Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cat had 9 Lives, One Barely Left

Some friends and foes, and some I did know existed, have come out of the woodwork just recently. Some others have come out, and told their tales early on.

Some offer peace. Some offer what they believe they owe me. A person who was a teen and who I did not know back about 20 years filled in a lot of pieces that I did not know existed. Police officers and members of the court system have contacted me and I have kept all of them anonymous going on 20 years. I am talking about those who asked for that. Others stated their names and their stories.

2 of my close friends died of natural causes just days before we were to work on a documentary and/or public access television piece. Some of me is missing, a very large piece, from that very day. I lost someone who wasn't old enough to be my father, but was old enough to be the older brother. I held out for justice. I saw that he never saw any, and he died. There was just one person on this earth that I felt I could trust with my life and he, his.

I have found out that I am only alive by making a decision just seconds before it could have been my end, and not knowing it at the time. I know that I am alive because some Connecticut State Police Officers did not try hard enough themselves, or properly inspire others, and I still draw a breath. I can't wear a feather in my cap forever. I will only know when I have not been careful enough when it is already too late. My fate can come any minute, no matter what I do, if someone behind the scene so decides.

I have asked the current Governor of the State of Connecticut to look into my case, clear my name, and then let me change my name and go on with my life. [My letter to the governor].

It is possible that I will take some, or even all of my video and blog content from view. I would make an announcement where it is obvious it is by my decision, and leave that one video and/or post up for a month after my decision.

Some events or concessions must occur from a couple of those out there who probably do not know each other.

Growing non-GMO, legal crops, in a place that does not have cell service and does not have electricity might just be what the doctor should order in my case.

I would like to make it so, when I choose.

I don't want to have to walk out of a door or vehicle in the dark and wonder when I will take my last breath.

I feel no sense of urgency, this second, this minute, or today. I am just putting some of my thoughts out into the air.

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