Friday, November 02, 2012

Vote Against Bombing Iran, TSA, DHS, IRS, Tyranny

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[Gary Johnson for US President 2012]

Ron Paul dropped out of the race August 28, 2012, and may be on the ballot in at least 5 states due to his supporters' efforts. Ron Paul is not actively participating. Writing in "Bozo the Clown" of the Clown Party is more patriotic than voting for either choice brought to you by international organized crime.

Barack Obama is allegedly the spawn of a CIA covert operative, his mother. I do not doubt that Barack Obama is beholden to the CIA, and international organized criminal banksters and corporation pirates. Obama is a lawyer whose specialty is the Constitution. Obama dismantled the US Constitution by signing the NDAA into law December 31 after lying and saying he didn't support it and would not sign it. Obama is a worse president than George W. Bush because Barack Obama is smart enough to understand what he is doing wrong.

Romney saying corporations are people is the 2nd worse choice for US President in 2012.

I would like to do a 5 minute audio interview of Gary Johnson and post it on youtube,, my blog, and

If Gary Johnson is not on the ballot, or if you can't write in his name, request that you can at the polls. If you can't vote for Gary Johnson for president that is proof that the election is rigged. Write in Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, or any other name if you are wishing to protest the US Police State, having bankers and corporate pirates have us pay for their wars, if you wish to abolish the Patriot Act, NDAA, IRS abuse, being groped, robbed, and radiated by the TSA, want to dismantle the DHS, Department of Homeland Security, end the Fed, and take back our country from the criminal bankers and corporation pirates, some situated overseas, who offer you Obama and Romney as a "choice".

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