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Judge's signature, all that is needed to take your kids?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Obama 'Ethics Panel' allows Anthrax Vaccines testing on Babies!

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It's time to start using American babies as guinea pigs to test a
bioweapons anthrax vaccine, concludes a presidential "ethics panel."
(Yes, the word "ethics" is not a typo.) Presumably, these will be black
babies, as the history of U.S. government medical experiments on
American citizens seems to always end up targeting blacks (see below).


The purpose of these medical experiments on U.S. black babies is, of
course, to get FDA approval for a "pediatric anthrax vaccine." Never
mind the fact that the risk of being exposed to anthrax is practically
zero. Is anybody dying from anthrax these days? Are children coming home
from school after "catching anthrax" from their friends? Nope.

Anthrax is a non-issue in America. No child needs an anthrax vaccine.
This is all one big push by the corrupt government working in collusion
with the criminal vaccine industry to use human babies as guinea pigs so
that the vaccine industry can sell tens of millions of doses of this
vaccine to the government under the guise of "homeland security."

While Big Pharma's medical scientists are no doubt drooling over the
prospect of getting a presidential thumbs up for using human babies as
live guinea pigs, not everybody is happy about this decision. "[People]
...say the children would be guinea pigs in a study that would never
help them and might harm them," reports Reuters.

* * * *

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Obamacare is getting people fired and wrecking the economy

I sell constructions services.

I was at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut for a meeting and seminars for our industry. I was the only non-owner to get an award at one of our closed to the public meetings. I sold the largest job for a certain product in New England last year. I did not gamble even one quarter. After the open bar was closed and as was the free buffet with geriatric (not spicy) hot Mexican Food, I stopped eating and drinking and looked out at the splendid view from my room and got an eight hour rest before the next day's learning. What came out from the meeting was something amazing.

Those who are corporate employees and who I had a deal with to follow up on leads generated for a commission have been made part time or have been fired.

This impacts my ability to earn a living.

The people who had benefits as full timers lost them and got a drastic pay cut.

To Obama:

... go F yourself! Obamacare is wrecking the economy. Obama, you are a UN, Central Banker, and Corporate Organized Crime butt kisser. You belong in prison, you douchebag piece of shit.

I expand on my thoughts with lots of pictures in [this video].

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Will Sandyhook be Obama's Watergate?

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I have to call BS on Sandyhook. 

Why would Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy block FOIA requests and dismantle official watchdog tools? Why would Malloy appoint himself as chief quality control in the State of Connecticut. I am not blasting Malloy because he is ignoring [this]. Why block information and dismantle checks and balances after a single event?

Something does not pass the smell test.

Chris Powell is a respected writer in the State of Connecticut. Chris Powell is the managing editor of the Journal Inquirer. 

When I, Steven G. Erickson, wrote letters to the editor printed in the Journal Inquirer critical of public corruption, Connecticut State Police Brutality, and Judicial Misconduct and court case rigging, Connecticut State Troopers told me I was going to take my last ride in handcuffs in a cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out if I did not shut my mouth and leave the state. I didn't, and here are [my thoughts on the aftermath of that].

Okay, enough about me. This story has virtually nothing to do with me, really nothing.

If Sandyhook was a special operation signed off on by Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder, what does that say? If murders were committed because of the ATF "Fast and Furious" program using tax dollars to get guns from US gun shops to Mexican drug gangs to commit murders, and if Holder and Obama knew about it, and did nothing they are accessories to murder, committed a crime not reporting felonies, obstructed justice, and violated their oaths to uphold and protect the US Constitution by trying to dismantle it. 

Would a complete lie be used to confiscate all of America's guns? 

Wasn't the Gulf of Tonkin incident a complete lie, declassified, that led America into a war in Vietnam? Didn't 50k plus US soldiers die, and many more years later due to Agent Orange and other factors. Didn't 2 million Vietnamese lose their lives because of complete lies that enriched international bankers and foreign corporations who lobby elected officials. 

If Sanyhook is a coverup bigger than Watergate will Obama be the first US President to be sent to prison for his term is up? Well, in my opinion, we either see Obama, Holder, and others behind bars, or we see America cease to exist as a sovereign nation and a Democratic Republic.

Chris Powell offers bold talk. I wish I could be 1/10 as eloquent. The below was cut and pasted [from this Journal Inquirer link]. Please click on link to view story in original context.

State gears up to hide negligence, corruption

By Chris Powell

Published: Saturday, March 9, 2013 8:46 AM EST

Not since Watergate, the national government corruption scandal, prompted Connecticut to pass its Freedom of Information Act in 1975 has the public’s right to know been in such jeopardy here.

Strangely, Governor Malloy is the biggest part of the threat, as he has been consolidating and weakening state government's three "watchdog" agencies -- the freedom of information, elections, and ethics commissions -- and is seeking to put them under the direct control of his office even though the integrity of their work requires some independence from the governor and all political officials. And responding to the Journal Inquirer's exposure of the chronic violation of the open-government law by the state Board of Pardons and Paroles, the Malloy administration has proposed exempting the board from the law entirely, as if the reasons for the release of criminals are nobody's business -- even when parolees go on to murder people, as has happened twice lately.

But the most dangerous threat to freedom of information may come from state legislators in the Newtown area, where the urge to do something -- anything -- in response to the school massacre there is most powerful. Those legislators propose to allow concealment of the death certificates of all minors.

The idea is said to be to spare the feelings of the families of murdered children. But nothing special has been and nothing special is likely to be made of the death certificates in Newtown, since there is no mystery about the deaths.

There is often mystery about the deaths of other children -- particularly at the hands of their parents, siblings, or guardians, or state institutions having custody of them -- and the Newtown legislation quickly would be used to conceal all sorts of wrongdoing, individual, institutional, and governmental.

Indeed, there is a trend toward concealing such wrongdoing in Connecticut.

Years ago both the public and the government understood the necessity of accounting for untimely deaths, and Connecticut had a special government office for such accountability -- the office of county coroner. The coroners would publicly investigate untimely deaths, publish reports on their findings, and mail the reports to newspapers, ensuring publicity and accountability. Occasionally the coroners would even expose official misconduct, like the murder of two unarmed burglars shot in the back by state police officers at a school in Norwich in 1969 and the perjury and fabrication of evidence by the police to conceal their crime.

But memories fade and amid prosperity even basic rights are taken for granted. So in the name of efficiency Connecticut abolished the coroners offices and transferred their work to the office of the chief state medical examiner, which ever since has striven to conceal as much information about untimely deaths as it could get away with in the name of protecting the privacy of the dead.

Of course the concealment of information about death and disappearance is the prerequisite of totalitarianism.

It’s not safe to live in a jurisdiction where you can’t find out why people are dying, even if occasionally someone may be embarrassed. Already, even though the courts are functioning normally everywhere, the federal government has suspended the right of habeas corpus upon the mere accusation of terrorism.

And now, as if they couldn’t be more blind, those state legislators would conceal child death certificates even as the Hartford Courant has just published reports about dozens of deaths, many involving children, caused in recent years by negligence in state institutions or institutions supported by the state -- deaths overlooked by the public and state government and thus deaths from which nothing was learned to hold the negligent to account and prevent other deaths.

When government restricts public access to its records and proceedings, it isn’t protecting the public; it is protecting its negligence and corruption against the public.


Chris Powell is managing editor of the Journal Inquirer.

* * * *
* * * *

Bigger is Badder

Notes for video:

Independent News sites and bloggers are being attacked. It is covert tyranny and internet censorship. The NDAA means anything goes. The Huffington Post may have been sold for 3.5 million. Rob Kall’s seems to be dumping all independent minded authors blocking Free Speech so maybe he can sell his site to the highest bidder to further block dissent and spew UN, Central Banker, Corporate Whore propaganda and enslave yourself, trust world government BS.

Rob Kall reportedly banned 20 to 40 authors recently. If you question the Connecticut State Police BS account of the Newtown Sandyhook Schoolyard shooting it means being banned. The Connecticut State Police are famous for lying, perjury, manufacturing evidence and being more mob-like than the fictional Mafia HBO Sopranos. [Here is a new post with Oprah Winfrey celebrating the UN/Central Bank agenda]. What pandering whores. “UN happiness surveys” are to put you on Big Pharma dangerous drugs to label you as mentally unstable to further rip you off and enslave you.

Speaking of sluts, [Colorado Governor, John Hikenlooper], UN butt kissing anti-American, US Constitution poor excuse for a human is out to enforce the UN gun ban. Is he for Central Bankers or is he for Americans in America not having their doors kicked in by police for illegal searches? Diane Feinstein California US Senator went in with little money and as an elected official has scammed a hundred million fortune. Should she be removed from office and prosecuted? It is time to fire officials who have no respect for the US Constitution and our needs. If they serve foreign interests and then profit from it, they belong in jail, not in office.

I am not a gun person. I believe in having a backpack, a change of cloths, and a passport to leave the US if there is a safer place if there is an all out outbreak of tyranny.

France has about 75% taxation. The UN would tax us at 99% if they can get away with it. The UN is just a front for international organized crime. Do any of the countries invaded help any average American? The UN slaps its moniker on millions being killed. I say ban international assault banks, not guns.

[Lyme Disease, Big Pharma, bio-weapon, fraud, Kathleen Dickson] Lisa Masterson Baxter Pharm UK Glaxo Smith Kline FDA EPA TSA DHS Aspartame to be in milk with no label and is now definition of milk

UN home inspections yearly, gun ban. Central Bankers and Corporations are government without borders. They stole our money and pay our elected officials bribes with it. They are served, we are not.

[Check out other posts and videos on my LL Channel]. The UN, international bankers, and corporate organized crime want to steal all your money, assets, property, future earnings, empty your bank account, nullify your retirement, sell you as a slave, sterilize, confine, rape, torture, and murder you. Children are getting acclimated to prison and the police state just going to public schools. They are trained to be tattletale informants and to harm their parents, the self-employed, small business, small farmers, and independent minds. Paying for coffee with cash means you are a terrorist.

I am sick of getting F’d up the butt by international organized crime. More of you need to see what is going on and decide to just not cooperate. I’d rather die free than to serve as a slave. Will you tell others? UN Agenda 21 is blatant tyranny, genocide, and slavery

* * * *
* * * *

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US Military Attacks, Burns Out Returned US Veterans

Image found here.

It happened before. World War I US Veterans wanted their promised pay. International bankers and corporations had used them for their purposes and then discarded them like trash. Military tanks and weapons were used to terrorize, stab, kill, harm, and chemically attack honorable returned US Soldiers. It happened before, it is about to happen again.

US Soldiers are labeled as being mentally defective for having fought in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other theaters. Returning veterans have even been labeled as potential terrorists. They can be denied their Second Amendment Rights. If US Veterans can't be trusted with guns, should they also not be trusted with Driver's Licenses, and to be in the vicinity of children without supervision and written government permission?

International bankers and corporations, which are foreign powers, nations without borders or defined land, have been instruments to overthrow legitimate governments and enslave the people since the beginnings of their existence. Erasing US borders and looting the wealth is nothing new. We the People have given up everything. They have been taking inches which are now miles. What is left of the US Constitution? Is there anything left of liberty in the US? So, what are our US Troops really fighting for?

They have fought for international organized crime. After being used, these honorable men and women will be thrown away like trash. They have risked their lives, have been poisoned, experimented on, have had their promised bonuses ripped off by greedy bankers, and are now targets of indefinite detention, harassment, gun and other property confiscation, and even on lists to be murdered.

Bankers do not have our US Troops fight to make us free, they have them fight to enslave the world and deny rights, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Obama is only their latest puppet. The UN is a front for the bankers. It is a scam. It is about mass murder, sterilization, and in making the less than 1/10 of 1% elite richer and more powerful. These elite want to disarm, then kill you. Mainstream media is their voice. Do you wish to be their minions until they come to kill you?

We have the numbers.

Trillions of dollars have been stolen from you, no matter where in the world you live. International bankers, foreign corporations, and royalty skim as much of your tax money off the top and put them in special "set aside", "rainy day", "Pension", and other such names to build up, invest, collect interest and is for their own use, not yours. That is theft, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, racketeering, fraud, obstruction of justice, and so many other crimes. The penance left over to run services for the people are then underfunded. So, the criminals who have stolen from you ask you to pay more taxes and get less. They keep this going as a process until you are worse off than a slave living in a slave shack.

Do you understand what is the CAFR? If not click:

The embedded and linked to videos tell the story of my typed words.

[This is the reason] why I blog the way I do. You pay taxes for this tyranny. Have you been ripped off? Is that okay with you? Silence signifies acceptance. Don't just bitch, do.

[Steven G. Erickson's uploaded videos and posts]


Bonus Army: US military attacks demonstrating American War Veterans

Corporate Coup in the U.S.

Text with video:

Scene from the 2003 documentary, The Corporation, about an attempted coup by industrialists (corporations) to overthrow president Franklin D. Roosevelt and the US Government during the 1930's.

Major General of the Marine Corps, Smedley Butler, was to lead the coup. Smedley, tired of being what he felt was a gangster for capitalism, balked and reported his findings to Congress.

NOTE: Smedley Butler is author of "War is a Racket"

History of Corporation/Banker War on You

Text with video:

Have corporations and bankers tried to take over the US Government before? Do bankers and corporations profit from wars and in the enslaving of populations? What do Prescott Bush, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush and the CIA have to do with 9-11? If you want to understand what is wrong with the puppet government in the USA, UK, and in the EU, watch this video. Please look at the credits at end of video clip and buy the DVD to support the makers of this great documentary. More on this subject [click here]

Maximum US Security (Prison)

Text with video:

the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing for "massive civil war" in America.The federal government is preparing for civil uprising," he added, "so every time you hear about troop movements, every time you hear about movements of military equipment, the militarization of the police, the buying of the ammunition, all of this is . . . they (DHS) are preparing for a massive uprising."

There's no hyperbole here," he added, echoing Trends Research Institute's Founder Gerald Celente's forecast of last year. Celente expects a collapse of the U.S. dollar and riots in America some time this year.

Since Celente's 'Civil War' prediction of last year, executive orders NDAA and National Defense Resources Preparedness were signed into law by President Obama, which are both politically damaging actions taken by a sitting president.

And most recently, requests made by the DHS for the procurement of 450 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition only fuels speculation of an upcoming tragic event expected on American soil.

These major events, as shocking to the American people as they are, have taken place during an election year.

Escalating preparatory activities by the executive branch and DHS throughout the last decade—from the Patriot Act, to countless executive orders drafted to suspend (or strip) American civil liberties "are just the beginning" of the nightmare to come,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drone Bomb Obama, Killer of Children

The video at bottom of post details Obama's child body count. I recommend viewing it.

Barack Obama has a lot of gall showing up in the State of Connecticut and talking about children shot dead. [It is my personal belief that he and US Attorney General Eric Holder had some hand in that]. The Connecticut State Police are known to tell lies, commit perjury, manufacture evidence, and act more like [an armed gang of thugs, not law enforcement]. Who do Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and most officials in the US really work for?

We pay tax dollars to them, but who do they really serve? When the elite, corporate executives, internationals bankers show up to meet in the US, the US Constitution does not apply. There is no free speech, right to assemble, or right to any fair hearing, no protection of not being arrested on sight, and detained possibly indefinitely. It is "legal" to murder US citizens and to bomb them using drones. Obama has given himself the ability to break laws and not have to face arrest, prosecution, and prison.

If American was not under armed occupation, with the corporate elite, foreign bankers, in charge, police would be arresting the foreign bankers and international organized criminals on Wall St., not protestors, OWS, Occupy Wall St. protesters and victims of the system. 

The Corporate Royalty show up and get police protection. You get no protection and service. The Corporate Royalty wants American under armed occupation and the US Constitution to be null and void.

Solutions being worked on, and evidence of what is wrong, click on Steven G. Erickson's video upload channel:

The Shocking Truth About Obama's Drones

Text with video:

Published on Mar 12, 2013
Sickening is an understatement. It is mind blowing that 90% of people do not know the facts presented in this video.
People who you would not think to say anything critical of government are calling for drastic action. Citizens are getting more and more angry. Something has to be done, or in very little time, nothing can be done. Do you want to gain a basic understanding how elected officials and Corporate Royalty are skimming all the wealth and property of the land?:

"The Biggest Game InTown" about the Government CAFR wealth shell game

Text with video:

Uploaded on Aug 26, 2011
Released on Google video: 12/25/08 - PLEASE POST - PUBLISH - COPY - AND PLAY FOR OTHERS

Five days after release there were 850,049 VIEWS WORLDWIDE as of 12/30/08 - Estimated VIEWS as of 09/11/2011 WORLDWIDE: Over 7 Million VIEWS!

"The Biggest Game in Town" video was produced distributed only on VHS tapes. It was put up for internet access on December 25th 2008.

The documentary gets the cognitive thinking clicking and was annotated on the lower script line with 2009 information.

This was the first CAFR1 video that got the ball rolling for international disclosure of the CAFR (local government's - Annual Financial Report) of which was the biggest shell game played in government finance. Selectively created budget reports "for the year" were presented to the population and the CAFR never a mention being that it showed the true wealth held (developed over decades) and complete gross income (investment; Tax; and Enterprise)

Government promotes annual "Budget Reports" and at the same time virtually not a peep as to their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Do a Google search on CAFR

A complete AUDIT of international holdings and trading activity is URGENTLY needed to see the "NET" results of the market manipulations that took place since September 2001 to present...... Will this happen? Not as long as the foxes maintain regulation over the hen house!


Learn quickly... have no doubts about it, final ownership of our country by the corporate government syndicate or by the people is at stake here.

The BLACK-OUT continues from our government, the syndicated media, controlled education, and both primary political parties.. DUE TO THE MONEY AND CONTROL INVOLVED!

Please Support CAFR1 -

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Co Producer: Walt Maken
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Vaccine to make population accept Central Bank Occupation?

Image was found here.

The below video is possibly from the group, Anonymous. Would a US Government run by the UN, Central Bankers, and Foreign Corporations want to make populations they have under armed occupation more passive? Do you really know all that goes into vaccines predatory officials are forcing the public, even pregnant women to take?

Taxes are the key to why we are living the way we are. Citizens pay the largest taxes. Corporations and bankers pay little to none. So, when there is competition for a piece of land, a type of business, or to fund a political agenda, corporations always win. They have an unfair financial competitive advantage. Small businesses can't be passed on in most cases because of the estate taxes. Bankers and foreign corporate interests bribe, fund, and terrorize officials with their cash.

Citizens who are growing their own gardens and who are involved in "cow sharing" for milk or meat or considered criminals by the UN and corporate interests and should spent time in prison and be labeled felons for life.

Text with below video:

Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior

Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human BehaviorLeaked video from a technical military medical conference.

More info:

Steven G. Erickson's videos [click here]

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Rand Paul takes stand against Drone Murder Program

Image [found here].

Rand Paul takes a stand against official murder and tyranny in the US. Dennis Kucinich lost his seat because he represented his constituents. It is not about Democrat or Republican. It is about who has sold out to the UN and Central Bankers, and who has not.

The US Constitution is being dismantled by officials who swore an oath to uphold and honor it. So, let's remove the liars who are ripping us off, sending us to prisons without legitimate cause, who are breaking up families, and who are wrecking our country's future for their short term gains and trinkets given to them by their masters, the UN and Central Bankers. Let's remove officials who are ordering murders with our taxpayer dollars. We should not pay for our own abuse. We should not have to pay murderers to murder us. Does that make sense?

International criminals do not care about feeding, and making comfortable, their crime victims. Stop the funding. Do not cooperate. Educate your circle. Resist.

Did some high ranking officials believe the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing was a government operation for a power grab, to get more funding for ATF, and to label Conservative Americans as terrorists? [Post]

[America is a crime scene] and link is to my experience with the organized crime "system" with text, pictures, video, and my contact information (stevengerickson AT More Steven G. Erickson video:

Text with below video:

Published on Mar 7, 2013 The President cannot kill Americans on U.S. soil with a drone attack. We finally got that refreshing answer from the Obama White House. Many more questions need to be asked about killing Americans abroad without charge or trial. The mandatory cuts for the so-called sequester have hit, and "surprise" the world did not end. Secretary of State says time is running out for Iran on its nuclear program, and Syria gets $60 million in cash to continue its civil war. Join Greg Hunter of as he gives his analysis of these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

U.S. Drone Strikes-Rand Paul, Sequester Hype, Latest on Syria and Iran

Rand Paul's Filibuster Angers Establishment

Text with video:

Published on Mar 7, 2013
"One of the Senate's leading hawks, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), took to the Senate floor Thursday to fire back at Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), saying the Kentuckian's rant against extrajudicial drone killings was "simply false."*

*Read more from Huffington Post:

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Martial Law Declared in US?

There have been rumors of the Polish military and other foreign troops training with police and US Military to operate under Martial Law as the new tool of the UN operators of the US Government. The Central Bankers may have gotten their way in Tucson, Arizona. March 6, 2013, postings that Martial Law has been declared in Tucson Arizona, have been posted [here] and [here].

My concerns are best shown in video uploads [here]. Martial Law, for me, began pre-9/11. My daily reality of what really exists [posted here]. The UN and Central Bankers are out to deny you everything, maybe even your life. It is only a matter of time before citizens are punished by the UN and Central Banks for Free Speech more so than we are already, and expect massive internet censorship in the not so distant future.


The US Air Force document entitled Psychological Operations published in 1999 explained how for the purpose of hiding in plain sight, psy-ops are a “low-cost, high-impact” way of conducting military operations without having to deal with questions by the American public.

The control of “selected information” being leaked out to the public through mainstream media, press conferences and other designated outlets has ensured that the targeted audience will support the governmental campaign out of ignorance. Of late, reports and rumors about foreign troops in America working with our armed forces have been surfacing. And in response, the US government has (at first) dismissed the claims. Now, official reports are confirming what eye witnesses have been seeing.

The question is: why are foreign troops training with US military forces for urban warfare, civil unrest and disturbance?

Scheduled for September 12th through the 16th, the Canadian military will be training for domestic operations in locking down urban populations. The supposition is that a massive revolt could break out as global civilian revolution is believed to be imminent.

Foreign troops have been working with US Armed Forces and law enforcement for years in preparation for civil unrest in America. Back in 2010 in Chicago, under Operation Vigilant Guard (OVG), where Polish Armed Forces not only “observed” urban warfare drills, but also participated in exercises specializing in detaining Americans during counter-terror drills. According to one Polish major, the exercises were “the next step” in combining both the Illinois National Guard and Polish military personnel in a psy-op campaign to acclimate Americans to seeing foreign troops in the domestic US and gain acceptance for these soldiers assisting local law enforcement in everyday duties. [more from source]


Locations of your DHS, US Department of Homeland Security Fusion Centers and/or FEMA Camps are [listed here]

- Setting up Torture Centers for Civilians, Iraqi style

Text with video:

Revealed: American torture centres & their man for the job, James Steele

A 15-month investigation by the Guardian and BBC Arabic reveals how US Colonel James Steele, a veteran of American proxy wars in El Salvador
and Nicaragua, played a key role in training and overseeing US-funded
special police commandos who ran a network of torture centres in Iraq.
Another special forces veteran, retired Colonel James Coffman, worked
with Steele and reported directly to General David Petraeus, who had
been sent into Iraq to organise the Iraqi security services.

Full docu:

Bankers are above the law. No bankers are being prosecuted. Protest the criminal Central Bankers or Wall St., and face prosecution, beatings, and even being murdered. In a "Free Country" police would protect the citizens who a exercising the so-called US Constitutional rights, NOT FOREIGN INTERESTS!

US Attorney General Eric Holder has a long history of being a lying scumbag. He is for the Central Banekers and the UN as is Barack Obama. Officials putting citizens on lists to be killed in US DHS Drone Strikes is reality. These people are out to kill anyone who does not bow down to the masters, the UN and Central Bankers. Genocide is not okay even if it is perpetrated by Black Faces. Lying scumbag Holder in 1995:

Undercover cops and police informants are out to do you in if you are self-employed, have a small business, are raising a family, have a small farm, own a gun, or are outspoken educating others about the truth. A married police informant was offered $10,000 to sleep with me and set me up for a false arrest, police beating, and to be held as a political prisoner. [story, Connecticut State Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren and Barabara Sattal]

[114] Prison Slavery, Jurors: Know Your Rights, Sleeping with Undercover Cops

Text with video:

Published on Mar 1, 2013
Abby Martin breaks the set on the Prison Industry, Jurors' Rights, & Undercover Entrapments.
LIKE Breaking the Set @
FOLLOW Abby Martin @

EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Nicole Porter, Director of Advocacy for the Sentencing Project, about prison sentencing, racial disparities, slave labor and other aspects of the US prison industrial complex. Abby then talks to Kirsten Tynan, the National Coordinator for the Fully Informed Jury Association, about the concept of jury nullification, the incarceration of peace activist Mark Schmidter, and the importance of jurors knowing their rights. BTS wraps up the show with a look at a number of cases of law enforcement entrapment of everyday people, and how undercover operations are becoming more pervasive in the expanding police state.


stevengerickson At 

Some other posts:

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

US Atty Gen Holder, another Black Face on Genocide, Drone Killing?

Because the Central Bankers and UN put a "Black Face" on their genocide, it still does not make it right. When they say, "He is one of us.", the real story for all of humanity is that it is the less than 1/10 of 1%, "They are out to kill all of us."

US Attorney General Eric Holder is not as good a liar as is Barack Obama. Holder shows with his hesitations, his hedging, and his answers that are not a "yes" or "no" of what the real truth is. Holder seems to say, "Yes, I will kill anyone I can get away with killing here in the US, I just don't want to answer your questions."

I expose the lying lawyer and judge mafia, and the scumbags who are out to rip us off and who are the UN and Central Bankers [here in videos].

Text with below video:

Sen Ted Cruz finally Gets Holder to Admit it's unconsitutional for US Drone strikes

Published on Mar 6, 2013
Sen Ted Cruz finally Gets Holder to Admit it's unconsitutional for US Drone strikes

Sen Ted Cruz finally Gets Holder to Admit it's unconsitutional for US Drone strikes

courtesy of cspan

Obama Executive Order to End 4th of July Holiday & Celebration?

Image was [found here].

Would Obama use INTERPOL to confiscate property, assets, cash, and to detain Americans? Would Obama use foreign police and troops to further his UN Central Bank agenda? If so, Obama has signed US sovereignty over to the UN and Central Banks.

I saw [this post] on and decided to do some research myself on [Executive Order 13524] and [Executive Order 12425].

I personally believe the US Constitution does not apply. [This is why].

Steven G. Erickson video uploads on [click here].

If the US is no longer a sovereign nation, why celebrate July 4th as a holiday? We are run by the UN and Central Banks. We are not citizens of the US. We are residents of the North American Union section of UN World Government.

There are no protections now afforded Americans. There are no need for lawyers, courts, or police who have not signed onto the UN agenda. These ceremonial powers will be suspended after the drills of the military takeover the US become active live fire operations.

If you were now in 1995 and told of today's headlines and what the US Government was actually doing in 2013, would you think it some sort of sci-fi wild far out fantasy? Truth is really stranger than fiction.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Greg Palast, Electile Dysfunction, and the Death of Hugo Chavez?

Greg Palast, former BBC reporter pic, [found here]

US President John F. Kennedy thumbed his nose at the Central Bankers' Federal Reserve by asking that real money be printed that had real value. The Government Treasury money with value, "United States Notes" were taken out of circulation after the CIA, Central Bankers, and the International Corporate Cabal allegedly ordered Kennedy's assassination by daring to make Americans New World Order debt free.

The former dictator of Libya kicked out the Central Bankers and dared to start to coin money with real value based on gold and the oil reserves in Africa. How did that work out for him? How did JFK's thumbing his nose at the Central Bankers work for him?

Steven G. Erickson's LiveLeak video uploads [found here]

Text with below video:

The assassination of Hugo Chavez

A documentary 'just' released by Greg Palast. Haven't seen it myself yet... enjoy!

UN, White House, & Monsanto assaults/arrests for Free Speech?

Has the UN and Central Bank run White House decided to arrest and imprison citizens involved in legal questioning of government policies, seeking redress of grievances?

Has the UN, Central Banks, the White House, and turncoat elected officials made the US Constitution null and void?

Text with below video:

Published on Dec 18, 2012
Who knew that Alexis Badden Mayer of the Organic Consumers Association would be arrested outside the White House when she attempted to deliver a DVD Petition with over 200,000 names asking Michelle Obama to ask her husband to fulfill a campaign promise to label GMO food products.

There is no more basic American right, then petitioning the government - but not if you don't have the money to buy access to officials who have become more responsive to the interest groups that finance their elections then the people who elected them. And so it was with the petition that called for the truthful labeling of foods containing genetically modified organism (GMO). People want to know what they are eating and want food labeling to indicate if the food has been genetically modified.

But in this Instant Film, the story gets sidetracked when a couple of Jewish "missionaries" coincidentally roll up at the White House and ask to see the President, then perform the Jewish Tefillin ritual which consists of strapping a small box containing Torah verses to the head and arm of Adam Eidinger, one of demonstrators. While Adam is strapped he begins whispering about how GMO foods are not Kosher and how the insecticides, genetically engineered into corn, are killing the bees. But all this does not go unnoticed by the uniformed Secret Service, who become increasingly impatient, with a demonstration, now blocking an entrance, that seems to be spiraling out of control. But instead of arresting those blocking the entrance, they arrest the person trying to deliver the petitions, Alexis Baden-Mayer from the Organic Consumers Association.

Organic Consumers Association.
Multiple Routes of Pesticide Exposure for Honey Bees Living Near Agricultural Fields

New Study Finds Widespread Pesticide Contamination of Beehives

Honeybee Disappearance: The GMO Connection

Study says insecticide used with GM corn highly toxic to bees

Why GM food isn't kosher

Russian scientists discover GMO's cause animals to lose their ability to Reproduce.

Russia halts imports of Monsanto corn over cancer fears
Russia halts imports of GMO corn after cancer study

* * * *

If anyone is to be arrested, it should be the dirtbags who have misappropriated funds, obstructed justice, are racketeering, committing crimes, robbing, indefinitely detaining (kidnapping), raping, torturing, and murdering humanity. Steven G. Erickson video uploads [click here].

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Friday, March 01, 2013

Feds caught on Paper?

Has the Corporation United States been outed? Are we the people merely defendants in an international bankruptcy courts where all judges are magistrates dictating the terms? Are all courts invalid because they are corporation courts where the corporate term "person" is required to present his or her body?

Can we expatriate from the corporate bankruptcy state as an occupant to become an American or resident of our state?

Has the UN and the Central Banks been the real power using the US Government as its puppet? Have foreign BAR associations helped in skimming trillions of dollars from Americans?

Check out Steven G. Erickson's video uploads on [click here]

If a scab, has been ripped off the wound, take a view:

Text with below video:

Gus Breton and David Johnson really break it down. What is wrong with the US Government? How is it being occupied by foreign corporations? The elite are stealing trillions out the back door. Johnson has a solution. This video in the right hands might move mountains. Please share.

Did the Corporation of America, the US Government breech their contract with the people? Well, if part of the contract was covertly burned, or removed, then the contract is then null and void. [post]

Is there missing text in the US Constitution that could remove Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein, and others, both Republican and Democrat for taking money and allowing themselves to be influenced by foreign powers such as the UN, banks, and corporations?

Gus Breton and David Johnson go to the Connecticut State Library and find the missing copies of the 13th Amendment in official books from the 1800's [video].

This video is of Gus Breton and David Johnson testifying at the hearing in consideration to make the missing parts of the 13th Amendment officially part of the New Hampshire State Constitution. This video was shot, February 28, 2013 in Concord, New Hampshire, at 33 N. State St by Steven G. Erickson

Text with post on this subject:

The Elite, lawyers, judges, and the BAR Association have allegedly
conspired to hide part of the 13th Amendment to collude with foreign
powers. In New Hampshire, a hearing was held at the State Legislator
where a bill to adopt the missing sections of the US 13th Amendment into
the New Hampshire State Constitution.

[This post is still under construction]. There are no videos embedded, they are being rendered now.

I, Steven G. Erickson, met with New Hampshire Representative Stella Tremblay, Gus Breton, and David Johnson at the hearing at 33 North State
St., Concord, New Hampshire, at the New Hampshire Legislature in late
morning, February 28, 2013. We had lunch together after the hearing and
discussed what had transpired.

Have international bankers, corporation owners, high officials, lawyers,
the BAR association, and foreign powers been siphoning off trillions of
dollars from the American people? Are we all subjects of a bankruptcy
court where judges represent the collection corporation?

Gus Breton has an interesting story. He fought back against the New
Hampshire Attorney General and riggers of the court. Right, or wrong,
too many divorces cases are a boon for lawyers and the State and horror
shows for parents and children. If you gain ground going after riggers
of the court there is blanket retaliation and sometimes jail time. I
have not vetted [this post] about Gus Breton. I happen to like the guy and believe what he is fighting for is right, and patriotic.

[Steven G. Erickson's blog] [More videos on this channel]

stevengerickson AT

I, Steven G. Erickson, have been having certain problems with both of my computers. Text will highlight itself in blue and then delete itself without me touching the keyboard. Text size and style will change randomly. The text I put in to post will sometimes be different after posting then I cut and pasted in. My emails have been jacked. My phone doesn't work correctly. The last time this problem happened so across the board, Connecticut State Police, were following me around after threatening to kick my teeth out and making me take my last ride in the truck of a cruiser in handcuffs if I did not shut my mouth and leave the state. [that saga]

So, anything I write on the internet, or send out by email, can either be deleted, corrupted, made up, or altered to confuse or adulterate my message. Word software for typing up documents is jacked. Features don't work. Again, I have gotten someone's attention. Last time I narrowly escaped being beaten severely or killed, but was railroaded to prison losing my family, property, contracting business built over 2 decades, credit, friends, reputation, and the sum total of my life's work. Free Speech can cost way too much ...

Raw footage from the Concord New Hampshire Hearing, Feb. 28, 2013:

More related videos [embedded here]

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