Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Disarm the American Dumpster Divers

I found the above photo in the comments section of this Paul Craig Roberts' article.

I placed the above photo in a comments section of a Rob Kall piece up on the main board. The text was kept, but the picture was taken out, censored.

There is talk that Alex Jones should have his First Amendment Rights and his platform ended. Anyone who is posting positive on the Second Amendment or who questions the Connecticut State Police official version of what happened at the Sandyhook Schoolyard Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, can have their content removed, their accounts suspended, and can even face arrest internationally to be prosecuted in Connecticut by the Connecticut State Police and in global elitist rigged court system. Many are talking about Facebook accounts being suspended for being pro 2nd Amendment.

I posted the Piers Morgan and Alex Jones video of his appearance [here on] and [here on this blog]. Opednews censors took the photo that I had posted with it and took it off the board to block from view. Viewers are still finding it and it is one of the top 10 most viewed posts as of my posting this text.

Are the most vocal supporters of the 2nd Amendment dying mysteriously, or being murdered? [post]

I posted a story about the TSA using dump trucks to stage mass killings in the US. [This Post] was hidden from view on and it remained as top ten post for days, even over a week, even though it was hidden from view just minutes, or an hours, or so after I posted it.

[This post] was a top ten on Opednews for over two weeks and is still going strong. It is about US Sovereignty being signed away.

A list of what Steven G. Erickson has written on is [found here].

Billionaires do want to disarm us and dissolve the borders.

New York Governor Cuomo has fired one of the first major salvos to end the American 2nd Amendment. Billionaire and media mogul Michael Bloomberg is also out to end the US Constitution. [story]

Judges are helping international organized crime steal inheritances and homes. They take a piece for themselves too.

I wrote to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy. [Text found here]

If [Alex Jones] or the [Drudge Report] goes down and in no longer for the public to view, then you should be very worried.

* * * *

The below was found on

Iowa Legislator Wants Semi Auto Weapons Confiscated

January 9th, 2013 Via: Daily Times Herald:
State Rep. Dan Muhlbauer, D-Manilla, says Iowa lawmakers should ban semi-automatic guns and “start taking them” from owners who refuse to surrender any illegal firearms through a buy-back program.

In an interview, a fiery Muhlbauer said it is time to act with “radical changes” on gun laws and other issues to protect schoolchildren from shooting sprees like the one last week in Newtown, Conn.

“We cannot have big guns out here as far as the big guns that are out here, the semi-automatics and all of them,” Muhlbauer said. “We can’t have those running around out here. Those are not hunting weapons.”

He added, “We should ban those in Iowa.”

Muhlbauer, who did not list the specific weapons he wants outlawed in The Daily Times Herald interview, said he would like to see the ban implemented in a retroactive fashion.

“Even if you have them, I think we need to start taking them,” Muhlbauer said. “We can’t have those out there. Because if they’re out there they’re just going to get circulated around to the wrong people. Those guns should not be in the public’s hands. There are just too many guns.”

Secret Government Documents Reveal Vaccines to be a Total Hoax

January 9th, 2013 Via: Natural News:

Through several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, Dr. Tomljenovic was able to obtain transcripts of private meetings that were held between the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), a so-called “independent expert advisory committee” that makes recommendations to the government about vaccine policy, and various British health ministers over the years. And after poring through this plethora of information, which had previously been veiled from public view, Dr. Tomljenovic made some disturbing discoveries.

“[T]he JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization) made continuous efforts to withhold critical data on severe adverse reactions and contraindications to vaccinations to both parents and health practitioners in order to reach overall vaccination rates which they deemed were necessary for ‘herd immunity,’ a concept which … does not rest on solid scientific evidence,” explains Dr. Tomljenovic in the introduction to her paper.

“Official documents obtained from the U.K. Department of Health (DH) and the JCVI reveal that the British health authorities have been engaging in such practice for the last 30 years, apparently for the sole purpose of protecting the national vaccination program.”

These are some strong accusations, but the information Dr. Tomljenovic gathered speaks for itself. Not only did the JCVI routinely ignore questions of safety as they came up with regards to the ever-expanding vaccination schedule, but the group actively censored unfavorable data that shed a “negative” light on vaccines in order to maintain the illusion that vaccines are safe and effective. 

Beyond this, the JCVI regularly lied to both the public and government authorities about vaccine safety in order to ensure that people continued to vaccinate their kids.


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