Thursday, January 03, 2013

What are millions of radio listeners hearing?

What information is correct? Should you be allowed to read or hear anti-UN messages?

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If someone is getting millions of people to tune in daily, what is said should be considered for how it is being digested by these people.

Alex Jones is a documentary producer, radio shock jock, and gets other viewers on youtube.

Water filters, long lasting packaged food, gold, prepper books, and other items are hocked on broadcasts, as part of his youtube videos and on his websites. If the government takeover is a hoax, or not, money can be made. How much is hype, how much is truth?

What is being said?

Well, if there is to be a North American Union where we in the US are the "NU" and are parceled in with Mexico and Canada, super highways being built will be toll roads. One is allegedly being built by Spain and they have the right to collect tolls for 50 years. So, those who own us are selling our roads and rails, so roads we paid for our now going to cost us money to use as they have been sold to foreigners if what is being said on the Alex Jones network is true.

To be part of the NU all Americans must be disarmed.

The NU might have been in the works for over 50 years.

Mostly Chinese products would come into Mexico by container ship. Mexican truck drivers would deliver goods to hubs like in Kansas City over super international highways, where that area could be considered Mexican sovereign territory until we are the NU.

The world government of bankers and corporation owners would dictate what world taxes are and what the rule are through the UN.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has often proposed that all drivers have their license plates GPS chipped so drivers could be taxed by the mile and whenever they travel or park. AJ says that officers are now being chipped to be part of Federal UN Police. Officers' speech, location, and audio of those they speak to is to be recorded 24/7. The chips are supposedly installed in teeth of recruits.

If citizens are chipped they can be charged for wherever they are or do. Electronic fences of where citizens are allowed to go, and not go, are a keystroke away. Recognition locks on buildings and homes would be activated by the chips. Alarms would sound if you are in a restricted area based on your allowed areas and violation of your boundaries.

It takes years to plan to takeover a country.

A friend of mine, a former Hartford, Connecticut, Narcotics Detective, now deceased was in the US Coast Guard Reserve and was on the ground floor of the set up of The Department of Homeland Security, DHS.

Homeland Security was planned pre-9/11 to disarm America.

The prison system is a model for how to process citizens.

Initially, when the transition is to take place from your being an American to being a resident of the NU section of the UN will involve being processed.

When there are troops, possibly foreign, and federalized UN police on the streets blocking all travel, all communication will be under government control. Citizens will be told to wait where they are to be processed. Children will most likely have just started their school day, so families will be separated at the time of the lock down.

All citizens will have to be brought to holding centers. Injections and vaccinations will be administered as if inmates are going through the prison system. Who is to know what is in these forced injections. Getting rid of any unwanted persons or populations could be initiated in the holding process. Those who resist can be killed wherever they resist. It might not make sense to own a gun if your are going to be put into the system as being a criminal for just having a gun and then face detention or death for not turning in firearms, stored food, and precious metals.

All conversations, emails, texts, internet use, and other history has already been cataloged and recorded. Your threat level has already been decided. Your face passing in front of any CCTV camera on the system is all is needed to identify you for your final destination. Anywhere you drive, your plate is already scanned and you are identified.

Police departments who are not part of the federal program are to be disarmed and processed. These departments are not now receiving the billions of bullets that American taxpayers paid for to arm UN forces. State Governments, courts, and infrastructure will all be UN federalized.

The 1983 movie, "Blue Thunder", was a warning about the dangers of armed military aircraft being used for policing.

The 1998 movie, "The Siege", was a warning of what was planned and did fail, pre-9/11. Manufactured events can be used to launch operations already preplanned.

There is going to be a designed economic collapse. What happened in Spain, Greece, and other countries when the currency is devalued is a model of what is going to happen in the US. Disarming citizens first will make it easier to preempt any civil unrest before it can get off the ground, or is designed to occur.

Training and plans for what to do with body, dead or alive, has already taken place. Police allegedly went to all gun ranges in the US and got keys and alarm codes to all facilities before the Sandy Hook Newtown, Connecticut, schoolyard shooting. A list of all members and users was made. All Fish and Game centers have allegedly been visited before the latest mass shooting.

So, if millions of people are getting the "enlightenment" above, should what is being said by AJ be considered for the facts, dismissed, investigated, or debated point by point? Should AJ be one of the Americans whose Free Speech is to be denied under our new system of world government?  Should be shut down if editors are not part of the UN program?

A list of my writing on can be [found here].

The UN would like us all chipped. We can be taken out and located in real time. Have explosive charges or lethal drugs in with the chip and we can be taken out in keystrokes. Wouldn't that be nice for our owners?

Will Smith in the movie, "Enemy of the State"


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