Friday, December 28, 2012

Censorship then Mass Arrests?

Oil soaked bald eagle frozen in snow image was found here.

Non-cheerleaders of international organized crime have had their Facebook accounts suspended.

What happened to Russia in 1917?

There is a pattern before the storm. Voices warning of what is to come are silenced. Transportation and detention centers are already set up. If Obama is not showing US Congress and the US Senate signing statements on Cyber Security and for other measures, what is really up?

The Gulf of Tonkin incident reports now declassified proves that it was a completely made up event to lie the US into a ground war in Vietnam where millions of Vietnamese died, and initially, over 50,000 Americans.

The CIA is reported to have put plans on John F. Kennedy's desk to crash airplanes into buildings as an excuse to have a ground war in Cuba. Kennedy was not part of that program, and refused. What happened to Kennedy?

The Ku Korporate Klan will ramp up their terror program. What is the math involved in what would be "normal" attacks on police, the public, and children in schools? If there is a sudden spike when there is a UN and international organized crime deadline of the end of 2012 to suspend most supposed American rights with a few signatures, then the timing of all these "events" of manufactured terror are suspicious.

If your retirement, pensions, and value of your currency is all imploded, those who stole are prepared.

Look for the pattern: massive government black ops, troops on the street, checkpoints, mass censorship, mass arrests, mass detentions, mass disappearances of citizens, Martial Law.

If you slide into the below video at about 14 minutes, listen. Which banker affiliated criminals are getting 6 and 7 figure salaries for stealing 3rd World aid money for bankers?

Plenty of what I am talking about is in my videos.

If you understand the containment of African Americans in separate and unequal, ruin the family, demoralize, and conquer containment camps, you will understand what is happening to all of us now:

[This] is the policing, the government, and the courts all of you get too.

A list of my diaries on [can be found here].

Is the US Military getting plans for city by city lock down, with grids to be used for house to house home invasions?

Is this one of the reasons that returning US veterans are being labeled as terrorists? Do they know too much?

Are any of us who know too much, terrorists?

What worked in Poland when government told the people they are all slaves? Should we adopt that plan?

They all sat down in massive numbers ...

as we have the numbers, the international elite are way fewer than 1%.


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