Thursday, January 31, 2013

African & African American responsible for Killing White Kids?

Image of US Attorney General Eric Holder and UN Official and international bankster spokesperson, Barack Obama was [found here].

I have heard the figure of 400 people at least who are dead because of the ATF "Fast and Furious" program to get guns into the hands of Mexican Drug Gangs to commit murders. Part of the NDAA is that elected officials are able to lie to Americans, not just officially kidnap, indefinitely detain, torture, and kill anyone on the international bankers enemies list. It is a crime to not report a felony. Does Obama and Holder report crimes or do they commit crimes? Both are accessories to murders, are guilty of obstruction of justice, racketeering, treason, war, and other crimes.

Why don't we ask for the impeachment of Obama and prosecution of the Bopsie Twins? 

If the pair will use tax dollars to kill, commit crimes, and to make their banker masters rich, what aren't they capable of? So, does Obama hate Black People? The question should be, "Does Obama hate people?"

If Obama's mother was a maid, or something else for the Geitners or other bankers, and possibly did tricks for the CIA, is Obama a CIA trick kid?

Are Obama and Holder guilty of killing more people of color than in the history of lynching? 

Ordering the [killing of a bunch of White Kids in Connecticut] might be a no-brainer to obtain a promised objective. Promising China, the UN, and bankers the end of the Second Amendment, what better bang for the buck could be had?

Has China been promised energy rights, oil drilling rights, natural gas rights, national parks, and conversation land as collateral? Have they been promised use of these US lands by the UN run Obama administration in the mean time?

Is the take-over of America the real reason for the coming gun confiscation, military checkpoints, and armed occupation of America? 

Is the mainstream international banker and corporate media trying to skew opinion. Are voices being silenced on the internet? Are those who are informing others doing so at risk to their lives?

There are military helicopters firing machine guns firing blanks to [simulate military takeover of US cities].

Have the Central Bankers sold off all the US gold reserves? If so, do taxpayers have to give more trillions to cover the gold the bankers stole after we already paid trillions for their stimulus of bonuses and big paydays? Are we collectively that weak and stupid?

Do international bankers have us under armed occupation? What is their next move?

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Connecticut US Senator Richard Blumenthal is talking about having background checks for Americans to buy ammunition. Why wasn't an investigation done into Blumenthal getting former law partners millions in no-bid contracts when he was the Attorney General of Connecticut? Why are the biggest lying scumbags voting on policy for their crime victims?

[click here] for a picture of Blumenthal out getting his toenails painted.

[click here] for a video of Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman's picture being pissed on over his support of the NDAA.


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