Monday, February 11, 2013

Pied Pipers of Death, 12 Banks

Banks literally fund the goons who are set up to beat our heads in.

The Federal Reserve is a cabal of 12 banks. These Central Banks can tell the US Senate and Congress, "None of your business what we do."

These banks funded Hitler and his rise to power. That is smart, right?

These bankers have stolen all they can and their house of cards is going to fall. In order to not suffer, bankers need to disarm us, turn us against each other, and they need to detain and kill as many of as they can get to cooperate.

12 banks of death

Text with video:

A Nobel Laureate tells us chase out the moneylenders, Named and Shamed the 12 giant banks which feed on death, and ‘hundreds’ who should join Madoff in the slammer.
Seek truth from facts with Nobel prizewinner Ed Prescott, Sen. Bernie Sanders, the world’s top crisis economist Steve Keen, legendary investor Jim Rogers, bailout investigator Randall Wray, The Untold History of the United States co-author Peter Kuznick, and Rep. Ron Paul.


NDAA, Obama sells out US

Text with video:

Has Obama sold out all Americans to China, international bankers, and organized crime? The NDAA means that the courts are just ceremonial, no checks and balances. Anyone anywhere can be [put on a list] by any "high official" which may not even be US, and could even be some banker in a backroom. So, anyone can be covertly officially kidnapped, raped, robbed, indefinitely detained, and murdered.

Abby Martin, Breaking the Set RT America episode source for "Exclusive NDAA coverage: Urgent call to action!" [link]

Text from source:

"Abby Martin takes an in-depth look at the lawsuit against the National
Defense Authorization Act’s indefinite detention clause, starting with a
short look at just how many people actually know about it. Abby then
talks to one of the plaintiffs spearheading the lawsuit, Tangerine
Bolen, about how the suit came to be and why the corporate media has not
picked up the story, Abby also talks to former whistleblower Jesselyn
Radack about the extent and reach of the NDAA as it applies to
journalists, activists and whistleblowers. BTS wraps up with an
interview with journalist, author and lead plaintiff in the case against
indefinite detention Chris Hedges about the historical precedent the
NDAA lawsuit sets and why every American should care."

What better Messiah to have for African Americans than Barack Obama? If the international bankers want to nullify the Black and Hispanic voting block, what better way than to install an Obama? Obama could be partially responsible for one of the biggest cullings in history, the biggest genocide ever of Africans, African Americans, and Hispanics worldwide.

The Oklahoma City bombing was most likely planned, executed, and carried out by the FBI and the ATF. The ATF was going to have its budget slashed, then came that bombing. They [got away with this], so the officials who are organized crime just kept on bombing, shooting, and killing to terrorize us into making the US Constitution null and void.

Hal Turner was paid US taxpayer dollars to put a White Supremist Hate Message over the Radio. This was to cause division and a race war. The FBI was allegedly responsible for the plan, finding the bombers, and supplying the bombs to attempt to blow up the World Trade Centers the first time in 1993. One tower was supposed to topple into the other. The FBI is a bunch of F ups so they needed more help the next time in 2001. No one asks about the missing trillions the Pentagon can't account for now. If the WTC was not blown up, the Clintons, the Bushes, Rumsfeld, bankers, and others would have probably faced trials and prison.

US Presidents have been druglords since Ronald Reagan. Word search Iran Contra. The CIA was flying in cocaine and heroin to make international bankers rich, to fund black ops, assassinations, and the takeover of legitimate governments to install puppets. Bill and Hillary Clinton are cocaine smugglers and had anyone who got in their way killed. [story and video]

The CIA went to John F. Kennedy about sending in teams to blow up buildings using airplanes, to shoot up and bomb schools and buses to kill children to blame the Cubans for a ground war. Kennedy told the CIA "no" and how did that work out for him?

Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder allowed, or ordered the ATF program "Fast and Furious" to use US taxpayer dollars to get guns into the hands of Mexican Drug Gangs to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. So, would you put it past the pair to order children to be shot at the [Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook schoolyard]? The Gulf of Tonkin incident was completely bogus and that was the excuse to fight the Vietnam War. The "War" was really about CIA heroin trafficking and making international bankers and corporation owners richer.

So, why do I post videos like this one? This is why:

Pre-9/11, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, was one of the test cities. Microphones and surveillance cameras were strung up everywhere. Internet use and telephone calls were trolled by police. Connecticut State Police were recruiting citizen operatives to be part of their drug gangs, informant gang, and to help with gun confiscation, property seizure, revenue collection, and going after non-Mafia affiliated self-employed and small business owners.

I imagine having a little argument with your spouse sitting at the dinner table and then having a police officer mock you the next day in your exact words, also making reference to the subjects of your phone calls and emails. Stafford Springs CT Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska was infatuated with my wife so was apparently listening to all our calls, reading our emails, and had our house bugged. I was suspected of no crimes, nor had committed any. [picture of my wife]

I tried to inform others and contacted elected officials. The Connecticut State Police allegedly contacted my father for help in taking me down and were threatening me with loss of my daughter, my home, my contracting business, my rental properties which I fixed up from a boarded up condition, being beaten up by police, being jailed indefinitely (pre-9/11), or taking my last ride minus my teeth in the truck of a police cruiser. [more]

So, if police would offer a crack cocaine addict Peter J. Coukos help in getting a gun permit and dibs on my rental properties, they would perpetrate the Sandyhook Hoax. [Crackhead police informant who got my properties and a gun permit for sexually harassing and threatening my then 14 year old daughter's life, named here]

Word search Steven G. Erickson

Ritt Goldstein at about the same time, also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police AND contacted elected officials about the truth. Ritt fled the State of Connecticut fearing more police brutality after making [this video]. He sought political asylum in Sweden.

[Check out more videos on my channel]


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