Monday, February 04, 2013

Connecticut State Police don't care about Armed Drug Dealers

Connecticut State Police goon squad image found here.

Word search "The Connecticut State Police 100 Club" not in quotes. They celebrate false arrests for DUI, lying, false reports, and perjury with golf outings paid for with tax dollars. Officers who arrest more than 100, a good percentage completely innocent, so citizens lose their jobs, vehicles, homes, and intact families. 

Connecticut State Police officers were putting rat traps in each others' mailboxes, threatening each other with death, abusing the public, and lying in reports so their internal affairs division was shut down. New York State took over when Connecticut was put on probation. Word search "168 page report Connecticut State Police" not in quotes.

Or, [click here] and click and follow links and videos.

If Connecticut State Police will not go after armed heroin and crack cocaine dealers, but will go after honest citizens, what does that say. When aren't lying scumbags not lying and being scumbags?

I name the armed drug dealers [here].

Peter J. Coukos is known for smoking crack cocaine, sleeping with prostitutes, harassing underage girls (and maybe boys too) for sex, being an alcoholic, prescription drug abuser, and police informant. Connecticut State Police allegedly gave him dibs on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties on Church St., help in getting a gun permit, and immunity from prosecution for sexually harassing my then 14 year old daughter, threatening my life, assaulting me, and terrorizing me out of Connecticut. Peter's voicemail message threatening to kill my daughter. [click here].


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