Sunday, January 06, 2013

Siege Corporatism

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The international bankers and global corporate owners do not have to firebomb our houses to take us over. They have the US Government, police, courts, DHS, FDA, EPA TSA, FEMA, IRS, DCF, ATF, etc to do it. Rules are issued by agencies, not our elected officials. Corporations aren't people, they are foreign powers. We have been sold to foreign powers and they are here to occupy.

What is already happening, authorities are showing up to houses to force injections on you and children.

If you don't have EPA training for Lead Paint for $600, should you be fined $17,000 if you paint a room?

Should you be arrested if you use cash to buy a lawnmower from a neighbor at a yard sale in Louisiana? Should you get prison?

Should you get over a $100,000 fine and a year in jail in California if you wash your car in a driveway and the water and soap suds run into the street?

Expect authorities to just show up at your house like you are a drug dealer, all of us. They will inspect us to take away our children, our homes, and put us into the system or in prison to make quotas. We all know that authorities telling lies and just making crap up in forms is their art form.

We are all prisoners in the US. The guards are searching our bunks and lockers for contraband.

There is no longer going to be Free Speech. Kiss the 4th Amendment good bye as it no longer exists.

The goon squads in the US today are like former KGB in the USSR with unlimited technology.

Pretty much all the countries in world have a military base of occupation and a puppet government. The Europian Union was an international banker coup. Taxes are spent so bankers live well getting bonuses, for wars, and for our enslavement, not for us.

To have a job, driver's license, place to live, ability to travel, take public transportation, and to associate with other people, to not be tortured, and killed will be up to unknown DHS goons who now have absolute power over all of us. Everything we say, do, type, and everywhere we go is an electronic record 24/7.

US Department of Homeland Security is not representative government, so you have no representation for your taxation. Big Brother is the collective of international corporations. Enjoy.

PBS Frontline episode, "Top Secret America" is found here.

More of my writing on can be found on this list.

We are many. They are less than 1%. Why do we have to listen to their rules if they themselves follow none?


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