Monday, December 24, 2012

Crime Boss, UN Security Council Head?

"Mr. Drone War", photo was found here.

It is illegal for a US President to be both President AND be an official at the UN. There is a big difference in negotiating with the UN or speaking at the UN. How treasonous does Obama have to get before some sort of prosecution results?

If the UN is not about limiting the CIA, Mossad, and infiltrating countries in behalf of Central or World bankers and international corporate pirates, not trying to curb this, shows the UN as the front it really is.

The UN is about completely disarming America. To make sure Americans comply with his UN mandates will Obama ask Russian, Chinese, or even North Korean troops to police the US and go house to house to take guns?

If a citizen has more than 3 days of food stored and has gold, should they be considered domestic terrorists and be stripped of their citizenship, property, and put in detention for our safety? Should these traitors also be tortured?

Would you vote to bomb children using drones in 8 countries or more? Would you vote to send trillions of your tax dollars for banker bonuses after they have stolen trillions from you? Obama will without your permission.

Obama signed the NDAA into law last December 31, a day he thought you might not be paying attention.

The UN and World Bankers have been about depopulating Africa in the millions. They are using the same plan for all of us. We are fetuses outside the womb to Obama. We can be aborted at any time.

If Barack Obama is a constitutional scholar and lawyer, why is he slamming both? Obama swore to honor the US Constitution, not dismantle it. For lying and not honoring his oath of office, should Obama be removed from office? The NDAA makes courts and lawyers just window dressing, voided by any back room official putting a someone's name on a list.

Give up your guns, pay 80% in taxes, and don't dare exercise Free Speech. Carry on comrade.

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Dodge Reports Life's Legal Findings

Text with video:

David Dodge is a big name in the independent non-lawyer research into the legal system. Dodge is the owner of The Grateful Bread, baking bread in North Miami, Florida. In certain circles, David Dodge is a legend. His independent small business is doing well. Documentary Producer Francis C. P. Knize shot, edited, and produced the video, I, Steven G. Erickson merely uploaded it. Lacking the needed cable, I only wanted the raw audio to post, with one or two still pictures, no music. Please consider the content, not the presentation.

Someone who was in the thick of it twenty or thirty years ago may appear as bad as a homeless person today. If you pay attention and write down the subject names, the names of individuals, and cases, you can look up this information yourself. Is this proof the US is occupied from the outside, and does David detail how average citizens can fix the problem?

The entire world, not just the US, is being taken over by infiltrating lawyers and judges who have been bought from the outside in behalf of international banksters and corporate pirates. My posts get a lot of views on and if you click on [this link] to my writings, a pop up will first appear asking for donations to this wonderful site. More people who I have had contact with are featured. You may just easily just click the pop up out of your view by clicking the top right corner.

I work on documentaries and non-fiction with Francis C. P. Knize and have worked on fictional, independent movie themes with actors, actresses, musicians and other skilled individuals in New York City. My 2 sources of serious public corruption, judicial misconduct, department of children and families, organized crime, and police brutality cases in the state of Connecticut, each died about 2 years ago within days of each other. My friend who is my age who skied, golfed, and who I thought was the picture of health, dropped dead yesterday. We were to work together selling cars and working on other projects over the Winter so I would have financing to pay actors, professional editors, musicians, and others to make a professional independent movie project which is fiction to show those with wool over their eyes what is really going on in the real world. [My phone number, address, and other contact information, click, scroll to bottom of post]

I am getting more and more censored on youtube, and embed codes are screwy, not going to posts intended. I also blog on Google's blogger. If all guns are to be taken away from Americans, I assume the internet switch put into place by traitors to humanity like Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman, the world's use of internet for Free Speech will be shut off, AND FREE SPEECH WILL BE DEAD ALL OVER THE WORLD. US officials are poised to take guns away from all citizens, I believe they are knowingly starting a civil war in America, to put all Americans on lock down so international corporate pirates and banksters can finish feasting on the carcass that was America.

Identifying American Nobility Scumbags?

Text with video:

Do judges and lawyers have titles of American Nobility? If so, aren't there laws against that and for keeping these nobles from having elected official jobs? If Attorneys and Judges swear allegiance to BAR Associations, are they subverting American Government? BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry. Gus Breton explains with text in State Library legal and government books in this video. [more on this subject, click here]

Steven G. Erickson's issues with judges [found here]


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