plain shame that working people are being put out of business, put out of their homes, for a scam, a shell game.

Our heritage and history in the US is being torn down and average citizens are being ruined to make the rich richer at everyone's else's expense.

More information here:

sElection Fallout, GMOs, Police State and Other News

Text with video:

Published on Nov 9, 2012 by

Corbett Report Radio #255

Tonight on Corbett Report Radio James goes over the latest news from around the world, including the fallout from the 2012 Presidential sElection, the latest news on the GMO front, more signs of the pervasive police state and other news from Asia to South America to Europe.

Tonight on Corbett Report Radio James goes over the latest news from around the world, including the fallout from the 2012 Presidential sElection, the latest news on the GMO front, more signs of the pervasive police state and other news from Asia to South America to Europe.
Voter Turnout Plunges Throughout the Western World
Will Obama Fulfill His 2007 Promise to Label GMOs?
New Varieties of Genetically Modified Tomatoes Coming Soon To a Grocery Near You
The FDA Doesn’t Even TEST the Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods
Cop Fines Mother $2500 After Her Potty Training 3 Year Old Son Urinates In Front Yard
DHS enhances social media bio-surveillance
President Bashar Al Assad: Exclusive Interview. ‘I’m not a Western puppet’
Following Japanese Models?
Debt Ceiling Complicates A Tax Shift
EU bailout for Russian oligarchs?
CIA Allegedly Using Drug Money to Overthrow Ecuador President Rafael Correa
Personal Sufferings Of Palestinians To Be Heard At Upcoming War Crime Conference


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