Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Obama Executive Order to End 4th of July Holiday & Celebration?

Image was [found here].

Would Obama use INTERPOL to confiscate property, assets, cash, and to detain Americans? Would Obama use foreign police and troops to further his UN Central Bank agenda? If so, Obama has signed US sovereignty over to the UN and Central Banks.

I saw [this post] on and decided to do some research myself on [Executive Order 13524] and [Executive Order 12425].

I personally believe the US Constitution does not apply. [This is why].

Steven G. Erickson video uploads on [click here].

If the US is no longer a sovereign nation, why celebrate July 4th as a holiday? We are run by the UN and Central Banks. We are not citizens of the US. We are residents of the North American Union section of UN World Government.

There are no protections now afforded Americans. There are no need for lawyers, courts, or police who have not signed onto the UN agenda. These ceremonial powers will be suspended after the drills of the military takeover the US become active live fire operations.

If you were now in 1995 and told of today's headlines and what the US Government was actually doing in 2013, would you think it some sort of sci-fi wild far out fantasy? Truth is really stranger than fiction.


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