Monday, December 31, 2012

Use Cocaine get Connecticut Gun Permit?

Crack cocaine smoking pipe with torch photo was found here.

Would a man who smokes crack cocaine, uses psychotropic drugs, who admits being bi-polar and who is interested in sleeping with 6 year old girls, or boys, be given help by Connecticut State Police in obtaining a gun permit for committing crimes and terrorizing the public for them?

Solve crimes, there is less need for police and their big budgets.

Farm crime and police can grow in numbers and power.

Tax dollars are allegedly used so police informants can buy drugs. Informants can either keep half the drugs or half the buy money for their services. If those in the middle are used for revenue collection and property confiscation, crime can be farmed like a crop, year after year.

Keep the public in terror and never solve the crime problem, make money hand over fist.

Processing home and business owners through the system means lawyers make money. Lawyers are legislators legislating so they make more money. Police, the courts, and the government are all part of the revenue collection system. Organized crime and the system are one in the same.

Text with video:

Would police offer property and a gun permit to a bi-polar, crack cocaine smoking, known sociopath who also takes psychotropic drugs if he is willing to commit crimes for police? The answer is yes, and his initials are P.C., in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I wrote the Connecticut Governor [this letter today], and check post for his name. Sleep with prostitutes, want to sleep with little boys and girls, and be a crazy drug user and police prefer you to those who pay taxes, raise families, and who have small businesses.

I believe the Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook Schoolyard shooting stinks, as if the Connecticut State Police and Paul Vance are involved it about lying and a cover up. If Connecticut State Police will go after and threaten a Supreme Court Justice for complaining about shoddy, fraudulent police investigations and manufactured evidence, anything is possible if no corrections to [this behavior] has been executed.

Should police offer gun permits to those who commit crimes for them? Should police have their own criminals gangs and be Mafia at your tax dollar expense? [Cop Mafia] post also has pictures, video, and a picture of my former wife that an overweight police officer who lived with his mother slammed me into my house because he was infatuated with her. She showed him no interest.

Should Americans be disarmed so police can commit more crimes? Should Obama as UN Security Council Head take all guns from Americans because his International Banker and Corporate Pirate masters told him to?

P.C. leaves a message for my then 14 year old daughter. [audio].

After I had already been arrested once for being attacked on my property and P.C. threatened to make a false police report regarding a gun and his trying to extort $30,000 not to help police railroad me to prison, PC was punching me in the back of the head, telling me he wanted my then 14 year old daughter to get on her knees and perform oral sex on him. I took the punches to the back of my head and back as to not get arrested again for being attacked on my own property. I thought if I fought back in my own backyard that I would never see my daughter again and spend the rest of my life in prison if I turned around. I got prison based on Connecticut State Police perjury and my daughter will probably never talk to me again for having been to prison.

So, let international criminals take away American's right to bear arms and let's see how that works out for you.


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