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Will Sandyhook be Obama's Watergate?

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I have to call BS on Sandyhook. 

Why would Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy block FOIA requests and dismantle official watchdog tools? Why would Malloy appoint himself as chief quality control in the State of Connecticut. I am not blasting Malloy because he is ignoring [this]. Why block information and dismantle checks and balances after a single event?

Something does not pass the smell test.

Chris Powell is a respected writer in the State of Connecticut. Chris Powell is the managing editor of the Journal Inquirer. 

When I, Steven G. Erickson, wrote letters to the editor printed in the Journal Inquirer critical of public corruption, Connecticut State Police Brutality, and Judicial Misconduct and court case rigging, Connecticut State Troopers told me I was going to take my last ride in handcuffs in a cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out if I did not shut my mouth and leave the state. I didn't, and here are [my thoughts on the aftermath of that].

Okay, enough about me. This story has virtually nothing to do with me, really nothing.

If Sandyhook was a special operation signed off on by Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder, what does that say? If murders were committed because of the ATF "Fast and Furious" program using tax dollars to get guns from US gun shops to Mexican drug gangs to commit murders, and if Holder and Obama knew about it, and did nothing they are accessories to murder, committed a crime not reporting felonies, obstructed justice, and violated their oaths to uphold and protect the US Constitution by trying to dismantle it. 

Would a complete lie be used to confiscate all of America's guns? 

Wasn't the Gulf of Tonkin incident a complete lie, declassified, that led America into a war in Vietnam? Didn't 50k plus US soldiers die, and many more years later due to Agent Orange and other factors. Didn't 2 million Vietnamese lose their lives because of complete lies that enriched international bankers and foreign corporations who lobby elected officials. 

If Sanyhook is a coverup bigger than Watergate will Obama be the first US President to be sent to prison for his term is up? Well, in my opinion, we either see Obama, Holder, and others behind bars, or we see America cease to exist as a sovereign nation and a Democratic Republic.

Chris Powell offers bold talk. I wish I could be 1/10 as eloquent. The below was cut and pasted [from this Journal Inquirer link]. Please click on link to view story in original context.

State gears up to hide negligence, corruption

By Chris Powell

Published: Saturday, March 9, 2013 8:46 AM EST

Not since Watergate, the national government corruption scandal, prompted Connecticut to pass its Freedom of Information Act in 1975 has the public’s right to know been in such jeopardy here.

Strangely, Governor Malloy is the biggest part of the threat, as he has been consolidating and weakening state government's three "watchdog" agencies -- the freedom of information, elections, and ethics commissions -- and is seeking to put them under the direct control of his office even though the integrity of their work requires some independence from the governor and all political officials. And responding to the Journal Inquirer's exposure of the chronic violation of the open-government law by the state Board of Pardons and Paroles, the Malloy administration has proposed exempting the board from the law entirely, as if the reasons for the release of criminals are nobody's business -- even when parolees go on to murder people, as has happened twice lately.

But the most dangerous threat to freedom of information may come from state legislators in the Newtown area, where the urge to do something -- anything -- in response to the school massacre there is most powerful. Those legislators propose to allow concealment of the death certificates of all minors.

The idea is said to be to spare the feelings of the families of murdered children. But nothing special has been and nothing special is likely to be made of the death certificates in Newtown, since there is no mystery about the deaths.

There is often mystery about the deaths of other children -- particularly at the hands of their parents, siblings, or guardians, or state institutions having custody of them -- and the Newtown legislation quickly would be used to conceal all sorts of wrongdoing, individual, institutional, and governmental.

Indeed, there is a trend toward concealing such wrongdoing in Connecticut.

Years ago both the public and the government understood the necessity of accounting for untimely deaths, and Connecticut had a special government office for such accountability -- the office of county coroner. The coroners would publicly investigate untimely deaths, publish reports on their findings, and mail the reports to newspapers, ensuring publicity and accountability. Occasionally the coroners would even expose official misconduct, like the murder of two unarmed burglars shot in the back by state police officers at a school in Norwich in 1969 and the perjury and fabrication of evidence by the police to conceal their crime.

But memories fade and amid prosperity even basic rights are taken for granted. So in the name of efficiency Connecticut abolished the coroners offices and transferred their work to the office of the chief state medical examiner, which ever since has striven to conceal as much information about untimely deaths as it could get away with in the name of protecting the privacy of the dead.

Of course the concealment of information about death and disappearance is the prerequisite of totalitarianism.

It’s not safe to live in a jurisdiction where you can’t find out why people are dying, even if occasionally someone may be embarrassed. Already, even though the courts are functioning normally everywhere, the federal government has suspended the right of habeas corpus upon the mere accusation of terrorism.

And now, as if they couldn’t be more blind, those state legislators would conceal child death certificates even as the Hartford Courant has just published reports about dozens of deaths, many involving children, caused in recent years by negligence in state institutions or institutions supported by the state -- deaths overlooked by the public and state government and thus deaths from which nothing was learned to hold the negligent to account and prevent other deaths.

When government restricts public access to its records and proceedings, it isn’t protecting the public; it is protecting its negligence and corruption against the public.


Chris Powell is managing editor of the Journal Inquirer.

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Bigger is Badder

Notes for video:

Independent News sites and bloggers are being attacked. It is covert tyranny and internet censorship. The NDAA means anything goes. The Huffington Post may have been sold for 3.5 million. Rob Kall’s seems to be dumping all independent minded authors blocking Free Speech so maybe he can sell his site to the highest bidder to further block dissent and spew UN, Central Banker, Corporate Whore propaganda and enslave yourself, trust world government BS.

Rob Kall reportedly banned 20 to 40 authors recently. If you question the Connecticut State Police BS account of the Newtown Sandyhook Schoolyard shooting it means being banned. The Connecticut State Police are famous for lying, perjury, manufacturing evidence and being more mob-like than the fictional Mafia HBO Sopranos. [Here is a new post with Oprah Winfrey celebrating the UN/Central Bank agenda]. What pandering whores. “UN happiness surveys” are to put you on Big Pharma dangerous drugs to label you as mentally unstable to further rip you off and enslave you.

Speaking of sluts, [Colorado Governor, John Hikenlooper], UN butt kissing anti-American, US Constitution poor excuse for a human is out to enforce the UN gun ban. Is he for Central Bankers or is he for Americans in America not having their doors kicked in by police for illegal searches? Diane Feinstein California US Senator went in with little money and as an elected official has scammed a hundred million fortune. Should she be removed from office and prosecuted? It is time to fire officials who have no respect for the US Constitution and our needs. If they serve foreign interests and then profit from it, they belong in jail, not in office.

I am not a gun person. I believe in having a backpack, a change of cloths, and a passport to leave the US if there is a safer place if there is an all out outbreak of tyranny.

France has about 75% taxation. The UN would tax us at 99% if they can get away with it. The UN is just a front for international organized crime. Do any of the countries invaded help any average American? The UN slaps its moniker on millions being killed. I say ban international assault banks, not guns.

[Lyme Disease, Big Pharma, bio-weapon, fraud, Kathleen Dickson] Lisa Masterson Baxter Pharm UK Glaxo Smith Kline FDA EPA TSA DHS Aspartame to be in milk with no label and is now definition of milk

UN home inspections yearly, gun ban. Central Bankers and Corporations are government without borders. They stole our money and pay our elected officials bribes with it. They are served, we are not.

[Check out other posts and videos on my LL Channel]. The UN, international bankers, and corporate organized crime want to steal all your money, assets, property, future earnings, empty your bank account, nullify your retirement, sell you as a slave, sterilize, confine, rape, torture, and murder you. Children are getting acclimated to prison and the police state just going to public schools. They are trained to be tattletale informants and to harm their parents, the self-employed, small business, small farmers, and independent minds. Paying for coffee with cash means you are a terrorist.

I am sick of getting F’d up the butt by international organized crime. More of you need to see what is going on and decide to just not cooperate. I’d rather die free than to serve as a slave. Will you tell others? UN Agenda 21 is blatant tyranny, genocide, and slavery

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