Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Criminal Obama Criminalizing the US Constitution

I found the image to go with this post [here].

On September 10,2001, hearings were being held on the 2.3 trillion dollars the Pentagon could not account for. We all know what happened the next day. If international bankers have stolen over $100,000 from each of us, no matter where we live in the world, would you still want a robber prosecuted for robbing $100,000 out of your bank account even if the criminal stole your money on the same day as 3 buildings fell to the ground in New York City due to fire?

Do you remember the Oklahoma Federal Building blowing up? Have you heard about the officials who talked about charges being planted inside the building and finding unexploded charges in the building committing suicide or dying mysteriously? I suggest that you go to [this 46 minute podcast] on the Corbett Report. James Corbett does his research and considers the facts. There are a number of posts on the [Corbett Report] and I suggest you go there and word search "Oklahoma City". Is the Oklahoma City body a mass murder of 168 people? Is it a Black Op not yet officially exposed? Would officials involved prosecute themselves?

An equally inspiring wake up the public podcast is [this one]. It is about Bill and Hillary being major cocaine traffickers who have no problem ordering the killing of those who know too much. That includes teens who saw large drug deliveries at an Arkansas railroad station. What is the Clinton machine's body count?

An Obama false flag terror event might resemble Bill Clinton's. There is a difference how Democrats and Republicans spring their false flag, manipulate the public's basic emotions media circus reporting. When a desired outcome is achieved with little effort and cost, obtaining the maximum results, of course elitists manipulating government will let it fly no matter how ridiculous the plan.

If Obama does not ask where the missing 2.3 trillion plus in unaccounted for, looted US taxpayer funds, is he obstructing justice by covering up for the culprits?

What would happen to a person who printed out a [copy of this picture showing Barack Obama as a UN terminator holding a shotgun], setting inside a toilet, eating Mexican food and drinking a 6 pack of beer the night before, and spraying crap on the sheet of paper, then spraying some barbecue starter fluid on the paper in the toilet, lighting it on fire, and then simulating a burial at sea by flushing the toilet?

What would happen to the video uploader of a video called, "O'Drama Drone Bombing Parody"?

- [Steven G. Erickson]

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If Obama promised his international banker and UN owners that he would confiscate all guns held by commoners in America, would he order a black op and kill children such as in the Sandyhook Newtown Connecticut Schoolyard shooting hoax? If Obama has ordered the drone bombing of children in at least 8 countries, why should he shed any tears for just 20 children just because the murders happened in the US? Did Obama and US Attorney General know about, or allow, the program where millions of taxpayer dollars were used for the "Fast and Furious" program where guns where bought from legal gun dealers to smuggle to Mexican drug gangs to commit murders to eliminate the 2nd Amendment? If Obama and Eric Holder are accessories to murder using US tax dollars to remove the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, shouldn't they be prosecuted for conspiracy, obstruction of justice, terrorism, accessories to murder, treason, and other crimes?


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