Monday, January 07, 2013

Question CT State Police Sandy Hook Story, Get Arrested?

The above image was found here with post. I reported the Connecticut Governor, State Police Officers, a prosecutor, a judge, and a lawyer to the FBI for election rigging, lying, perjury, etc., asking that my claims to be investigated. I heard nothing from the FBI. I was then put on the secret police arrest on sight list for blogging critical of the Connecticut
Governor, nothing was said about any of the information that I posted being false.

I was listening to the James Corbett Report youtube video channel. I listened to an on air report from a Boston station. If that information is accurate the Connecticut State Police are out to prosecute internationally, anyone who questions their version of Sandy Hook Newtown, Connecticut, Schoolyard shooting. They are especially out to target internationally anyone posting on Facebook who questions their police statements and policing quality. Links to that story.

There have been two made for television movies made on shoddy Connecticut policing, and court rigging, just regarding one individual. I am talking about the Peter Riley fiasco.

When a Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Speziale questioned the criminal manufacture of evidence, perjury, lying, witness intimidation, and obstruction of justice regarding the Connecticut State Police. The state police went after the judge threatening him, allegedly with losing his business, his freedom, and his judgeship. If these goons can go after a state's top judge when they are breaking the law, I question their honesty in being able to investigate anything.

Justice Speziale image above.

Do a word search on Connecticut State Police murder suicide incidents and follow the links and stories.

White Connecticut State Police Officers will put non-white business owners out of business if they date White women. If you want information, email through this site. I have named names online from my release from prison when an officer who was also LT of the guards, Storrs CT prison, telling me I was kicked out of Connecticut and would spend the rest of my life in prison if I complained about officers from 2003. I have never stopped.

If I had it to over again, I would not have proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials. Steven Spellman told elected officials they were allowed to proceed with voting on Civilian Oversight of Police. Spellman also told legislators that the proposer of such legislation will be retaliated against. Meaning I would lose my property, my contracting business, my daughter, be followed around, spied, on and terrorized 24/7 until I was railroaded to prison after being attacked on my property by a police informant. Officers commit perjury and there is no investigation of this crime. I would consider changing my name and taking everything offline if I was compensated and my record is expunged. My letter to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy is found here.

I was told by another police informant in the late 1990's that if I did not date her, I would lose my daughter, my property, my business, and go to prison. Story and pictures are found here. The best post for links is this one.

The officers who I complained about are named here.

Calling 911 during the Sandy Hook shooting didn't save anyone and it won't after guns are taken away from law abiding citizens.

So, I Steven G. Erickson, am questioning the honesty of the Connecticut State Police Sandy Hook investigations because of the reasons stated above. Should I now be arrested outside, or inside, Connecticut for questioning the honesty of the Connecticut State Police?


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