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Fen Phen, killing Americans 13 Bil Legal Case

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Millions of Americans took the diet drug Fen Phen [Info on Wikipedia]. It did so much harm and killed so many people it is reported there were 13 Billion Dollars ordered in settlements where lawyers stole as much from victims as they could stuff in their pockets. 

Take Fen Phen a year and you are likely to have heart valve damage. Take it a couple months and probably you have done serious damage to yourself. These drug companies care about profit and they are causing major harm to us. 

Stacie Keach narrator of "American Greed" hosted a show I watched yesterday. Lawyers terrorized those who were supposed to get a settlement, after they stole as much of the settlement as was possible. Victims who were ripped off by lawyers were afraid to talk after being threatened. The sick and dying need medicine and money to live, lawyers who stole their money were betting on horse races, buying race horses, buying ranches, luxury cars, and are living the life of the rich and famous.

We are talking about millions of victims and billions in legal settlements. Is this a real news story was should see 24/7 until something is done? Where was a President talking about signing statements then? Lawyers facilitate the theft of billions and trillions. These international organized criminals are claiming they care about children. These elites are playing you right in front of your face.

Lawyers rip off victims in courts. Lawyers are legislators who are ripping off all Americans.

The plans to detain tens of millions of Americans in FEMA Detention and re-education camps dates back to California Governor Ronald Reagan in the 1970's. [story]

I have a lot of healthy friends who have died. One my age who golfed, skied, and was active, didn't smoke, dropped dead today. So many people are dying way too young, why? My story on 6 out of 9 kids in an average early education class, a teacher told me are special needs, where there was rarely one in a class that size 20 years ago. [That story]

A Free Press, police who serve the people not each other and government, courts that are for the best interest of the people is good governance. We have worse than Stalin, we have worse than the dictator of Germany in World War II.

The filthiest criminals in history give you your international corporate propaganda mainstream media news which is mind control. The flashing lights and drum beats memorize you. Try disconnecting at intervals to regain control of your own mind. They are making you think you want what they tell you that you want, and it has made most of you pathetic robot sheep.

By what our US puppet government is going to do they surely know, and surely plan, to start a civil war. The country and all assets and land can be put under lock down. The UN already owns and runs us. It will just be in our faces and many of us will be sent to camp, tortured, raped, robbed, indefinitely detained, and murdered.

The reason I wrote this is that I started looking around [after this].

My videos can be [found here]

Steven G. Erickson's OpedNew.coms diaries [listed here].

Hillary Clinton has gotten the UN, "Global Governess Award", what? Were the Clintons drug traffickers who had people killed who knew too much? James Corbett of the Corbett Report [breaks it down here].


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fen-Phen case resulted in the lawyers in question being disbarred, and at least one was also jailed.

One lawyer who brokered a deal in the case and made 20 million on it was Stanley Chesley, a Cincinnati class action lawyer of the Beverly Hills Supper Club case fame (and who attempted to ambulance chase the Bhopal chemical disaster as well.) Chesley also had maybe bought his wife a federal judgeship, which served as a sort of extra power for him. He has been a BIG Dem campaign contributor in the past. Corrupt as they come, and rich as Croesus.

He almost skated free, arguing that his involvement was only brief and second-hand, i.e. one level removed from the original lawyers, and therefore he was innocent of wrongdoing. But that didn't fly.

Chesley has finally been disbarred in both OH and KY (in the last year or so I think). They are still trying to make him disgorge the $20MM as far as I know. It's hard to fight a guy in court who has stolen all your money and who is himself a lawyer. Their usual tactic is to drag it out as long as possible and bankrupt the plaintiff.

The whole deal gave the victims a pittance, as you know. The money Chesley made brokering the settlement dwarfed what the lawyers who went to jail made. I hope they make him disgorge it and that they can treble it with fraud charges. But I'm not holding my breath.

Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:55:00 AM  

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