Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gun Confiscation and the Myth of Police Protecting and Serving

Image of Austin, Texas, police in action [found here].

I considered becoming a police officer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I didn't do it because I did not want to tell lies, steal, ruin lives, put the self-employed and small business owners out of business, harm and break up families, break into homes to steal guns from legal gun owners, and help put completely innocent people in jail. So, they did it to me in retaliation. Police commit perjury, break up your family, make you lose your home, railroad you to prison, and then laugh in your face.

White male Connecticut State Police Troopers first try to get laid, second collect revenue, 3rd figure out ways to confiscate property. Dial 911 and you get arrogant, threatening, lazy, hostile, and abusive voices on the other end. Police can refuse to enforce the law or help. You could be arrested for needing help, the crime never investigated. Sometime police didn't come. Report a family member dead, or an accident and maybe you would be mocked and ridiculed. Roll call was about collecting money, confiscating assets and cash, and retaliating against anyone on the [secret police arrest on sight enemies list]. 

If more Americans knew [about this], they would want to disarm the police.

Police protect and hang out with prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals, thieves, organized crime, and other vermin. Police recruit criminals to be part of their cop gangs. Police encourage criminals to beat up, stab, and even shoot citizens. [This case is all too common].

Police went into homes in Louisiana and targeted people who were easy to beat up and steal property from. Police beat citizens up and took their guns. There was no 911 to dial, there was no police protection and service. Police were not protecting citizens from rapists, robbers, looters, and other criminals they were harassing the community's bread and butter. The disarmed citizens were then vulnerable.

Courts are the rubber stamp on abuse. Judges know someone and owe favors to sit on the bench. They rig cases. Cases are decided before they are held. So, if you are wronged by the police or the government, the King's court is not going to help you. Judges and lawyers will steal your inheritance, slap a gag order on you, threaten you with prison for the rest of your life if you tell on them, or send Mafia goons to beat you up or kill you.

The real world, events that actually happened are talked about below by the actual witness. Those who say police won't be kicking in doors of homes systematically, block by block, beating people, taking their guns, gold, stored food, and raping women upon the opportunity happened before in America. It could now happen nationwide.

During the LA Riots police were not going after street criminals who were looting and burning houses and businesses, beating innocent people. Police instead disarmed mostly Korean American shop owners, took their firearms, arrested them, hoping these business people would get jail terms. Where is justice in America? Where is the supposed US Constitutional protection? 

See police confiscate guns from Americans

They thought it could never happen....BUT IT DID. - See more at:


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