Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Dropping a Deuce on Pic of Odrama (video) posted on internet?

Could someone be so upset with the Odrama Drone Bombing, that he, or she, would drop a deuce on a picture of Odrama and then post the video on the internet? Check out at about 5:50 in below video. Would it be even more dramatic if the deuce was set on fire? Would somebody do such a thing and then [say this] is the excuse?

Steven G. Erickson's uploaded videos and posts on can be [found here]

Text with below video:

The joke really is on you.

[Gwenyth Todd]

Odrama Drone Bombing Parody

* * * *

The below paragraph tell how US Policing and the US court system "works".

A 19 year old US Marine coming home saw a man being beaten up at a Colchester, Connecticut, McDonald's hamburger restaurant. That man was being beaten up for making a police misconduct complaint because he saw the same officers beating up a teen for wearing baggy pants. Police officers publicly offered $10,000 cash for an informant to kill each who made a police brutality complaint. One of the informants got cold feet and went to the media after taking cash to kill citizens from police. It was on network news. The officers were never charged with a crime. A second police informant, stabbed US Marine Stephen Murzin 13 times, and stabbed two others. The felon was not violated on probation. Murzin was arrested when he woke up in the hospital with 13 stab wounds and was handcuffed to his gurney. He faced 6 months in prison for having caused a disturbance for being stabbed. Makes sense, right. [video and more information]

There was allegedly a Connecticut State Police and FBI program to rid Connecticut of as many African American and Hispanic residents as was possible from Connecticut. The hope was that they would either be in Connecticut prisons or go to New York, Massachusetts or another state. Around about 1995 former Connecticut State Police Commissioner and Judge Arthur L. Spada, and former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland allegedly talked about making policies to rid Connecticut of African Americans and Hispanics. A lot of their efforts succeeded. Police would break up families, ruin minority businesses, make homeowners lose their homes, and leader were set up for beatings, being railroaded to prison, or to be murdered. The plan seems to have gone national after 9/11.

Anyone who is not considered part of the elite network, no matter what race, can now be a target. If you are not organized crime or affiliated with police, the court system, government, bankers, and the corporate pirates, you are to be treated like only minorities used to be.


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