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Connecticut State Police Sandyhook Hoax?

[November 20, 2013, update to this post, click here]

A picture of a Bushmaster AR-15 Assault Rifle, that was allegedly found in the trunk of a car at the Sandyhook Newtown Connecticut Schoolyard mass shooting Connecticut State Police alleged hoax scene, image [found here].

Connecticut State Police Sandyhook Hoax? The below was placed in Vermont US Congressman Peter Welch's, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senator Patrick Leahy's web contact form as text, January 25, 2013:

Will you notify other legislators about serious flaws in going after all Americans guns using any information obtained from the Connecticut State Police? There was a 168 page report done on the State Police. They were such a danger to themselves and to the public, the force was put on probation. Their internal affairs was shut down and when officers were abusing each other, putting rat traps in each others' mailboxes, uttering death threats etc, New York Internal Affairs was then supposed to investigate. [The Connecticut State Police 100 Club is a club] celebrating false arrests and perjury for drunk driving arrests with a taxpayer paid golf outing. It is my belief that the Connecticut State Police use tax dollars to traffic in illegal narcotics, to run police informant gangs to commit crimes, terrorize the public, and to use tricks to confiscate property, assets, and cash. If Connecticut State Police commit perjury, file false police reports, and manufacture evidence, should anything coming out of Sandyhook Newtown Connecticut regarding them be trusted?

If an "assault" weapon was not used in the Sandyhook hoax and was in the trunk of a car, why are elected officials looking to ban this weapon? If Obama was given a billion or so dollars, and if a good portion came through UN or international bank or corporate sources, did Obama agree to use a black ops to end the 2nd Amendment? Should Obama and Eric Holder be prosecuted as accessories to murders for allowing the "Fast and Furious" ATF program to get guns to Mexican drug gangs to commit murders? Will you inform other elected officials of this letter to you? Please word search Steven G. Erickson

168 page report on the Connecticut State Police pdf:

Want to know [more]? Is Barack Obama involved in the Sandyhook Hoax somehow? Is US Attorney Eric Holder somehow involved too?

James Corbett or the Corbett Report interviews Professor James Tracy of the Florida Atlantic University about the Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook Schoolyard shooting hoax [click here]


Was US Attorney, then Connecticut State Police Commissioner, then Connecticut Judge, John A. Danaher III, complicit in the 2001 Anthrax Hoax with Tomas Foral who was in possession of a large quantity of military grade Anthrax, a weapon of mass destruction, in the middle of the Anthrax scare in 2001? Danaher helped Foral erase his criminal record, get no report probation, and on this his life. What the F!!!??? [more on this story]


Steven G. Erickson's video uploads and writing can be [found here]

Would you like to know where to report to your local US Homeland Security FEMA camp fusion center? [Locations and information, click here]

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A Past Clip where Obama Waffles on Indefinite Detention, the NDAA

Text with video:

Pre-CRIMES, preventive incarceration, preventive detention, INDEFINITE INCARCERATION.
Fema Camps.

"Obama FEMA Camps, NDAA, to gun control. "Constitutional Lawyer". OBVIOUSLY this is an old clip..but I thought I better make a note for the newbies. The content relates to current events; including "gun control" ..and that old "HISTORY" Iron Mountain Report"

* * * *

Did the website, "Bad Cop News" get booted off the internet because too many Connecticut cops were exposed for wrong doing?

[click here] for:

Assault, Rape, and Murder isn't prosecuted as crimes if you are a cop



[click here] for:

Do you want to score drugs?

Lt. William White (Photo: New Haven Register)Well, Connecticut cops might have the strongest drugs at the best prices. Want to score "jail bait"? Again you might want to ask a Connecticut Police Officer. There are a greater percentage of good officers, why are they so often silent?


Are Connecticut Police too busy hanging out with drug dealers and enjoying sex acts with prostitutes to answer 911 calls?:

[Steven G. Erickson's posts and video uploads, click here]

If Connecticut can arrest a US Marine returning home for being stabbed 13 times for creating a disturbance what does that say? He faced 6 months for that "offense". The felon on probation who stabbed him and two other people was not violated on probation, nor was charged, for attempting to murder 3 people. What does that say? [post]

The current Connecticut Governor's son was in trouble repeatedly for drugs and other crimes. He then was part of an armed robbery and home invasion. He wasn't violated on probation and received no prison time, what doe that say? [scroll down in post]

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Charlton Heston - Political Correctness And Common Sense

Text with video:

Political Correctness..something the Leftest have an over abundance of. Common Sense...Something the Leftest are totally void of.

This is one of the most AWESOME speech's Charlton Heston ever made IMHO...and he made plenty of them.

In a speech at Brandeis University, Charlton Heston spoke about gun policies, political correctness, and the necessity to always challenge authority.

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This is how scumbags in the Connecticut State Police and Connecticut Court System operate:

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Was Adam Lanza dead a day before the Sandyhook Hoax? The below is cut and pasted from

Date on Social Security Death Record for Adam Lanza Is December 13, 2012, One Day Before the Sandy Hook Massacre

January 29th, 2013 The main Sandy Hook thread is here. pulls the data directly from the Social Security Administration:
Adam P. Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Adam P. Lanza
State of Issue: New Hampshire
Date of Birth: Wednesday April 22, 1992
Date of Death: Thursday December 13, 2012
Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 21 days
Confirmation: Proven
Adam Lanza Death Record
Adam Lanza Death Record

* * * *

[click here] for:

Calling BS on this one, Is Obama Culpable?


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