Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Does Piers Morgan hand Alex Jones his Ass?

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I just watched a youtube video where Alex Jones and Piers Morgan, CNN host, just squared off on gun control.

Alex Jones is known for just letting loose.

He did.

What if an average American farmer had to go against one of King George's best back in 1776 in a debate? How would the farmer do?

Piers Morgan might not be wanted and welcome in the UK. Why should we want him here in the US?

Bottom line, do you want soldiers and police in your home anytime, looking for anything, at their whim? If you don't want people in your house all hours without your permission, you support the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution. Your government's owners do not support the 4th Amendment to our US Constitution. They do not support the 1st. They make it obvious, they don't support the 2nd. Should outsiders tell us what to do?

The police state wants to delete your Facebook account if you disagree with their international corporate bankster agenda. If you disagree with censorship, you disagree with the dismantling of the US Constitution.

Do you want to pay to drone and to firebomb 8 countries, at least, and to fry children with your tax dollars?

Do you want to occupy all of Africa?

Do you want nothing for yourself, your children, and your future for what you pay in for taxes?

I know of many who wanted Alex Jones to win a debate with Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan gets small amounts of viewers as compared to Alex Jones radio listeners. Jones probably should not have legitimized the corporate mouthpiece by appearing on that show. Allegedly, getting over a hundred thousand people to sign a petition asking to deport Piers Morgan should have been enough.

Professionals know how to present a subject and then manipulate the public. That is the art of CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and the other international banker and corporate pirate media outlets.

Do you want your own community, choices, free speech, freedom, and your own sovereign nation? Do you want to say "no" to corporate tyranny?

Well, let's have an intact US Constitution and have solidarity.

When you are angry, it is okay to let loose like this on international government mouthpieces, as they deserve worse. I wish I had the guts to let loose on some of the tyrants and say what I want to say.

Alex Jones and Piers Morgan video should appear below. But you never know about youtube ...

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