Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Use NDAA and NCIC on gun owners!

The above image was found here.

Use NDAA and NCIC on gun owners! The FBI and Police, nationally, use the National Crime Information Center. There is more than a rumor that gun owners will be put on the NCIC list.

The NDAA means that gun owners can be whisked off in the middle of the night, their children taken away, and dealt within in private for being gun owners which the government run by international banksters and corporate pirates consider dangerous criminals. Let real stories of torture leak out and the dirty gun owners might just willingly give up all their guns and apologize to humanity. We all should be like France and pay up to 80% in taxes and then claim we are better than everyone else anyway.

Loading the NCIC database could be given a priority of order so the most efficient use of drones to use 50 caliber machine gun bullets, mini missiles, bombs, lazers, and or x-ray burst weapons shot from drones could really eradicate the scourge of the gun owners. Killing up to 200 innocent men, women, and children per strike is okay. If there is ground penetrating radar that can find artifacts from space 50' underground in Egyptian sand, why not concentrate the radiation on one house at a time where there are guns inside? Citizens can fry, sizzle, and pop right inside their houses, and the houses will still be useful when the goo is cleaned up. Citizens, let's think outside the box and really step in line for our greatest government and leader ever.


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