Monday, February 04, 2013

Int. Corporate Bi-polar treatment of China

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International bankers and corporation owners have hijacked the government from the people of America. Parts and parcels are being sold behind our backs. There might be no gold held in the Federal Reserve System and in Fort Knox if the Central Bankers have figured a way to steal it and sell it. These international organized criminals expect Americans to hold the bag and pay off all their debts while we suffer and they sun on some island.

These international bankers have borrowed all sorts of money from China. They say we the people of America now owe China this money back. These corporate whores such as on MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN are critical of China. Who is really the villain here?

Has China done anything to harm Americans, or have the ass hats who are called US elected officials been the ones to most harm Americans in America? Who pulls their strings?

China could step up and be the hero. What if they championed human rights and called the international bankers and corporate pirates out on their crimes? I believe in a free fair market economy not corporate organized crime.

Who is torturing people? It is the US Government.

Who is ripping off people all over the world? It is the US Government.

Who is supporting kidnapping, raping, indefinitely detaining, sterilizing populations, and committing genocide? It is the US Government.

I would feel safer in China as an American than an being in American in America. [This is why]

I don't intend on turning in my US citizenship. I just want to know where I can be free and American at the same time. I don't want to be just a resident of the North American Union, which is the Mexican, US, and Canadian territory of the United Nations world government. 

What is Agenda 21? If you don't know, word search it.

The UN is about killing Black People. Yes, there are leaders of color in the UN. They are sell outs. Obama is a sell out. The UN is about international banker tyranny.

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Is the New York Times a trusted news source? It may have been ...

New York Times Hacked by China, Chinese Subtitled

Text with video:

This New York Times video chronicles the attack.

(N.B. Chinese subtitle added by @awfan and @wlyeung to the liveleak video originally at )

Also:The New York Times piece
about the hacking attack that hit the paper from China is so
radioactive there that CNN was blocked in the country when it reported
on the story.

CNN International's Hala Gorani was doing an interview about the piece,
which reported that the Times had been targeted by hackers for four
months in the wake of its exposes on Wen Jiabao, the Chinese prime

According to Gorani, all six minutes of her interview could not be seen.

CNN has been blocked in China before; in May, an Anderson Cooper report on a blind dissident was repeatedly censored.

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