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Obama and the Paper Apocalypse?

Max Keiser image was found here.

When will the paper money gig be up for international organized crime? Do we owe international bankers and corporate pirates the equivalent of hundreds of times the world's gross product? Should we stiff the criminals who tell us that we owe them money? Should we put operators of the Federal Reserve System in prison and print our own US, real money?

Key players in financial circles, allegedly knew that Obama would win. They were betting on it.

If the total US debt is 59 Trillion Dollars, will we ever be able to pay that back? [US National Debt Clock]

If World Central Banks just made a 300 Trillion Dollar mistake with their betting machines (investing our money against our will), the world now owes them that money back. Bankers make up that they have money, print paper, and then that we owe them labor and items of real value for their worthless paper.

The bubble will allegedly burst in the next 6 months as predicted by financial expert Max Keiser.

Thieves will not feed and provide services for their crime victims. So, we the people will be out of luck having turned over everything to these international bankers and corporate pirates.

You will be on your own to protect and feed yourself.

Owning a home, building a contracting business over 2 decades, owning rental properties, paying taxes, and raising a family I was asked to help police with their revenue collection and property confiscation scam back in the 1990's. I refused and police and a prosecutor used prostitutes, drug dealers, thieves, vandals, and police informant thugs to terrorize me and to railroad me to prison. My letter to elected officials with pictures and video. My grandfather was a family farmer up until the 1970's. He predicted that corporations would be responsible for the downfall of the US and enslave the world. My father was a cog in the wheel for the corporations and I had to deal with his unbelievable dedication to the evil ones, also predicted by my grandfather.

International bankers and corporate pirates want you put in prison if you buy a lawnmower from your neighbor for cash at a tag sale, that story. These people chose Obama as your leader. Do they really care about you?

For years the real owners of the US Homeland, international banksters and corporation pirates, small farmers were targets, the self-employed, small business owners, and especially independent thinkers and the outspoken. Ayn Rand, an author, was born in Russia, pre-1917. She saw that family farmers and shop owners had their property stolen for their hard work. The most efficient, honest, and the smartest self starters were sent off to camps to starve and die. Do you see any parallels in our corporation run societies?

Corporation pirates and bankers love wars, and we have to pay them for, so you should expect more, and more wars. Armed drone aircraft fly over your head now. Police departments are being issued military tanks painted black. Do the math.  

There might be bread lines and camps in some areas, but maybe not. International bankers are free to hire whomever, whatever army, to patrol the US and the world, claiming their ownership. Anyone can be killed by armed drones, anywhere, it does not matter to the elite who are living comfortably. Elites hiring the North Korean
Army to police the US
might not be that farfetched if the elites are offered a good deal.

Think I am out to lunch? Well, would you predict the reality of what is today, which is November 7, 2012, back in July of 2001? Would you have dreamed in your worst nightmare back then that today would actually exist? Well, assume it can get a lot worse. Iceland, Greece, and Spain are just warning shots.

Max Keiser breaks it down yesterday:

Text with video:

Published on Nov 7, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel
Alex presents special live coverage of the election and offers a roster of dynamic guests, including: Trends forecaster Gerald Celente, former trader and television host Max Keiser, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, economist and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration Paul Craig Roberts, former congressional chief of staff for Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, author and former director at Goldman Sachs, Nomi Prins, and historian and author Webster Tarpley. Alex and his guests will offer concise analysis and commentary until midnight.

Joel Skousen sits down with Alex Jones and discusses strategies on how to prepare for and survive major disasters.!/RealAlexJones

Text with video:

Steven G. Erickson's "Your Say" on Nov. 4, 2012

25% more cops 2% population growth? Below are my notes and links to go with video.

Alex Jones preppers who store food are terrorists? During weather emergency or if Martial Law declared food, guns, and gold to be taken by deputized authorities, police, military, or even hired foreign military for our safety. [Department issue police ski masks post]

Homeland Security scam and surveillance started pre-9/11.

Police are out to collect revenue not for law enforcement. If a white male officer rapes a young girl or woman that officer is often not punished if he does not break ranks with other officers and the revenue collection system. [Cop raping women post]

Prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals, and thieves are all revenue collection and property confiscation tools. Officers can act as look outs during robberies. A New York Police Officer had 23 empty beers out of a case of 24 and was not checked for being drunk when he struck and killed a pedestrian in his mini-van. The excuse was he drank them slowly over a long period of time and can handle his liquor. A State of Connecticut probation officer raped underage girls, boys, a mentally challenged boy, and adults in his care, 100's of alleged incidents and was given probation, no jail, and still collected 100% of his pension. Crime does pay.

The former Governor of Connecticut, [John G. Rowland], took bribes from organized crime so that organized crime could build, supply, and run "Kiddie Max Prisons" jails for kids. DCF, Department of Children and Families got bonuses and promotions to lies so children got taken away from good parents.

[My letter to elected officials].

[Gary Johnson]. Is a vote for Gary Johnson a vote against the IRS, TSA, DHS, the US Police State, tyranny of organized criminal banksters and corporate pirates stealing the wealth of the world with key strokes selling us back crumbs at high interest we can never payback. Do not vote for debt slavery by voting for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Obama might be the spawn of a CIA operative, his mother. Vote against bombing Iran. Are Obama and Romney not qualified to run for US President for being lawyers citing the missing 13th Amendment? [video]

Ayn Rand, author who died in 1982 has been accused of being a Nazi, born in Russia pre-1917 so accused of being a spy, a liberal, a ultra conservative, anti-establishment, establishment scum etc. She saw shop owners and small farmers put in prison and killed for their hard work. Hard work is bad. She see the American system doing the same thing and predicted international corporations and banks would do what they are doing with the most important novel of the last 100 years, "Atlas Shrugged".

Text with video:

Published on Jul 14, 2012 by SvenVonErick
More info:

What if insiders, and offshore corporate and international banker organized crime had a back door to skew justice and make as much profit as is possible? They do. Lawyers rule and are screwing us blind.

Steven G. Erickson meets up with Bill Windsor "Lawless America", the movie, more information:

More Steven G. Erickson diaries here on [click here].


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