Friday, January 04, 2013

The Meteor Defense Shield?

Leaving the public in the dark is what important people do.

The above image was found here.

The technology for "MagLev" trains has been around for decades. Trains can ride on magnets that change their polarity in fractions of a second. There is no friction as nothing is touching and braking causes power generation. You do not see a lot of this type of technology trickling down to the general population.

The lead foam battery might be better, and safer, than the Lithium Ion Battery, and did the Big 3 US automakers squash this maker of batteries with a better, more efficient full size electric car in 1967 than are the small ones of today for Big Oil and bigger international corporate and banker profits?

If you can't see electricity, it must not really exist. So, why are you paying for that? I am trying to make a point.

We have WiFi and wireless everything.

What did Nikola Tesla envision in the late 1800's? The government classified all of his unpublished papers and raided his New York City hotel room upon his death. These papers are probably still unavailable to the public.

Leonardo Da Vinci may have conceived of the helicopter 500 years, or so, before one actually existed.

A nail can be made to spin in the center of a coil of wires. This principle is the electric motor.

A high school student in Western Massachusetts used polished rubies to exact specifications to utilize a certain wavelength of light and he designed his own laser weapon in about 1980. I used to have the plans. I saw it used as we were in the same chemistry class. He had cauterized type wounds on his legs for the mistake of experimenting, firing it inside the house at a mirror. The head of the Chess Club, a teacher at our high school, said the laser was probably capable of hitting the moon.

The nine volt battery inside many smoke detectors is capable of rendering an 800 lb gorilla helpless for minutes or even killing him. Capacitors in a taser weapon allow electricity to be stored and released with that intensity. Have you heard old school flashes for 35 mm cameras start to store electricity to then be ready to flash?

Scientists have been studying black matter, doing long math equations, studying molecular bonds and properties, have been experimenting with particle beams, microwaves, and lasers for decades.

Have you heard of HAARP? What would an array of antennas in rural Alaska with a power plant that can generate power for mulitple cities be used for?

What were the results of the Reagan Star Wars space weapons program? Weren't missiles shot out of the sky and in the upper atmosphere using satellite weapons? Aren't airplane pilots fried in their seats using these same weapons?

Satellites in space have unlimited access to massive amounts of free electricity. Satellites right themselves, are able to spin, and stop themselves from spinning without using rocket fuel or technology. Have you ever asked yourself how they are able to do that?

Is the Hubble Telescope not really just a telescope. All those lenses and curved mirrors can accept light, but look at the design. Massive collectors of electricity and there is just more to it. A telescope and be used to concentrate light or particle beams back out to even a pin prick.

Do we have the technology to atomize a 35 mile wide rock at great distance out in space? Can the molecular bonds of all the compounds and molecular structure be broken in a single pulse from a space weapon using tazer type technology? The rock that allegedly took out the dinosaurs was a mere 6 miles wide.

Could such a weapon take out the Pyramids in Egypt? Ground penetrating radar is finding lost cities and even small items buried deep in the sand.

Can an aircraft carrier, and all aircraft on board, be melted to molten metal while floating out on the ocean in split seconds?

Could the leaders and governments of all nations be subject to the orders and directions of a few small hands who control these weapons if they are in private hands? Could a few bankers who financed these projects hold everyone hostage? Could populations be wiped out surgically? Could buildings be left intact if neutrons are used?

If such a weapon does exist would it change the thinking of everyone on the globe?

Would there be different questions asked about 9/11?

Well all of the above is what some inquiring minds are talking about, but few would post such thoughts on the internet.

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