Monday, April 08, 2013

Lying Globalist Obama on Americans Needing Guns against Tyrannical Government

America's New Living Room, too many are outside, suffering, jobless, homeless, broken. 

2 Billions bullets bought with taxpayer dollars to are DHS US Department of Homeland Security that could be used for a 30 year war on the population. Armed drones are flying over the US. Homeland Security is getting bullet and bomb proof armored cars that are wheeled tanks as their police cruisers. International bankers, the elite, and corporate organized crime have America, and Americans, under armed occupation.

It is because of the disparity of taxes between individuals and corporations. Corporations can pay little or no taxes so they win. If an individual owns a farm, the farm is usually sold off to pay taxes. So it does not continue. Corporations continue.

Small farmers were targets of police and riggers of courts. In the 1970's farmers were put under surveillance, their finances snooped into, and undercover informants followed them around. Farmers were to be arrested, their families broken up, they were to lose their farms, and some were to be beaten, killed, or indefinitely confined.

Mafia figures in town halls can raise taxes and covertly go after the farmer. They then ruin him, or her, and make millions. Crime does pay when you are an official or one of their friends or family.

These elite criminals want to go after small business, the self-employed, and the self-sufficient.

It doesn't matter what globalist liars like Obama say. You can see their destruction of society for yourself.


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Obama's lies are empty and constant:

Why the Banks own all industiralized countries and the people in them


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