Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Veterans are the canary in the cage

Image of World War I "bonus marchers" was found here.

The predessors to Occupy Wall St. in New York City may have been Occupy DC about 80 years ago. When veterans who were promised a bonus for defending our freedom with their bodies catching bullets and absorbing bombs, and then found themselves in makeshift wooden shacks outside the White House in Washington DC, regular US military came in and fought them and burned them out like they were just scum of the earth protesters. Veterans are the canary in the cage.

International bankers and Wall St. stole all they could then, and have stolen all they can now and again, veterans are being called terrorists and are being demonized before they are again to be attacked by those who first used, stole from, and then discarded.

We asked veterans to defend our freedom and US Constitution before. I talked to a vet of World War I about 40 years ago. He told me, "You will get older and you will see we have a government of lies."

US military is not tasked to uphold the US Constitution, it is tasked by international bankers to deny you your rights, your access to your government, and from obtaining any real value for the taxes you pay into offshore tyrants. 

Wall St. and international banks stole money set aside for veterans before. What was not nailed down was stolen. Well, history repeats itself, the international banks are stealing pensions and money that is for veterans and returning veterans who are not police or soldiers set up to squash the people are being labeled terrorists and put on lists.

When international bankers put out their propaganda 24/7 with flashing lights and drum beats a lot of you forget to look around, not just straight ahead at what your bosses want you to see.

When government has an all out effort to squash, disarm, and make silent, veterans, ask yourself, "How much have they stolen this time?" The answer is everything they could.

With youtube you never know if the video you intend to post will stick. The one above is supposed to be about veterans who were murdered and burned out of their makeshift houses as a US President just casually went to bed as fires raged outside his White House window.

My LiveLeak.com video uploads can be [found here].

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I ask Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy if Crack Cocaine smoking police informants who break laws for police should be issued pistol permits so they can carry guns. [Text here]


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