Friday, March 22, 2013

Obamacare is getting people fired and wrecking the economy

I sell constructions services.

I was at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut for a meeting and seminars for our industry. I was the only non-owner to get an award at one of our closed to the public meetings. I sold the largest job for a certain product in New England last year. I did not gamble even one quarter. After the open bar was closed and as was the free buffet with geriatric (not spicy) hot Mexican Food, I stopped eating and drinking and looked out at the splendid view from my room and got an eight hour rest before the next day's learning. What came out from the meeting was something amazing.

Those who are corporate employees and who I had a deal with to follow up on leads generated for a commission have been made part time or have been fired.

This impacts my ability to earn a living.

The people who had benefits as full timers lost them and got a drastic pay cut.

To Obama:

... go F yourself! Obamacare is wrecking the economy. Obama, you are a UN, Central Banker, and Corporate Organized Crime butt kisser. You belong in prison, you douchebag piece of shit.

I expand on my thoughts with lots of pictures in [this video].

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