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Police Using Gangs for Warfare on the People?

Family Guy, Peter Griffin image was found here.

What I used to find very hard to believe, has been confirmed by people who have been involved as police officers, in the court system, criminal figures, informants, and "important business people". All have given me enough information that I see a pattern.

Maybe as much as 99% of all crime activity is under the radar of police in any given town. Why would they not go after criminals in initial stages of committing crimes? Well, if police did their jobs of protecting and serving the people they would be out of a job. Lawyers would not make so much money they can have multiple vacation homes and sports cars. Judges would not be getting their covert cut. It is a revenue collection system, a scam, organized crime.

The Town Hall Mafia, police, lawyers, judges, and important business people make money by Crime Farming. Always have a fresh crop to harvest.

State Registered Police Confidential Informants can be used for revenue collection and property confiscation. They can be used for retaliation. They can be used to help overweight, sometimes married, middle-aged White Police Officers, dates, acts, and use of underage and of age attractive women. Police trolling on MySpace and Facebook to find attractive females to stalk is not uncommon. Young, in shape, mostly Caucasian officers can also get dibs on daughters, girlfriends of others, sisters, wives, and mothers with use of their informants. Any civilian who gets in the way of police sex, retaliation, and for profit ventures can be toasted, meaning beaten up, arrested, raped, tortured, imprisoned, and or murdered.

[US Marine charged with being stabbed 13 times after having made a State of Connecticut police misconduct complaint, felon police informant who stabbed him not violated on probation]

The story of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, "Kenny G." goes as follows: Kenny staggers into a bar, he bums a drink off a few people. Someone on his left asks him where he can get crack cocaine. Kenny points to the guy to his right and staggers out of the bar. Okay, question, who of these three people are going to get time in prison? Well the police informant did not get time, the cocaine dealer made a deal, and Kenny got charged with all the crimes of the drug dealer including conspiracy and accessory before and after the fact. So penniless, drink for free, Kenny is more of a threat to society than the drug dealer. You paid over $75/day in tax dollars for Kenny to sit in prison for over a year. He is now a felon and now if he wants to work he probably can't find a decent job.

To get an idea of how the system works, do you want to know how the CIA, FBI, Mossad, the Jewish Mafia, police, [lawyers], Town Hall, and the courts can be involved in their own common racket of squeezing others out of business and getting a stranglehold on assets, cash, and property? [Click here for story of Rich the Fixer]

Peter Griffin, not the cartoon character, allegedly owned a country line dancing bar, the Cadillac Ranch in Southington, Connecticut. His father, the previous owner, retired at about the same time the official in the liquor commission who was being bribed also retired. Peter then did not know who to bribe to be allowed to be in business.

So, as the story goes, Peter was ripe for the plucking, to be set up. So a police informant was sent in. Cocaine was sold at the bar, and either willingly, or as a patsy, Peter played the part of Kenny G. 3 arrests on a location means your property or business can mean that your property can be seized under the nuisance statute. The arrests not even need stick or be valid, just 3 arrests. That is a pretty slick way of stealing property from the rightful owners. Only friends and family of officials and organized crime can have key businesses and property.

The charges were dropped against the cocaine dealer and the buyer, but not Peter Griffin. Peter had a choice of doing at least 9 years in prison, of take a deal of 18 months. Peter can't vote, is not allowed to be in the bar business, and was taken away from his wife and children. You paid taxes for this. It is beyond the $75/day you lost in wasted tax dollars. Peter was economically ruined as probably was his credit and ability to consume and pay taxes. You pay taxes to ruin and imprison others who pay taxes. That makes sense, right? [Background information, click here]

Before 9/11, police officers could read your emails, listen in on your phone calls, and follow you around all paid for with your tax dollars. These "officers" might have just wanted to have sex, target you for arrests, target you for property loss, fines, having to get a lawyer, and for prison. Some racket they have going on there, right?

"Protect and Serve" means each other, not you. Now Connecticut State Police Colonel [Thomas "The Duck" Davoren], told me, "My number one job is to protect the integrity of the system."

If you want to see me in a video talk about why I write like this, [click here].

As offensive as it is to some of you, I posted a video by Dr. David Duke. I listen to propaganda on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, etc., so I view and consider other sources, and just because I post it, does not mean that I agree with anyone on all of their points, or even one, just that I found what they have to say interesting for debate.

The Irish, Italian, and Jewish Mafia have merged with Big Business, the Ku Klux Klan, international bankers, corporate pirates, and officials in government.

If someone important says, "So and so, is a pain in the butt," or similar, that person is to be somehow toasted, arrested, beaten up, raped, robbed, terrorized, tortured, kidnapped, stabbed, and/or murdered. Was anything offered in exchange for the other to act as part of the conspiracy to inflict harm on the individual on the secret target list? Can anything be proven? Those who do favors in official circles get favors back. The exchange and profit system can not be easily proven.

Please do check out links in this post. Please consider almost any town hall in America is run as described below. I don't think it is a Jewish Problem, I think it is an out of control international bankster and corporate pirate problem, not any ethic specific problem.

Note: I, Steven G. Erickson, do not support the views of David Duke. How secret government works behind closed doors is broken down in its simplest forms. It is too bad a good educational tool is authored by Dr. David Duke.

An open mind is a very dangerous thing in a closed society. Free Speech is about discussing all sides of an issue. Hearing an inflammatory side of an issue, and considering its sources, hidden merits and lies, gives one the knowledge to research and find a legitimate, and educated response to the uneducated peanut galleries.

The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 2, 2012
Due to organized efforts to stifle free speech and ban my videos --

YouTube restrictions have led to removal of all comments on this video! My videos are overwhelmingly approved by millions of viewers, and they average higher than 90 percent positive comments and comprise some of the highest rated political videos on the entire Internet. Viewers love these videos! But, the Zionists don't !

The Zionist efforts to block my videos are relentless. They want to keep the world from learning the truth.

The only way you can be sure to find my videos if they are censored is to not only subscribe to my YouTube Channel -- but be sure to SUBSCRIBE at MY WEBSITE as well. Subscribe to News and Updates at:

By subscribing on my website, even if my channel or videos are censored or removed -- you can still receive notices of links where you and your friends can see my videos

If the Zionists are successful in banning my channel, then all YouTube subscribers are inaccessible to me -- so you can only be informed about my videos if you are SUBSCRIBED AT MY OWN WEBSITE.

Thank you for your efforts for free speech and your efforts to ensure your Right and Right of everyone to see my political videos and read my articles!

Without your support and efforts my vital work could well be silenced.


Dr. David Duke
This documentary defends Italians from a vicious and hypocritical Zionist-dominated media constantly associates Italians and Italian culture with organized crime when actually Italians have been a tiny fraction of the worldwide underworld of White slavery, drugs, loan-sharking, protection rackets, murder for hire, money-laundering and other kinds of criminal activity. The World Champions of organized crime for hundreds of years have been not Italians but Jews and they have constituted the leading criminal element in many nations all over the world. But Jewish extremism and tribalism in the mass media has covered up their own role in organized crime while at the same time exaggerating the Italian role in it. It is typical of the Zionists to point the finger at other people for their own evils. This is true even in the United States. The Jewish-dominated media has covered up the paramount Jewish role in organized crime while it has worked overtime to slander Italians and now "Russians" with the ethnic association of organized crime. This documentary lays out the undeniable facts. The biggest gangster of the 20th century was not the Italian Al Capone, it was the very Jewish, and very Zionist Meyer Lansky. The most horrific crime organization of the 2oth Century was Murder, Inc. an overwhelming Jewish organization. And the quote, "Russian" Mafia is neither Russian nor Mafia, it is run by Jewish mobsters from Russia and Eastern Europe. This video will show how the Zionist media manipulates us and reveals their ultimate hypocrisy and the great threat of a worldwide network of Jewish organized crime aided by their incredible influence in media and government.

* * * *
* * * *

Lawyers are a major problem in the US. If they are for the other side, and they charge you for defending you, how is that justice?

[click here] for (scroll down for my complaints against Connecticut police officers):

Monday, December 11, 2006

Letter Complaining to CT Atty Gen about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

Attn. Attorney General and/or staff:

Subject: Docket # CR01-0074672,
Rockville Court, Connecticut, 20 Park St.

I would like to complain about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff of
99 Stafford Road, Rt. 30
Ellington, CT 06029
Phone: 860-872-1024 - Fax: 860-871-1015, Email:

Agranoff has flatly refused to ever have shown me my legal file and will not give me a copy. He charged me in excess of $17,000 to defend me against the charges of breach of peace and assault 3rd after I was attacked on my properties that I had fixed up from a boarded up condition, 3 and 5 Church St. Stafford Springs. I had contacted Connecticut State Senator Tony Guglielmo after each time Brian Caldwell either attacked me or tried to attack me, 7 times or more. Police also allegedly offered Peter Coukos, a crack cocaine user and alcoholic help in getting a gun permit in exchange to harass me and my daughter out of Connecticut. Coukos allegedly continually slammed an African American woman's car repeatedly while drunk, in rolling road rage incidents in Massachusetts that happened over miles of public roads.

Please require Attorney Agranoff to send me my legal file as required by law. Please have Agranoff punished for not filing a reason to automatically appeal my case or for not appealing my case. I believe Agranoff has questionable billing and filing practices.

I believe Agranoff only did interviews to pad his bill for hours, not do any work in actually defending me. Agranoff refused to follow my instructions, call needed witnesses, and tried to dismiss our only witness to my being stalked and attacked to be called, then to badger her and try to discredit her on the stand. He allowed a worker for the police to become jury foreman against my wishes. That alone shows Agranoff acted as an additional prosecutor, not a defense attorney.

A videotape of how to find me guilty, but nothing about innocence or reasonable doubt was played to the jury. The resulting false conviction against me should be thrown out on that.

Agranoff refused to go to the diagram at the trial to show that the only witness against me, a tenant I was evicting claimed she saw me being attacked from her apartment. She would have had to see through a house so therefore was lying. Judge Jonathan Kaplan allegedly told Agranoff that he could not defend me or challenge police testimony. Kaplan refused to let me speak in my behalf, so I had no defense.

I would also like Attorney Agranoff investigated for botching the sale paperwork for my selling of 18 School St., Somersville, Connecticut. He did not take the sewer bills out of my name and forgot about a the $5000 deposit check owed me. Please look into Agranoff for evidence of gross incompetence and into revoking Michael H. Agranoff's law license. Please forward my accusations to the proper authorities as I would like Agranoff arrested and prosecuted.

I believe Agranoff aided the prosecution to either pay back a favor for being able to get away with having an improper relationship with a young female client. I believe that former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Attorney Michael H. Agranoff, and Connecticut State Troopers Amaral and Langlois acted illegally in collusion to rig my trial to prevent me from suing the police for violating my civil rights, to prevent me from speaking out about police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct in newspapers, and/or to prevent me from proposing legislation to elected officials such as Civilian Oversight of Police and eliminating Judicial Immunity for prosecutors and judges.

My attacker, Brian Caldwell, admitted demanding money while threatening to kill me on the stand, under oath. Why was a felon given immunity to maliciously prosecute me for "overreacting to being beaten during a robbery attempt in my dark driveway?

Please review my trial transcripts for fraud of the court. Please help expunge my record. There has been recent newspaper stories regarding rampant, across the board police and judicial misconduct. Please obtain a copy of my legal file held by Agranoff's office if one even ever existed.

Please see that justice is done.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson [source, with complaint against police officers]

[My current telephone number is found here, scroll down]

I was trying to have Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan removed for years for bad behavior in civil court cases before he heard my criminal case where I was attacked on my property, telling me "You are guilty, and you are going to prison!" before the trial began. How fair is that? Kaplan is okay with child molesters who rape children not getting prison, but get mugged on your own property, get prison.

Listen to what passes for a judge in America:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chris Kennedy exposes Connecticut Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan's judicial misconduct

Judges can be malicious, knowingly cause harm, break laws, and be comfortable that they will never suffer financially, nor criminally, for their evil deeds. One judge may have decided whether all of a state's Habeas Corpus petitions could be filed, and then decided, himself, on their cases. The State of Connecticut is already well known for its police brutality and judicial misconduct. Maybe 70%, on average, of wealth is lost by couples in family courts.

Christopher Kennedy on Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan at official Connecticut Judiciary Committee Hearing:

Text with video:

More video from the Feb. 17, 2010, Connecticut Judiciary Committee hearing:

[more from source]

The above represents the circus of lawyers who are legislators who give even the worst judges a free pass. 


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