Wednesday, January 16, 2013

After the Gun Ban, Embedded GPS Tax by the Mile

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The grocery list of what international bankers want is to be implemented. Banning most free speech and the questioning of police orders and government policy, can result in arrest and detention. Most taxes are being tasked for policing and military so a new revenue stream is needed.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has been a long time advocate for chipping license plates to tax all motorists, motor cycles, scooters, and possibly even bicycles to tax all Americans by the mile. [link] Taxes on fuel isn't enough to fix the roads and bridges if other taxes are for policing and military. 250% more can be collected from all Americans with a tax by the mile program. It will be another way of keeping track of all Americans and others in the US. It is another way to restrict movement.

Those who bought hybrids and high gas mileage cars are not going to save money like they thought.

Obama says he defers to the UN and they tell him what to do. So, we will soon be under UN restrictions. The UN is a front for international bankers and corporation owners.

Homes are to be searched. Citizens will be frisked at checkpoints. Forced vaccinations will be something we will have to get used to when authorities show up unannounced. Labor camps have already been planned for how they will operate. Welcome to the North American Union comrade. You are not a citizen, you are a resident. 

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Deval Patrick wants to end America for Americans

Having a GPS device as a license plate decal would mean being taxed by the mile, fined for parking at will, and stalker police would be able to get away with even more in the current US Police State. When is America going to wake up?

GPS and Gas Tax -- Good and Bad Ideas from the State of Massachusetts

(Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is proposing both a GPS driving tax and a gas tax.)



Blogger Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

There are already RFID tags that are well nigh indestructible in your tires. These things that look like cameras with no lens are the RFID readers on the side of the road and mounted on street light frames/poles. Just drive down the street and look for them. You will also see street lamps on the highway with antennae sticking out of the top of them. I'm not sure what those do. Maybe they tell the highway dept. when they have a blown bulb, maybe more.

They can also already track you by your cell phone and by facial recognition software.

I can see where, if someone is driving along and doesn't have the GPS chip, the RFID readers and cameras will pick up their vehicle's data and then fine them. (or the cops will pull them over). To resist it would be tantamount to federal tax evasion.

However, one might think how gangs might attempt to circumvent this. They could steal people's cars or plates, manufacture their own tires without RFID's in them, wear rubber masks or hide under a blanket while riding in a car, hack the chip and mess with the odometer, use only "grandfathered" antique cars, or some combination of these things.

It all boils down to a calculus of how much can the guys in power stay in control. If a collapse stays orderly, they will be able to starve people into submission. If a war breaks out, there might be sufficient chaos to stop the creeping tyranny, but then we'll have other bigger problems, and whoever wins that war will probably resume the squeeze.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 1:42:00 PM  

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