Monday, February 18, 2013

Obie Juan K N O B's Door to Door Gun Confiscation Plan

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Obama's House to House Gun Confiscation?

If US President Barack Obama is implicated in the ploy to have a chemical attack on Syria to blame the Syrian government to have an air and ground war with Syria and then Iran, isn't that against the law and isn't it treason. If Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder were okay with the ATF "Fast and Furious" program to use US taxpayer dollars to cause 10's of thousands of murders getting guns into the Mexican drug gang hands, isn't that a crime? Would a pair of criminals who know they would not get punished for stealing your tax dollars and using them for Central Banker and UN use [an order kids shot at the Sandyhook School in Newtown, Connecticut]?

Well word search here, or on, for "All Wars are Bankers' Wars". The Central Banker and UN takeover of everything of value and all land is explained. They use ink and paper to steal everything and that still isn't good enough for them. [post]

Steven G. Erickson's contact information, video, and pictures [here]

Town and State Police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, wanted me to join their goon squad to illegally confiscate guns from legal gun owners, identify leaders in the community who were not for the police state, to set up the self-employed, small business, and homeowners for property loss, family breakup, arrests, and to be railroaded to prison if they were not police, town hall, or organized crime affiliated back in the 1990's. At that time all phone calls and internet activity was being trolled by police. At that time surveillance cameras and microphones were being strung up illegally prior to 9/11. Homeland Security, the World Government UN Police State, Agenda 21, and gun confiscation was planned illegally pre-9/11.Obama is a UN, World Government, Central Bank puppet.

I did not agree to lie, submit false reports, commit perjury, and beat people up for police. So they told me I'd lose my daughter, my family, my home, my contracting business built over 20 years, my rental properties I spent 100's of thousands of dollars fixing up from a boarded up condition, be arrested, imprisoned, or even take my last ride in the trunk of a police car in handcuffs with my teeth kicked out if I informed others. I can't shut up to save my life and they have already broke up my family, made me lose my home and business, and I was put in prison for resisting being beaten up by a police informant who jumped me in my dark driveway. He had a knife, I had pepper spray. I got prison. You paid tax dollars for that.

Word search, "Meet the Clintons" and "Oklahoma City" here:


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