Thursday, January 24, 2013

Free Speech is Dangerous on the Internet

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After I posted [this video] claiming that the #1 or #2 word search results for Connecticut State Police Brutality, Connecticut Judicial Misconduct, former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland etc the refering posts and all my content was pulled from, the Atlanta Georgia area webmester was allegedly threatened by the Connecticut State Police with losing his business and family. My computer and where I was staying had a power surge where the computer and everything electric fried in the house even if was connected to a surge protector. That happened a number of times to servers and to various residences not next to each other. The neighbors at those locations did not suffer the same power surges. So, if you post critical of police, the courts, or the government on the internet, will your computer and all electronics in your house fry?

After I broke up with a Connecticut State Police informant who I started dating and did not know she was an informant or that she was married. When I found out I broke up with her. She admitted being offered $10,000 to make me lose my daughter, rental properties, home, reputation, business, and voice in newspapers and the community by helping police set me up for a false arrest and 5 to 15 years in prison after Connecticut State Police Officers showed up to beat me up and plant evidence on me. Barbara Sattal told me that if I did not continue to date her, I would lose everything, my daughter, go to prison, and be kicked out of Connecticut. She left her husband for me. I did not take her offer to be protected from the State Police by continuing to date her and then was railroaded to prison. [that story with pictures]

I got a text eating virus from after [posting this, re-posted on my blog, not dangerous to your computer]

My friends are afraid to let me use their computers to blog or check my email. Friends are also afraid to use my computer to use their or blog accounts, fearing they too, will be banned and blocked.

Connecticut State Police media spokesperson, Paul Vance, seemed to threaten anyone in the world with arrest and prosecution if they question the official Connecticut State Police version of the Sandyhook Newtown Connecticut Schoolyard shooting on the internet, in video, or on Facebook. I called what the State Police version "a hoax" on and soon found myself banned.

I got this below email from Rob Kall's email from an address explaining why I was banned:


You have been banned from OpEdNews

You are banned from OpEdNews for either spamming comments
or posting or submitting an article or diary that is promotional spam
 -- or using your bio to post SEO links that are not appropriate
for a member. 

Your comments, content and/or bio have been deleted. Let your
colleagues know we are vigilant in banning spammers and deleting
their work. You waste your clients money posting to  OpEdNews
 and other populum sites. 

If you feel we have banned you in error, please reply to this message
with your explanation. Most likely, if your IP address indicates you are
from India, Pakistan, China or the Phillipines, an appeal will not work.
We will assume your are doing SEO work. 


The current Connecticut Governor is Dannel P. Malloy. [text of my letter to him]

Governor Malloy's son allegedly committed numerous drug and other crimes and was in trouble. He then was involved in a home invasion and an armed robbery. The governor's son received no jail time. I got jail time for being attacked on my own property and got prison with no previous record. Do you see some disparity of justice? Is it who you know when you are thrown into a State's Revenue Collection and Retaliation machine called a "Court System"?

So being banned from the internet altogether, being officially kidnapped, tortured, indefinitely detained under the NDAA and then quietly murdered and disposed of may not be that far fetched.

I might be a real rebel while I am still out in public by growing my own non-GMO food to eat healthier.

So, if you see your friends banned from the internet and people start disappearing, realize it is only a matter of time before they come for you, whether you are vocal on the internet, or not.

-stevengerickson AT

my thoughts on the Connecticut State Police [found here]

My posts and video uploads are [found here]


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