Friday, February 22, 2013

Sexual Predator Police and Domestic Spying

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If your phone or email gets hacked after you spout off about government public corruption, judicial misconduct, police brutality, organized crime, the UN, Central Banks, the Federal Reserve, or the Corporate Aristocracy, you will be discredited, maybe beaten up, maybe jailed, and maybe killed where it is called suicide or natural causes such as a heart attack or the flu. Getting in the way of police, judge's, or prosecutor's sexual escapades, on the side profiting, stealing the assets and property of the rightful owners, racketeering, heroin and cocaine trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, fencing stolen goods, obstruction of justice, contributing to the delinquency of minors, sexual slavery, and other malfeasance that insiders have going on, can also get you put on the domestic spying enemies secret police arrest on sight target list. [Example]

My emails and phone have been recently hacked. So, if there is a threat, or anything suspicious posted on my blogs or is sent by email, it probably was not sent or authored by me. It might be a way to further discredit me. I am working on a documentary and independent film to expose what I know. The deadline for submission is April 30. I think I have struck some nerves ... my canary in the cage is Alex Jones of, if he dies mysteriously, is taken off the air, or is imprisoned, I either preceded him in my demise, or am on the list to be taken care of and I haven't been got to yet. I am small potatoes and in no way on any level with Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, [James Corbett], and others, but ... I recognize patterns and the writing is already on the wall.

Pre-9/11 mostly White male cops could troll your phone calls, emails, internet use, your medical and financial records phishing. They were looking at finding underage sex slaves, other sexual opportunities, and other ways to make money off the books.

I found out the hard way that there was a program pre-9/11 to ruin any self-employed and small business owners who were not Mafia connected. That meant, fining, property and asset confiscation, unreasonable and predatory code enforcement, breaking up families, arrests, and imprisoning people out of financial independence. Citizens who are looking to become police officers and criminals who the police use, as informants, were asked to help confiscate guns from legal gun owners pre-9/11. That meant lying, or even breaking into homes to steal the guns. Surveillance cameras and microphones were also being strung up everywhere for illegal domestic spying pre-9/11 in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

A pizza parlor owner in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, was having White woman up in his apartment above his store. The owner was not white. I heard young, White, horny, Connecticut State Police Officers talking about "cutting off his junk", ruining his business, and sending him to Rockville, Connecticut, "where minority pieces of shit belong!" The white officers feel they have dibs on all attractive underage girls, single women, other's girlfriends and wives.

Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Constable (Police Officer) "Fat Frank" Prochaska, took notice of my wife after I help co-found the Stafford Springs Connecticut Crime Watch. He told me that I would be arrested if I spoke at the meetings, if I contacted elected officials, newspapers, and if I did not leave Connecticut, and my wife could stay. He would hang out in front of my house, follow me around, threaten me, and mock me about whatever I said over phone calls and emailed over the internet. This was pre-9/11. I was told by police that if I did not shut my big mouth and leave town without my wife, I would take my last ride in handcuffs in a police cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out.

Fat Frank walked up on my property, and started slamming me against my house after having told me the previous day that he was better for my wife than me. He seemed retarded, spoke like an idiot, seemed bathing challenged, and lived with his mother. Even if my then wife, a former European lingerie model, was single she'd have no interest in Dufus the Douchebag Cop.

His threats started involving the Connecticut State Police. You paid tax dollars for cruisers in pairs to follow me around and to and from work. Fat Frank and Connecticut State Police told me that I did not own the house I was current on my mortgage payments on and that if I continued to spout off in newspapers and to elected officials that I would be arrested and imprisoned. Other officers said I did not own anything and was "just the current occupant". It was on lies and perjury of Connecticut police officers, mostly scumbag Connecticut State Troopers, and their higher ups, the contributed to my divorce, me being permanently estranged from my daughter, my losing my contracting business built up for 2 decades, my retirement, credit, rental properties that I spent 100's of thousands of dollars and years fixing up losing the sum total of my life's work and efforts. [Picture of my wife, my contact information, and more of the story]

Connecticut State Police and Fat Frank Prochaska offered Peter J. Coukos, a bi-polar, crack smoking alcholic, who offered money to sleep with underage girls and boys, and who slept with prostitutes, was offered help by police to get a gun permit to carry concealed pistols and dibs on property for sexually harassing my daughter, threatening her life, making false statements against me, and for assaulting me on my property, breaking in my home, destroying my property, slandering me, and in getting others to aid police in their retaliation of me. [Peter J. Coukos audio]

How do the CIA, the Israeli Mossad, the FBI, organized crime, the Jewish Mafia, state and federal officials, heroin and cocaine traffickers, criminals, prostitutes, town hall, town police, State Police, and riggers of the court system all intersect? Well, here's an example: [Rich the Fixer post]

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My uploaded videos on []

Why You Really Don't Own Anything

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Do the international bankers and corporations run everything through NATO and the UN? Is the Federal Reserve System a scam? Have the Central Bankers looted all the gold supposedly held in the Federal Reserve and in Fort Knox? If they stole it, do all Americans owe the money to whose gold it really is? Do Americans have to be disarmed to pay back what the bankers stole? Is China going to occupy the collateral on the loans taken out by the Central Banks, by taking Obama's alleged offer to allow China to occupy all ports, drill for oil in the US, get the natural gas, coal and value in America? Will China and the UN occupy America to collect on loans that Americans did not agree to accept? Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook schoolyard shooting is a hoax. Connecticut State Police do nothing when parents and homeowners report drug dealers who carry illegal guns. Surveillance cameras and gunshot microphones were strung up in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, illegally before 9/11. Police were out to lie to take guns before 9/11. They were taking inventory of who had what. They were looking for hot girls and to make money selling heroin and cocaine. Connecticut State Police will give a crack cocaine addict help in getting a gun permit and a man's home if he sexually harasses a man's 14 year old daughter and terrorizes the man out of his home and out of the state. [Example]

[So Sandyhook is a Hoax]

The Connecticut State Police lie, commit perjury, and just make crap up. Word search "The 100 Club Connecticut State Police" not in quotes. Police celebrate 100 drunk driving arrests for each cop with a taxpayer paid gold outing. So, police celebrate parents losing their homes, jobs, and families through lies. Word search, "Connecticut State Police 168 page report" without quotes. Connecticut State Police were putting rat traps in each others mail boxes, threatening to kill each other, abusing each other, putting public safety in danger, filing bogus reports, manufacturing evidence, so their Internal Affairs was shut down and the Connecticut State Police were put on probation. The New York State Police were Connecticut's probation officer. So, do you believe the crap that the Connecticut State Police made up about Sandyhook?


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