Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Block Police State EMP Attacks on Electronics, harddrives, and digital cameras

The above image was found here.

I have had so many desktop and laptop computers fry after I became vocal about Connecticut State Police brutality, Judicial Misconduct, and [public corruption].

An old microwave oven might be a good "Faraday Cage" to shield your computer, external harddrives, phone, and video cameras. The mesh can block an EMT. Test it by putting your cellphone inside the microwave. Can you call that phone inside the microwave oven. It is best to unplug the microwave oven. It might be best to use one no longer of other use. Cut the plug off but leave enough of the wire to ground to pipes.

When I was attached at a Wales, Massachusetts, horse farm, at the same time a friend was attacked at his house in Ellington Connecticut and at the same time the freespeech.com servers were attacked in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I had been very vocal online about Connecticut State Police misconduct. And the other locations were connected to that back in 2005 and 2006. I believe cops were testing their new toys, and who better than "Stevie Boy"?

Inside the house, all computers fried, as did microwave ovens (their electronics aren't protected), television, furnace electronics and items. Surge protectors did not save any items.

I have lost over $10,000 in electronics since about the year 2000 so police can be quite destructive buggers, [dangerous idiots too].

Check out what James Corbett of the Corbett Report has to say about EMP attacks, and preventing damage, [here]


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