Monday, December 17, 2012

Have Officials Already Signed Away US Sovereignty?

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What would it take to invade America?

Would it take a massive air strike, overwhelming numbers of troops, financial collapse, or just two manufactured events?

How many times did the story change when Osama bin Laden was supposedly killed in Pakistan? First he was armed, then he wasn't. Then he used his wife as a human shield, then he didn't. Then he was buried at sea as is the Muslim tradition, and that is complete BS. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton posed for photos where they were supposedly watching the raid life, then there was said to be no live feed. When aren't they lying?

It is a matter of public record that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was made up to start the war in Vietnam. How many Americans died in the war and too early because of trauma and other causes like Agent Orange?

If Obama promised the UN, international bankers, and corporate pirates who now own the US that he would disarm Americans, would any covert method be okay? Would lying be okay?

The program that became know as Fast and Furious under Bush may have cost millions to get legal guns from legal gun shops to Mexican Drug Gangs so that murders could be committed to attack the 2nd Amendment?

It has been declassified that the CIA put on President John Kennedy's desk plans to crash airplanes into buildings to blame Cuba to then have a ground war.

If millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent to attack the US Constitution, why not set up a mentally troubled young adult who tried to buy a gun and plays violent video games. Send in professionals to kill his mother, and one to go in with a mask, bullet proof vest, and then dump the kids body at the scene? It is cheap, it is effective.

There was buzz that there would be a mass shooting before Christmas to have an excuse to have an Obama signing statement to ban all guns.

There is also quite a bit of buzz about the shoulder fire missiles being given to CIA's Al Qaeda to destabilize Syria so bankers get another war to put us farther in debt and to install a puppet leader. If the plan is to get at least one of these handheld missile system smuggled into America where a passenger plane can be shot out of the sky upon takeoff, the 2nd Obama objective could be met. The TSA, DHS, Police, the UN, and US Troops could occupy all transportation hubs, and run roadblocks all over the US.

The internet could be restricted to UN and international banker propaganda only and travel can be restricted.

So, it could take only two staged events for foreign bankers to invade and take over America using their puppet leader. Check out video below. [Click here] for a list of my diaries.

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Has US Sovereignty been Signed Away?

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If you ask to be represented for you taxes, asking elected officials to listen to you as you redress grievances is just asking an excuse for the elected official to give your name to police, so at roll call, you photo, name, address, what you drive, and where you work for you to be put on the secret police arrest on site list.

If you word search Elena Sassower on and look for a black and white video about Hillary Clinton, and former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Allegedly that video was the one the FBI considered looking into Spitzer's finances to find out that he hired $6000 per lay elite prostitutes causing him to resign as Governor.

My friend that I talk about who worked on the plans for the F-35 US super fighter [found here], his initials are CK.

A lot of links can be [found here]

Obama has allegedly been ordered to put out a sign statement Dec 27 or 31 to start to process all private gun held in American hands. A CIA Al Qaeda taxpayer program where hand held missiles to take aircraft will find their way from Syria to America. One will allegedly be used to take out an aircraft taking off from an airport to blow it up with a full tank of fuel. That way all Americans can be stopped at road blocks to be set up all over the US and be searched along with their cars. The TSA will then issue travel passes. This is what is being talked about by political activists.


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