Saturday, December 15, 2012

TSA to Stage Mass Killings with Dump Trucks?

Image of a dangerous vehicle was found here.

It a private meeting in Toronto, Canada, some of the most major bankers and corporations owners met for a week long planning session. Armed guards kept members of all media out and away from the private golf course. Details of what is to be unleashed is described below.

Billions more can be made in profits if all US individuals, the self-employed, and small businesses are not allowed to have dump trucks and large commercial vehicles of their own. Heads from the TSA and DHS also attended the meeting and were offered $781,000,000 in additional black operation funds if some sort of events can be staged using vehicles larger than cars, to enrage the public into banning individuals from owning trucks. The agenda can be accomplished and important people will be tasked for an organized covert assault.

If there have been 61 deaths due to "Mass Shootings" in the last 30 years, to randomly kill 100 or more innocent people  using trucks would be a good number. Picking a loner who plays video games that promote hitting civilians on roads will be the patsy chosen to be the poster child for banning trucks. A player who plays the games for four, or more, hours a day for more than 3 days in a row, will meet the criteria for selection. The game's back door reporting system will require the game be online.

A large daycare center is the preferred target to get the highest drive by run over of children. If the patsy is unwilling a special agent wearing a mask and bullet proof vest can be used as the driver, to then have the patsy strategically placed.

New drugs delivered anally aren't detectable and it only takes five and a half hours with new techniques to set up the lucky loner and the drugs used now offer permanent results of confusion and the appearance of being mentally ill.

"Mr Drone War," who recently won re-election, who is not happy unless the body count is less than 1000 men, women, and children in the 8 countries now illegally being bombed by drones, wants a larger number than a meager 100 dead children in a month. Cruelty tests for pain are being conducted for new laser and x-ray burst weapons now on drones has not enraged the public at all, so why not bait and switch just in case?

Mr. Drone War has asked for special eye drops to make fake crying more believable at press conferences ready in his pocket after the truck mass killings are set up to occur.

I made up all of the above. None of it true.

Are Americans as massively stupid as our international banker and corporate pirate owners think we are?

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