Saturday, January 12, 2013

Movies Pre-9/11 and Post 9/11 Excuses

Robert Downey Jr. being choked by Mike Tyson, as some in alternative lifestyles call a notable cinematic depiction of "Gay Bashing," photo and more is [found here]. The 1999 movie depiction occurred in the movie, "Black and White". What is now promoted, and what is now missing, is telling.

In the 1999 movie Robert Downey Jr plays a flamingly gay character who is married to documentary producer, Brooke Shields. Brooke Shields character's documentary project is to film rich Caucasian kids who talk like downtown African American ways of speaking and who adopt the Hip-Hop culture as their own.

An aspiring leader in the African American community with charisma, talent, and has potential to live the life that some only dream about has his life extinguished. A New York City Detective shoots pictures of the killer a minute after the murder and then gives the District Attorney the photos. The killer is not prosecuted. A rap star who is a slick criminal only gets richer. The detective was a criminal, a thief, and a liar who has tens of thousands of "buy money" with no explanation of where it came from.

Social problems for me were overshadowed by public corruption, police brutality, and judicial corruption. The system fueling civil unrest and the breakdown of society is well described in the 1999 film.

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Series was pulled from TruTv for having exposed the scam that is [FEMA Camp Fusion Centers], the TSA, and the DHS. I, myself, am wondering why trillions of US taxpayer dollars are being spent on 1000's of miles of underground roads to have a secret bunker network in the Ozarks for international bankers to launch a first strike against average Americans is questioned more than it is. [story]

AMC series [Rubicon] was cancelled. An international spy organization is embedded in the US, it is the real government. Citizens who are insiders and outsiders to the CIA-like organization are killed using stealth techniques. The terror is technology enhanced and goes beyond the worst nightmares of the KGB domination in the former USSR. Was the fiction too close to reality?

Would movies like "Blue Thunder", "The Siege", and "Enemy of the State", be made today? What we get now might be complete government propaganda glorifying torture as a useful tool. How many movies are being remade that are just mindless fluff? When the former Soviet Union was at its most harsh, movies were remade over and over, and the content of approved authors was just rehashing stories already told.

I question the new US censorship and squashing of freedoms in most of my posts. A list of what I have written can be [found here]. My video uploads to can be [found here].

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And now for some comic relief ... :

"Oldie"-Archie Bunker gives a eulogy-*ten minutes of your time, you have been warned.

Text with video:

Many outside the USA, and under the age of 40, may not know of this show or appreciate the certain kind of humor combined with lesson that this program offered.

Archie Bunker and his wife, Edith, comprised a popular sit-com TV show back in the 1970's. They made fun of political correctness (before it was so named), politics in general, religion, race and other hot topics of the time.

The clip is a bit over ten minutes long, but to have a full understanding of it, you really have to watch the whole thing.

How far have we come in 40 years?


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