Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Radack, Drake, and Binney - Whistle Blower Revolution

Image was found here. Sniper rifles can take out targets one at a time. Whistle blowers have the potential to take down an entire corrupt system without a shot being fired.

We the people should pay attention when insiders risk so much to do what is right.

It should not be illegal to blow the whistle on officials who are committing crimes. It should be illegal, and a prosecutable offense, to be an official committing crimes.

[This is what is being gotten away with on the state level]. Even more is being gotten away with on the Federal level. The UN, international bankers, and corporate pirates seem to be out to occupy the globe, have all out wars, to take all they can. and reduce the population as much as is possible.

The below is cut and pasted from here.

Whistleblowers Gather for Conference on Being Targeted by the Surveillance State

Activist Post

Whistleblowers are being targeted to an ever greater degree by each successive administration. With the recent 5-year extension of the FISA warrantless spying bill, just signed into law by Obama, whistleblowers will likely be subjected to even more suppression, harassment, and imprisonment.

Three of the most influential whistleblowers in recent years, Jesselyn Radack, Thomas Drake, and  William Binney gathered to speak at the four-day Chaos Communication Conference. Kevin Gosztola writing for Firedoglake offers some of the pivotal quotes at his blog entry on the event, which you can find here.

The coverage of the "dark side of personal data"-  and becoming enemies of the state - from three of the most knowledgeable voices in activism for whistleblower rights is a must-see in its entirety. These three panelists represent the highest level of courage, and offer key insights into what anyone is likely to face in an era where doing the right thing seems to be subject to criminal penalties.


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