Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ban Corporate Chemicals/Drugs

The kid on corporation calming you drugs had a driver's license. Mothers stab their children, drown them etc on these drugs. People are driving on the highways on these drugs. If people's brains are damaged permanently on these dangerous drugs, shouldn't people who are on them and have their brains damaged have their driver's licenses revoked? The use of these murder and suicide causing harmful narcotics should be vastly reduced. The corporations helping manufacture homicidal zombies should be liable criminally and civilly. 

If the mother of the shooter could not handle her adult child on drugs her driver's license should have been revoked too. If she transported a psychotic criminal in her car who could drive the car and kill people, pick up knives, or throw children off the top of a building shouldn't we act for protecting children and take away all driver's licenses of any households where a person is taking these dangerous corporation narcotics?

Obviously, I am going over the top to make a point. But if 6 out of 9 kids can be special needs in what is supposed to be an average early education class what are we doing, really? [More]

The picture above was [found here], and link is also to the where the above was cut and pasted from and is text of a comment I made. 

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