Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Obama makes Free Speech a Felony, 1 Year in Prison

photos rendered from videos shot by Steven G. Erickson. [source]

I recall reading a newspaper story where a protester in the former USSR said something bad about the leader and got four months in prison. So, if you say something bad about Obama, the government, another official, or say something any official does not like, and if it can be said the US Secret Service was either there, or aware, should you be arrested, charged with a felony, go to prison, and then suffer the rest of your life?

I have been pictured in front of the White House. What if I went there right now and held up a sign "Obama is a lying douchebag crapping on the US Constitution", would that be a felony? Should I then be barred from voting, working with children, and banned from travel? Should DHS US Homeland Security decide if you are allowed to have a driver's license and/or a job? 

How much can a UN and Central Banker owned scumbag puppet US President rape the US Constitution in the ass and continue to get away with it? Does a US President, his US Attorney General, and others in his circle have "Executive Immunity" for breaking laws at will and then not even having to show up at a hearing to answer for crimes? Then, if an election is rigged, the "Leader" would then be immune from prosecution once in. Anything would go. Can that leader then stay in power, and if you ask questions be jailed or murdered?

I am really sick of [crap like this] at the hands of the police state.

Does ANY of the US Constitution apply?

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Obama makes Free Speech a Felony!

[Direct link] to video.


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