Saturday, December 22, 2012

Judges/Lawyers 5th Column Paper Trail?

Image was found here.  Did Obama's Fifth Column of Lawyers and Judges predate the War of 1812?

Were there any clear winners?

Were lawyers and judges who subverted the cause for liberty promised riches by The Crown, so that international bank fees could be used to pay taxes to the British Crown? Does the Queen of England own the majority of Vermont, most other states, and most of the world? Is she now the biggest landholder in the world? Are you a secret subject of The Crown?

Well, there are real strict gun laws in the UK. How did Australian gun rights get subverted? We the People are still subjects of The Crown and can be NDAA'd anytime.

Are Lawyers and Judges really American Nobility who owe their titles and loyalty to the British Accreditation Registry, Bar Associations?

Why isn't legislation and US laws written in plain American English? Nobles have their own language to separate themselves called "Legal Language".

Text with video:

Identifying American Nobility Scumbags?
Do judges and lawyers have titles of American Nobility? If so, aren't there laws against that and for keeping these nobles from having elected official jobs? If Attorneys and Judges swear allegiance to BAR Associations, are they subverting American Government? BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry. Gus Breton explains with text in State Library legal and government books in this video. [more on this subject, click here]

Steven G. Erickson's issues with judges [found here]


[click here] for:

"Getting Made" in the Cop Mafia?

Image of a Satanic early 1900's style cop eating a citizen explanation and source [found in this blog post].

I watched a movie starring Kevin Bacon not too long ago. Bacon was a high powered executive, who lived in  a posh suburban neighborhood, and had a gifted high school athlete son. They passed two cars with their lights off in a downtown Los Angeles type neighborhood. After dark, flashing your lights back, makes you their mark. That allegedly is part of gang initiation. A newbie then has to randomly kill the occupant of that car to get made into the gang.

Have you seen the movie, "Good Fellas," about traditional Mafia and, "Getting Made", meaning becoming a, "Made Man," a full member of the Mafia with special rank and privileges?

Well, cops have their own Mafia.

They have their own sub-Mafia called state registered confidential informants. The Cop Mafia is about profit, power, intimidation, terrorizing the citizenry, collecting protection money, taking property from the rightful owners, eliminating other gang and legitimate business competition, elimination of rivals of their bosses, beating people up, official kidnapping and indefinite detention without hearings, torture, rape, prostitution, fencing stolen goods, illegal gambling, sports betting, loan sharking, manufacturing narcotics, poisons, testing experimental lethal and torture weapons, White Sexual Slavery, and Murder-for-Hire.

To be made into the Cop Mob, a recruit need only make a blantantly false police report on an innocent citizen. Cops routinely commit perjury on the stand, armed, in uniform, to help rig juries to railroad innocent citizens to prison. [more of post with links and video]


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