Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Two Pro-2nd Amendment voices on the Internet have been found dead.

This post was cut and pasted from here. Are pro-gun advocates being killed? Are Facebook accounts being deleted when there are pro-gun pictures, videos, or text is posted?

Two of the most influential and outspoken Pro-2nd Amendment voices on the Internet have been
found dead:

John Noveske, Founder of Noveske Rifleworks and,

Keith Ratliff, Manager of FPSRussia.

I am not a big on conspiracy theories but it is a bit strange with all the shit going on right now....

Here are the links to the stories.



John Noveske, of Noveske Rifleworks, has died. Oregon state police confirmed that the renown rifle maker passed away on Friday after driving off highway 260, crashing into boulders.
Noveske was not belted in and was ejected from the car, killing him.
Noveske Rifleworks posted this message on their Facebook page.
Noveske Rifleworks would ask you to remember the passing of our founder, John Noveske, who died Friday, January 4th 2013 in an automobile accident.
John planned for all eventualities, and wanted to ensure any changes would be as seamless as possible for our customers, dealers, suppliers, employees and friends. While this will be a trying time, we do not expect a change in the day to day operations of Noveske Rifleworks. We would like to thank you for your support as we deal with our loss, and would ask that instead of flowers, you consider a donation to a cause we will announce at later date.
John was more than just the founder of Noveske Rifleworks, he was a loving husband and father, and caring friend.
Our condolences to his family, friends and coworkers.
Photo credit Thunder Ranch.

Business partner of FPSRussia, the popular Youtuber known for getting his hands on the latest and greatest guns and gear, was found dead Thursday evening in Carnesville, Georgia.
Keith Ratliff
Keith Ratliff is from Frankfort, Kentucky.

Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas told local media that 32-year-old Keith Ratliff died of a single gunshot wound to the head and that his body had been sitting for some time before it was discovered.

Thomas said investigators also found several guns in the area where Ratliff’s body was found and authorities are treating the death as a homicide until the investigation proves otherwise.

According to the report by Lake Hartwell Radio, Ratliff’s body was transported to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab in Atlanta for an autopsy. The GBI is assisting local authorities in investigating the incident.

According to the business’s annual registration submitted to the state, Ratliff and Kyle Lamar Myers, aka FPSRussia, were both registered agents for the business FPS Industries Global LLC. The business was registered Jan. 9, 2012, but the massive Youtube channel, which has more than 500 million views and 1 million subscribers, has been around since August 2010.

Kitty Wandel, a manager and producer at FPS Industires, told Guns.com that Ratliff, besides being a partner in the company, is credited with finding hard-to-find weapons for the show, and, according to his LinkedIn profile, he did social media marketing, content production and internet consulting.
The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department has not revealed any new information since the the local report, however, unconfirmed rumors about Ratliff’s death are currently circulating online.

* * * *

Attention all Armed Criminals, you will soon not have to worry about getting shot robbing, raping, and murdering people. International bankers have told Obama to take away the 2nd Amendment ... so rob on dudes!

Let's not forget the Vampires dressed in Blue. [Click here for a post on the Cop Mafia].

Detroit Murder: Elderly Dollar Store Owner Shot On Detroit's West Side

Text with video:

DETROIT (WJBK) -- A store owner was badly beaten and then shot in the stomach Wednesday morning by a man police say was demanding money.

After the hold up at the Dollar Stores on West Warren, the victim stumbled across the street for help.

"It was around 9:45, ten o'clock, and he came in running, blood all over his face, and he was limping and he told he had been shot, if I could call the ambulance for him. Of course, that's what I did," I was told.

It's a violent neighborhood. No one would speak on camera, but the hero who called 911 said the victim was a man with a good heart, who opened the store to give back to the community. It seems had the thief just asked nicely, he probably could have gotten anything he wanted.

"Gives stuff for free. Not looking here to make any money, just occupied. He was bored. He's an older man. Something for him to do. It's sad that he has to go through something like this."

Police were already in the area responding to another call. The 68-year-old store owner was rushed to the hospital.

Most people wouldn't want to go through something like this along, but friends said this time it was a good thing.

"Thank God his wife wasn't with him. Usually him and his wife work together. Thank God he was here alone," I was told.


* * * *
* * * *

I posted the below text in comments of this Opednews.com post authored by Glenn Greenwald on the choice of John Brennan as CIA Chief:

I have never seen a better break down on why John Brennan is probably the best choice for a Police State's Czar as posted on the Kenny's Sideshow Blog.

The head of the CIA, with his signature, can covertly kill any American, or group of Americans, no hearing, no oversight, no reasons need be given. Taxpayers are spending billions whether they are in New York City, or not, to make the NYPD and the CIA a world policing, investigation, spying, and covert black operations force. So, if police are morphing with the CIA, courts are actually not needed. A part time cop, or a contract worker, or criminal who is a drug using informant can put anyone for any reason on that kidnap, torture, and kill list. Brennan is a good choice as anyone who is an official psychopath automatically gets Brennan's torture on demand signature.

International corporations and bankers have a cozy relationship with the CIA. International bankers wants Americans disarmed. So, anyone who is getting in the way can have a heart attack, get shot, disappear, die of the flu, get in a fatal one car accident, slip in the shower, or absorb chemicals off their steering wheel, toothbrush, get covertly radiated, or have Plutonium embedded in their toilet seat to meet an untimely end.

Corporations want borders erased for more power. They want Americans disarmed. They want the public terrorized and inconvenienced having their orifaces infected with sexually transmitted diseases and other infections on gloves not changed by TSA public gropers.

-Steven G. Erickson



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