Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Connecticut Gun Control excuse for UN Home Invasions in US?

Before 9/11 police operatives were setting up surveillance cameras, microphones on telephone poles, illegally tapping phones, and police were trolling your internet use. It was a power grab. It was illegal domestic spying. Police roll call is like a sales meeting except the theme is, "What fines can we collect, what property can we confiscate, and who are we going to set up for arrest and prison?" Cops were out to locate underage girls for sexual use and to destroy non-mob connected self-employed and small business owners. What happened to Ritt Goldstein for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police is telling. Ritt [made this video] and was so terrorized by Connecticut State Police he fled to Sweden to seek political asylum.

Too many police are international organized crime. They are out to kidnap your children, make you lose your job, break up your family, take your home, and put you in prison so the state gets federal dollars to process you in court and house you in jail. It does not make economic sense and that is why the US is tanking.

The Connecticut gun laws are so that there can be house to house unannounced inspections. Children are now being inspected in Connecticut schools to be confiscated by the state. A judge's signature is allegedly all it takes to officially kidnap your children. If your child is blond haired and blue eyed the state can make up charges against the parents and then sell the children to the highest bidder. [video on this subject].

New York City Governor Bloomberg, a billionaire wants to tell you what you can eat and drink. He and Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy are part the elite Wall Streeters who are gun grabbers. Malloy's son was in trouble for drugs and was part an armed robbery and home invasion while on probation. Malloy's son got no jail time. Is Gov. Malloy a hypocrite? [His son's skating justice story]

Cops, especially in Connecticut lie and commit perjury. Their "100 Club" is to celebrate 100 drunk driving arrests. It is really about celebrating about cops committing perjury, lying, and harming the public and then having a taxpayer paid golf outing to celebrate. [story]

The Connecticut State Police were so abusing each other putting rat traps in each other's mailboxes, driving drunk the wrong way on the highway in other states, [shooting up court houses and their wife's lawyer when they tried to turn a cop in for his illegal drug money 100's of thousands of alleged secret drug money to gamble], murdering women who won't date a police officer [story], the police pilot Connecticut State Police Trooper Matthew McCollough of the "Trooper 1" helicopter making threats of killing police officers and making the terrorist threat to blow up aircraft at the airport [story], etc.

[Connecticut State Police will terrorize, and have removed, a Supreme Court Justice who questions police perjury, manufacturing evidence, and lying]

[Take away guns from the Connecticut State Police, reasons]

[Connecticut State Police put on probation, their internal affairs shut down, and New York State as Connecticut's probation officer, the 168 page report on Connecticut State Police misconduct, brutality, and violating the public trust]

My ignored letter to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy on abuse the public policing and official tyranny, rigged courts and public corrupt. [Text here]

Connecticut State Police were [okay with giving bi-polar crack cocaine smoking Peter Coukos a gun permit and dibbs on my property for sexually harassing my then 14 year old daughter and threatening her life], assaulting me, and helping police terrorize me out of Connecticut. [More Connecticut State Police misdeeds, lying perjury, mayhem, and international organized crime].

Either all of the US Constitution applies, or none of it does.

Do you want elitists like Governor Dannel P. Malloy taking your home, your children, and sending police out to tear through homes looking for guns, bullets, and high capacity magazines?

When is the official lying enough? Please contact Connecticut elected officials and tell them no on Malloy's sweeping gun control legislation set to be unleashed today and tomorrow. No matter where you live in the US or world the abuse in Connecticut will come for you.

[The Newtown Connecticut Sanyhook Schoolyard Shooting is a hoax]

The Gulf of Tonkin was a complete lie, declassified. It was an excuse for US Troops to die initially in the 10's of thousands in the Vietnam War. Millions of Vietnamese died in that war. It was all lies and bankers and international corporation owners made money. Heroin was smuggled in by the CIA. So, if they would lie about that, they certainly would lie about Sandyhook.

[The truth about the Oklahoma City Bombing on the Corbett Report]

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